My Car


My car is my peeve today. It ruined my day too. I have one key that opens the doors, and starts the car. This morning, everything was going normal. It was identical to every other morning I have. I go out to start my car so it can warm and de-thaw. I open the doors, like I do every day. I put the key in the ignition...    wait no, it won't go in!    I try and try and try, and it just won't go in. It went in far enough to make that "ding" sound with the door open, but no more. For 10 minutes I'm moving the steering wheel trying to get it in.    So I finally gave up realizing I wasted too much time trying.   My roomate gave me a ride to work (luckily he was home - he quit his job last week and doesn't have a new one yet).

Someone told me that the ignition could be shot. I'm going to pull a hair dryer out there in hopes that it's something dumb like mositure frozen in there. Anyone have any other ideas?


powdered graphite. We had ...

powdered graphite. We had to use it on clint's truck, and it worked like a charm. Put a little in the keyhole, them start jiggling the key in and out (I will say it does make you feel dirty!) but it will give way soon. We had to work on his lock for 15 min, at least. You can get the graphite from a car parts store...or maybe walmart. Good luck.

Is it in park? or drive? ...

Is it in park? or drive? If it's in drive or reverse the ignition will not turn. Graphite too.

It's in park. I can't even ...

It's in park. I can't even get the key IN the ignition, which is my problem. I've delt with not being able to turn the key, but never went to put the key in and not been able to.

My roomate picked up some lock de-icer. So cross your fingers for me and hope that works!! If not, then I will stop on the way home from work and get some graphite. Will graphite work if I can't get the key in? I mean my key is only going about 1/8" in. Not near enough that I would think it would work.

the graphite will help the ...

the graphite will help the key go lubes up the berrings that are in the key will work to get it in! Damn if that didn't sound dirty!

OK.... So the lock de-icer ...

OK.... So the lock de-icer didn't work. I was told that if that didn't work that the graphite won't work either. So I have to get a new ingnition switch installed.
I was figuring that I would have to get my car towed to a shop to get it done, but a coworker remembered something that will save me!! We have a mobile locksmith company up here that can come to my house and do it in my driveway! It's going to cost a couple hundred, but so would getting it towed and replaced.

Only thing that sucks now - I have to take a day off work tomorrow. Atleast it will be fixed though! (sorry, I'm just trying to find positives today).

good luck!

good luck!

Is it possible the key is ...

Is it possible the key is worn down or bent?

No, the key is not bent or ...

No, the key is not bent or worn, and I don't have a TON of keys that would make it heavy.