WTF?!?! II

So now Escobar was NOT a bad guy? People LOVED him because he GAVE money to the poor? Isn't that what they said about John Gaudi? Oh sure, people loved him because they were mostly scared that if they did NOT they might not make it HOME one day!

Another reason Hollywood needs to SHUT THE HECK UP!


If you're going to get so ...

If you're going to get so riled up about Stone you might want to consider complaining AT LEAST as bitterly about that sorry-ass excuse of a president who's still occupying our White House as if he hasn't done enough damage already.

On the one hand you have Oliver Stone someone with no political influence, a showman, merely a movie producer out to grab a few headlines. That isn't going to destabilize the world.

Stone can not affect a thing the way Bush does. Stone can not, nor would he, take away from us such gigantic amounts of our hard earned money and give it to such a serious threat to World safety as Musharif is. He has dozens of nuclear bombs in the most unstable region of the world, stole the office, is widely feared and despised by his country folk, and is not trusted or respected by the vast majority of world leaders. Sound familiar? No wonder he and Bush are so chummy, they have so much in common!

385 more days of torture for U.S.. Does it even matter who we replace that sick bastard with? Will there even be ANYthing left of the place for our next Elected president to run?

what're we talkin about ...

what're we talkin about here again...:)