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I found a follow up on the tiger thing... | MyPetPeeves.com

I found a follow up on the tiger thing...

Sorry, it's late, and I'm sick. I got a vodka-pedilyte mixture in me right now.


The only thing I can really say from being in the engineering field: They can't blame the inspectors. No matter what an inspector tells you, if something goes wrong and you didn't do it to code, it's not their fault. Hence why my dad wanted me to be one! Total control and no blame.

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yeah, I saw that!!!! I ...

yeah, I saw that!!!! I heard it on the news!

According to the article, ...

According to the article, the wall wasn't to code. It was too short. The plans said it was to code, but it wasn't built to code.

When it comes to dealing with inspectors, they are never in the wrong. No matter what. This is why they are inspectors. Their job is to go check things out. If they see something wrong they CAN tell you, but they don't HAVE to tell you. Inspecting is a political job. If the guy likes you the inspection is a breeze and he could walk out of there in minutes, leaving you with numerous errors that will leave your company being sued. If he doesn't like you, he will stay there for hours telling you all the things that need to be changed.

With the wall being so short, it wasn't a freak accident. It also said they found a shoe print, a shoe, and blood inside the tiger area. That right there says that the tiger was enticed out. Even the one kids dad said something along the lines of "they know what they did".

the wall was built in ...

the wall was built in 1940. it was up to code then. it was the job of the new inspectors to measure and make sure that it was up to the "new code standards". it was inspected 3 years ago and passed. but even so would the tiger have jumped out if it had not been so pissed off?

Unfortunatly, mry, the ...

Unfortunatly, mry, the inspectors don't *have* to measure it. When it comes to getting things inspected, it's all who you know. We deal with inspectors on a daily basis. Some just look at it, see us there, and approve it. This means that if we didn't do our job right, we could get sued in the end. The inspector never gets in trouble, because of politics. Sucks for us.

I agree!! I just don't ...

I agree!! I just don't understand why situations like this where it's the fault of a lousy inspection DON'T FALL in the laps of the inspectors since they're the ones that are supposed to make sure that things are safe!!

Somewhere along the line, the laws need to change regarding inspections and the time inspectors stay at a place doing what their job is to do...INSPECT!!

They should have some sort of timeframe regarding the area and how long it takes to inspect each aspect OF that area. To me, it sounds like a waste of funds the inspector is being paid if he's just gonna do a "stop by"..stand there and shoot the shit..look around..and then sign off on the thing if he's not going to be held accountable if something should go wrong regarding this whole "zoo thing" that seems to be popping up in more and more areas.

Thing is..had the inspector done his job correctly, this situation never would have happened. I say that the inspector should lose his job and the county (or whoever the inspector works for) should be waiting for a lawsuit and paying a pretty penny for it!!

You NEVER saw these types of things happening years ago since maybe laws were a lot more stringent regarding inspections. Now all of a sudden it's happening all over the place and we're supposed to blame it either on the poor animals...or the irresposiblity of the zoos and their employees.

To me..it sounds like many people are in error. The zookeeper not locking a door correctly. Zoo's not policing the animal areas enough to discourage taunting of the animals. Inspections not being done correctly..or often enough.

Somewhere along the line things need to change..and change quickly!! Animal's haven't changed, yet society has. My thoughts are that if we want to continue to visit zoos without fearing for our lives in the process..they need to have more frequent inspections..have severe penalties for employess that don't go over their job twice to make sure that locks are placed securely, and that zoos should be required to "police" all open areas where animals are not behind glassed in partitions where taunting an animal can become a life threating situation.

GOOD LORD when will it end????

GOOD LORD when will it end????