TGIX, rant on about the Democrats as well here . . .

Since you choose to bring up torture and how the Republicans keep doing it, I thought I would also show the Democrats have SUPPORTED it as well, the Democrats in OFFICE right now!!!;oref=slogin

Now, be warned; some of these are OPINION pieces (like here). But now you have plenty of ammo to shot at your own party too (gotta be fair, right?)


ONE, count it - ONE ...

ONE, count it - ONE credible source among the ones you listed (the New York Times link did not work), the Washington Post - ONE credible source ... AND THE ARTICLE SAID NOTHING OF THE SORT THAT YOU CLAIMED!! LOL!!!

Read it again. It talks about a lack of objections except for ONE of those present which was FOR SURE a democrat. So ONE of two didn't object. That is a FAR FAR cry from supporting the BUSH agenda of TORTURE that ALL of the republicans involved DID agree with. It was ILLEGAL and it was/IS still OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE for them to have destroyed the video tapes and to continually deny any wrong doing. They need to admit that they are monsters and take their lumps. TORTURE is the LOWEST of ALLLLLL behavior. THERE IS NOT EVEN AN ANIMAL ON THIS PLANET THAT DOES IT OTHER THAN HUMANS so to call it animalistic behavior would be an insult to all other animals! EVERY nation including the U.S.A. has condemned it and made it illegal!!! Bush and his cohorts deserve nothing less than jail time and even that is too good for TORTURERS. PERIOD.