I'm Ticked Off

We need to get our Priorities Straight.....

Millions of families are losing their homes but instead of giving them a helping hand we're building homes for someone in a country that doesn't even like us.

Soldiers are coming home from the wars injured and yet we can't provide them adequte care. Is it any wonder that recruiters are not filling their enlistment qoutas?

We tell our gay citizens that they can't marry because marriage is sacred, all the while the divorce rate is 50%. Sacred indeed! Call me what you will, but if marriage is so scared how come so many are so quick to divorce? Apparently 50% of the population must have a different understanding of the word sacred than I do.

We've got terrorists whining that we're violating their civil rights but then behead someone on live TV. STOP BEING A TERRORIST AND MAYBE YOU WOULDN'T BE TORTURED! Oh and by the way you're not American citizens, you don't deserve the rights our forefathers fought so hard to bring us! Do us a favor, take that machette you use to behead others, place the sharp edge along your throat, and fall! Your 40 virgins are waiting for you, and they're honry!

This to those who think that the terrorists should have rights, tell it to the Pearl family or to any other family who's loved ones were butchered by these freaks. Just think someday it could be your baby girl on TV minus her head.

We're giving illegal immigrants access to Social Security without them having put one red cent into it, but someone who has paid into it is rejected? I wish I could opt out and invest the money for myself, but I'm sure the government would find a way to punish us for it.....wait they already do with taxes.

Why can't we make these jerk offs in Washington pass a bill saying they can't hide one bill in another? Example: You can't sneak in a proposal for a bridge to nowhere with a bill about highway improvement. Enough of the back door politics.

To consevatives, liberals, republicans, and democarts: Stay the hell outta my home and business! I can decide my own my morals, I don't want a group of people who aren't morally correct themselves telling me what to do. My regards to whatever hooker you've picked up for tonight Mr. Congressman, enjoy!

I'm tired of you lazy parents who think it should be the job of the government to censor whatever it is you don't like on TV, on the radio, or on the internet! How about doing it yourself? Turn on the VChip on the TV, take the TV or computer outta their bedroom, and be aware of the ratings on games/movies/DVD's. If you don't want your kids watching shows like Dexter then change the channel to the Disney channel. Don't like Howard Stern? Turn the radio off! Take few minutes to learn about setting up filters to prevent the kids from surfing porn, its easy. Not everything is meant for childrens eyes, take some responsibility for your kids or tick off the Pope by using birth control.


It looks just like a copy ...

It looks just like a copy and paste. I hope it's a copy and paste. Marriage is "scared"? LOL

p.s. I think it's called "sacred".

Anyway, I agree with most but if my understanding is correct, you have one point (or the original author has one point) quite backwards. Illegal aliens pay into social security and they do not collect That's what I've heard anyway, many times from many news sources. What I don't like is that they do get jobs that American citizens do want. The whole business about it being the other way around is perpetuated by big business, especially the mega agribusinesses (yes, republicans to be sure) who want the cheap labor, paying no benefits in many cases. I also can't stand how they take up space in schools which we built and pay to sustain, we pay a LOT for that. And the fact they come get great health care that we are also forced to pay for. Because the cost of education and health care alone are well over double what they earn, and they keep a lot of that, sending a lot of that check or cash under the table to family back home, there is NO possible way they contribute more than they get, unless by that the ones perpetuating the whole damned scheme, the big business, is saying *they* (the big biz) gets more out of the deal. That is surely true or they would be complaining instead of promoting illegals as they do, for one thing - by hiring so many of them. No, it is the common hard working blue collar and grey and even white collar workers, us, who pay all the bills and gain nothing, in fact we lose jobs adding insult to injury.

Illegal immigrants work ...

Illegal immigrants work mostly under the table, with that said there is no way of paying federal taxes. Social Security is funded in part by federal taxes, so if they're not paying taxes to the feds then they're not contributing to SS.

This post was 100% written by me, corrected the typo tanks for pointing it out.

I agree, if marraige is so ...

I agree, if marraige is so sacred then why are more couples willing to take the easy way out through divorce? Plus, with all of the religious "brainwashing" done to spread fear of gays, no wonder they cannot ever get a recognized marriage, let alone seen as another person with the same rights as them. With the divorce rate at a 50 percent high, who are we to question what marriage is, and who should be able to marry. We should take a step back to observe the actions taking place in our own relationships before trying to intervene in someone else's.

Some things happen in our society happens as a result of someone not taking a stand to make something happen themselves. Parents worried about censoring certain types of media are one prime example of this. "Let them do it for me, and I know that it will be done right.", as the saying goes for them. What a rip off that turns out to be! This will do nothing more than prepare them to con them into making another law and passing more bills to give them more power than they should not even be allowed to have. So much for a system of Checks and Balances.

I also find it insulting that people who serve in our military or pay into the Social Security system are often rejected for those same benefits that their tax system entitles them automatically to. One would think that anyone who serves in the military, especially if they are currently involved in ongoing confilct, should be getting the best of the best, no strings attatched, priority one, health care. Same for every tax payer who contributes to Social Security, being entitled to those hard earned benefits as soon as retirement age comes.

And last but not least, terrorists have some nerve talking about human rights. What does someone who supports taking the lives of those who oppose their views, through any extreme devastating act, know about human rights. According to these crazy morons, if it invloves harming them, then it is considered a human rights violation, but for the actions they always take credit for it should be considered "justified". I would rather be convinced to buy snake oil than to believe anything that they would consider as "justified", let alone a "jihad".


I agree.

and btw, what set YOU off ...

and btw, what set YOU off tonight??

"Illegal aliens pay into ...

"Illegal aliens pay into social security and they do not collect " - Sorry old friend, you're 100% wrong on that one. I worked in a SSA office from 93 to 97, Clinton years, so I have personal knowledge of this. They got plenty.

"from many news sources" - You must remember who's running the news services.

"I also can’t stand how they take up space in schools which we built and pay to sustain, we pay a LOT for that" - We agree here. If you're not a CITIZEN of this country get the F out of our schools. I spent 2 years as the officer in our high school and the mexicans would tell you, and this is a direct quote from many many of them when I arrested them. Mainly for theft and drugs. " we're not here (at school) to learn, we're here for the free food, chicks, and to steal." Their words, NOT mine. The officer in the high school now tells me they still say this. I should reiterate that 100% of the hit and run accidents I've investigated in the last 10 years, which if I had to guess is probably around 75, and I'm one of 30 officers in the department, involved mexicans hitting and running. Over 50% of all the DWI / DUI arrestees are mexicans. Now I'm NOT saying all mexicans are like this BUT the facts are there to suggest, no PROVE, that the overwhelming majority of the illegals ARE NOT contributing to our society, they are taking from it. This country is loosing billions due to those scumbags being here. Billions that could be used to care for OUR people, citizens. The southern border of this country should resemble the Berlin wall, right on down to shooting the fuckers that try to sneak through it.

Yeah what they said!!!

Yeah what they said!!!

Dawn, I was just having ...

Dawn, I was just having one of those days. Someone at work made a mistake then tried to blame me for it, I had a political call asking me to support illegal immigrant rights( I laughed in his ear), and a friend was sent ot prison for a crime I know he didn't commit.

i saw a news report that ...

i saw a news report that said drug dealers stand on the other side of the border and shoot at the guards who are not allowed to shoot back. what kind of crap is that? you are right, we need a wall with guns on the top and permission for the guards to use them.

Dawn, a post like that ...

Dawn, a post like that comes from the unleashed inner anger of an individual who is freqently upset and continues to wonder why nothing ever gets fixed.

The issues outlined in the beginning of this thread are ones that really anger me, only because there are low-life people who want to spread fear through ridiculous lies, become even more greedy, do absolutely nothing about persistent problems, and ultimately beome total control freaks who think the world revolves around them and ONLY THEM. Also, more and more of their lies and hyprocritical acts continue to wreck havoc on the stability and peace that the world wishes to seek everyday.

I HEAR YA Mr. Mister and ...

I HEAR YA Mr. Mister and rkinne!!

<p>I'm curious, because I ...

I'm curious, because I am admittedly not up on all of this, call me ignorant about the topic in this regard if you will, I can take it - anyway, having said that, So what exactly has Mr. Bush done about this when he's had almost his entire reign with a majority in both congress and the senate made up of other republicans?

Someone help me out here. I'd love to know what all of them have done to resolve this problem, not merely Mr. Bush but all of them. I ask because I haven't seen any progress whatsoever, or did I miss something for the past 8 years? Everything I have seen points towards those fools LOVING the illegals. They've permitted them by not stopping them. The problem has only grown far worse. Please correct me if I'm wrong (which is a funny statement people say, when you think about it, because it's moronic to correct anyone when they're right. LOL!)

Still waiting for a ...

Still waiting for a reply.

::: tapping fingers on the table ::::

Still waiting...