Sigh, will we EVER know?


well, now we know that she ...

well, now we know that she "died in his arms". why? was is the drink? was she drugged? that we will never know unless he talks. and after that "sting" i bet he never will. someone else helped him get rid of the body so maybe someday the truth will come out. but don't count on it.

like I said before, it ...

like I said before, it will be one of those things like the OJ case, Jon Benet case and the Madeline girl case....never solved.

It's our worthless legal ...

It's our worthless legal system talking again. The victims and their families have no rights while the criminals have all the rights they don't deserve.

And then we ask ourselves..."Why do they continue to let these people walk around in society..and allow them to commit more heinous crimes in the process??"

Brings to mind yet again the prison system in Arizona where they require the prisoners to live in tents, wear pink boxers, and eat bologna sandwiches day after day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I still think Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ has the right idea and it's time the rest of the counties in the USA develop this policy also!! Bet they'd cut the crime rate in half!!