Work Out Pet Peeves

The gym I work out at provides towels for members, they also provide laundry baskets for members to use when they're done working out. The problem is that people leave them laying on the locker room benches, on the floor, hanging off the lockers, or on shower floors. I'm not a germophob, but I don't wanna have to move someone's nasty towel! How hard is it to drop the damn towel in the bin after your done with it? I also hate when someone uses equipment then doesn't clean the machine after use, there are like 100 spray bottles all over the place!

This gym also provides private showers, I hate when some member is trying to talk to me while I am in shower.  LEAVE ME ALONE I'M A LITTLE BUSY RIGHT NOW!

If you have kids please, join a gym that has daycare, you can leave them there while you work out.  Having kids running around the joint while you have 200lbs benched over your head is a little distracting. Unless they're working out too keep the kids at home, PLEASE!

Finally, I know people wanna smell nice when they work out, but go light on perfume! I ran the treadmill yesterday next to this woman had so much perfume on that it was choking me.


Rkinne, as far as your ...

Rkinne, as far as your complaint about other members trying to talk to you while you are showering, just don't answer them. Tell the woman with the perfume that you are bothered by the amount of perfume she is wearing, so what if she doesn't like what you say.

All your other complaints point to very poor management of the facility. If there is no one picking up towels, making sure the equipment is clean, etc., then management is very lax. Sure the customers are slobs, but it is still managements responsibility to look after the facility. If management lets children run around the gym, I would question a lot of the other safety factors. You already say that sometimes the equipment is not properly cleaned. What about properly maintained. Is it in good mechanical order? If it isn't you could be putting yourself and others at risk. Go to management with your concerns. There should be a printed list of the rules for using the facility. Ask/demand, that the rules be enforced.

I agree with Big Sam. ...

I agree with Big Sam. Sounds like someone isn't doing their job properly at that facility. I would bring it to their attention. The germs that are at a gym are bad enough without adding to it with dirty towels laying around. The people working out there ought to be informed, from management, that when they are through with a machine, to wipe it down, and it should be enforced.

kids are NOT allowed at ...

kids are NOT allowed at any gyms down here! that's crazy! they can't even come in the building unless they're over 16.

Bigsam, the gym is brand ...

Bigsam, the gym is brand new with all new equipment. What I meant was that its common courtesy to wipe off your sweat when you're done working out on a machine, the gym has the cleaners everywhere there is no excuse not to clean up after yourself. The management does send employees to pick up the towels but I still think people should have enough sense to clean up after themselves.