sigh. . . .

GOWSH DANGIT this is SOO reprehensible it DEFIES logic! Dang it woman, IF this was 'such a great catch' he should have come HERE or PAID to bring EVERYONE over!!!! And I'll wager she WON'T be a candidate for FORCEFUL neutering too, I 'spect! 

And yet, I STILL can't ADOPT a child from THIS country! I am sure with a QUARTER of my below poverty income (for now) I could take BETTER care of and give MORE love than THIS woman!!! More than MOST of these kind of 'parents'.


<p>How could she leave her ...

How could she leave her children and go to AFRICA to marry an internet ACQUAINTANCE??? That is so selfish, and those poor kids!

I have said many times in the past few years that the internet has brought more problems into families than it has brought benefits. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy ranting and raving with all my peeve friends, but the number of people who have "met" someone on the internet and then go on to marry them is CRAZY! What is wrong with people?!

I have already read this, ...

I have already read this, but the one on our local stations says it was 6 kids, not that that makes things right. It shows a picture of the house that the kids were in, and it looked like a vacant house that no one had lived in for quite a few years, all in disrepair.
Now the dumbass has a new husband, but NO kids!

you bet your ASS you could ...

you bet your ASS you could Walter, this dumb bitch marrying a Nigerian man??? I've heard that they are TOUGH to be married to if you're American. their expectations are different than American men, they're very possessive. and even more so, have NEVER met this man and going to another country to marry him?? THIS BITCH HAS HER PRIORITIES SCREWED UP!!!

What the heck is wrong ...

What the heck is wrong with people these days??

It's bad enough to take off on your family like that, but to leave her young children unattended like that is just sooo pathetic!!

It's sad that those children will end up in foster care, but hopefully they'll be adopted by families that can show them the love they deserve!!

What really corked me was when they said that the woman will get a COURT APPOINTED attorney!! So, along with taking off on her children, it's just another case of the taxpayers having to pay FOR SOMEONE TO DEFEND THIS LOSER!! come her Nigerian husband can't foot her attorney's bill?? Aren't they all supposed to be rich doctor's over there??