finally, somebody who agrees

I never make my kids apologize JUST for apology's sake.

WHY do it if it won't be sincere and it'll be a lie anyway! 

I usually ask them, "now what do you say to someone when you've hurt their feelings and you feel bad about it?"  they will usually say I'm sorry, but I WON'T MAKE them say it.  sometimes when they don't feel bad about what they've done wrong, I will talk to them about it and they may or may not end up in punishment, depending on the situation.


An unfelt apology is ...

An unfelt apology is worthless. If someone says they are sorry, and you know they are not, it doesn't do me or the person saying it any good.

I agree with everything ...

I agree with everything stated by navy and mad. I have suggested to my children, once they got older, that perhaps they owed someone an apology. Usually that does get them to considering they behavior and they will initiate the apology. My husband and I have the proud privilege of hearing from our children when they have taken the initiative to try to right a situation where they were partly, if not completely, responsible.