Ponder this.....

Why is it when the wind blows hard the water in the toilet moves???

BUT...it only does this at work, not at home AND my office is not in a trailer, it is a stick built  building.


I never thought that ...

I never thought that something like this could happen, nor have I ever really sat back to watch the toilet water this closely to notice either.

cuz you're weird...:)

cuz you're weird...:)

maybe its one of those ...

maybe its one of those snakes swimming in the pipes .......ever think of that? hmmmm? lol

huh? o_O

huh? o_O

Try Googling "Coriolis ...

Try Googling "Coriolis Force". I was always told that our water (Northern Hemisphere) rotates clockwise and South of the Equator the toilet water turns counter-clockwise. My water does turn and it also raises and lowers with the high and low tide.
Now I find out that science says the motion is based on the angle of the water holes in toilet.

<p>Mine does that but ...

Mine does that but didn't used to and I'm almost certain it's because there is a slow main drain to the county line due to tree roots. That has caused standing water in the "clean out" of the main drain, the vertical pipe that's the last connection before the stuff finally flows out of the house. That shouldn't be there. It probably causes back pressure. This could be combined with a bird or squirrel nest in the vent that goes to up out the roof to let air in when the water goes out. That venting (really an air intake) is necessary for the water to be replaced by air for "displacement" to occur or else the water and sewage would not move out in a closed air tight system. I've had to have the main line professionally snaked out two times (last year and three years before that) and it's doing it again. I won't pay $350 again for that. I'll either buy a snake with a root cutter tip for around that much and do it myself or hope the Root Kill stuff works now that the tree is gone. I wish I had known where the pipe exited the house (on the side, not the front as one might expect - the shortest route to the county line under the street) or I'd have never planted that tree there.

Anyway, I looked this all up online and the vent seems to be a real possibility except plumbers tell me if it was clogged then the wind wouldn't affect the water because it wouldn't get through the clog to do that. This makes some sense to me so I think it's got to be the slow drain with standing water.

Changing barimetric pressure makes sense to me but only if there is a place to push against, like my standing water situation. Otherwise, the air would compress like a very soft sponge and that wouldn't be a strong enough force to affect the water much unless there was an unrealistically drastic change in barimetric pressure or a tornado.

I guess if your farts are ...

I guess if your farts are that powerful than the water WILL move.

LOL slappy!!!

LOL slappy!!!