Here we go again

Image In Hospital Brings Some To Tears, Prompts E-Mails

Oh please. So the image disappeared. Big deal. As a photographer, I know all about latent images (those that appear after first not showing up - that is in simplistic lay terms) and I know about images that fade (light has amazing bleaching properties to most all pigments and dyes, many faster than others, especially under sunlight).

The amazingly coincidence of this happening right when the pope arrives, to me, makes it especially suspect. Of course, I can see from the opposite point of view that it makes it all the more valid. Still, do such images proceed him everywhere he goes? Has anyone tested the media upon which the image appeared for tampering? It's not in the article whether testing was done or not. So why is this news without any sort of verification?

I hope I'm wrong in my doubts. I Truly hope the messiah IS here. The state of the world today tells me something different though. See, the original definition of messiah was the promised and expected deliverer who will bring an era of peace and justice.

And for those who say never discuss politics or religion... I don't get that, never have, never will. Why shouldn't people discuss topics that you might disagree on, and about which you may have strong beliefs in one way or the other?

Mature and intelligent people, are capable of discussing topics upon which they disagree with each other. This is one of those topics. Avoid it if you so desire but I don't think you are small people unable to discuss such things. I think many have just been taught, and wrongly so, that discussion of things that may be controversial is wrong. Sure it can be perilous in some ways but what has anyone got to worry about here online? Have people made you so afraid that you can't bring yourself to even anonymously discuss whether a supposed image of Jesus is real or not? That would be oh so very sad indeed.


<p>JESUS CHRIST!!! LOL!! ...

JESUS CHRIST!!! LOL!! what is wrong with people??? I notice the name of one of them was Hispanic, big surprise. and FLORIDA AGAIN, big surprise! they have some whacked out people down there. are they so searching for faith that their minds have are playing tricks on them??? LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF PEOPLE and go to church, your faith is THERE, NOT in some DAMED hospital window!!!!

and I don't even see it, ...

and I don't even see it, only the reflection of the guy taking the picture of the "reflection"!!!

<p>I don't want to ...

I don't want to disagree with ya Dawn but I have to admit I see it. It looks like a lot of images that were commissioned by renaissance painters, people who were told to paint what their patrons (the people paying for the paintings) dictated to them. It was a white Jesus even though even some who are anti black have admitted that Jesus was likely a dark skinned Jew. (He was Jewish, that is Undisputed fact). The sephardics were most likely his tribe from all I've heard and they are very dark skinned, rather Arabic looking. Either way though, he looks a lot like ME too! LOL! At least me if I were sick for a long time and my eye sockets were a bit deeper set. Other than that, all I'd have to do is grow a beard that fashion, (and I have in the past, only not quite as long in the chin area) and part my hair that way and I'd look almost exactly like that.

I've seen MANY MANY people who look JUST like that (with NO changes) does that make them ALL Jesus? LOL! Why aren't people running around all crazed taking pictures of THEM with their cell phones? I guess NONE of them could possibly be Jesus, even though Christians believe he arose from the death and so why couldn't he be walking among us, as one who no one believes when he says he really Is HIM or as a homeless person or as a anything, a corporate giant, anyone... Why wouldn't that be something possible, something worth freaking out over and taking pictures of and posting in the news?

I mean, if it's possible he's appearing there in a window or in a corn flake then WHY wouldn't it be possible for him to be walking amongst us, one of those people who look just like the Jesus in those paintings?

It would be so good to hear an intelligent response to that perfectly relevant question. I want to believe. Who wouldn't want peace and justice across the land?

I guess my biggest doubt is that I want to see the messiah, that peace and justice on Earth before I'll believe it's here. I know I can't sell something - ANYTHING to anyone, without first showing them I can deliver, that I have it to deliver, or that I am able to produce it (if they are commissioning a work I will produce at a latter date). No one buys my photos without first knowing of my reputation or seeing my work. I'm the same way. I don't invest in my time and faith and money until I have some reasonable kind of validation that the person/company/entity that I am investing in is able to deliver. Con artists have a name for that. They call anyone else "an easy mark".

I saw it. But I also saw ...

I saw it. But I also saw Jesus in a pancake once. I had a friend we called Jesus too.

Speaking of weird crap:

that "jesus" looks like a ...

that "jesus" looks like a guy i worked with at banana republic. he was the stockroom supervisor...his name was Jose.

The media will always jump ...

The media will always jump on Jesus' or the Virgin Mary's image in a pancake...and then sell it on Ebay for big bucks.

People see what they wanna see..and hey..who knows what the big guy upstairs really looks like? Maybe he doesn't have long hair and a beard at all!! Could be some bald guy walking amongst us wearing a big heavy pair of boots ready to give us a good kick in the rear when we mess up!!

i like that visual of ...

i like that visual of jesus best, timbuktu. lol.