I won't be back here for a week or so (longer if I don't come to the store), but I AM 'throwing down the gauntlet' or however that saying goes. . . .

Let's see IF this will stay on topic until I get back . . .

From another post, but I felt it deserves it's own thread. . .

TGIX, you wrote, ‘Anything we can do we should do to lessen our impact if we care at all about the survival of ourselves even (the effects are coming far faster than ever before predicted) and our children and the future of the human race. Dogs know not to shit where they sleep and eat. Humans need to learn not to foul the air we breath and pollute the land we grow our food on (we finally learned that with DDT) and the same goes for our water. When snail darters or some owl or ivory billed woodpecker disappears there are some who say “so what?”. Well, MOST medications come from plants and animals and every year 5,000 species of animals alone become EXTINCT.’ Where is YOUR evidence that these species existed to begin with? Or were these numbers just what was extrapolated from a computer program without actually knowing which species have been made extinct? Yeah, I am calling you OUT SHOW ME A LIST OF HALF of these extinct species and I’ll even give you a time period, how about the last DECADE? Just give me a listing of the species that have been made extinct in the last ten years, (which, at 5k a year would equal to 50,000 extinct species, but I only want you to show me a list of HALF that! And since you have already said this is what is going on, you can easily post 25,000 newly extinct species, right? Or, if half is too hard, how about just 1000 in the last decade, that would be species that were not extinct in 1997 but have since become extinct and you can list every one of them (or post a link that shows them).

Should be 'easy' since these names should be FRONT PAGE news on EVERY environews page, right?


That was actually a ...

That was actually a conservative estimate that I heard from one source but don't have to cite so here are some others that are even more alarming. Of course you'll say they're all BS but I think you're BS so that makes us even, right? No, my sources are from actual scientists while yours is from - where did you say your degree in science was from again? LOL! What studies did YOU do? LOL!

Given the two sides, I think I'll lean towards the one with facts not one who merely thinks we should conduct business as usual when business as usual is a path to destruction that is an ABSOLUTE FACT. The only thing in question here is just how fast are we completely and absolutely destroying out planet.






Of course they're all wrong and you with your nonexistent degree in science but a degree in "I - ME - MINE" are right. LOL!!!

"Bring it on" you say? OK. I did.
Your move Kasparov.

p.s. Don't mess with the big bad Deep Blue LOL!!!!!!!!!!

That's right. They all ...

That's right. They all made it up. LOL!

Hopeless AND paranoid. Everyone else is lying. They're all out to get you Walter. They're all out to get you.

bravo walter bravo!

bravo walter bravo!

The number is enormous but ...

The number is enormous but you demand a list. Many (especially insects) have not even been documented as individual species even though we know they exist, and well, then suddenly no longer exist because of our folly. We only have specific ID's for a very small portion of all insects at this time. I know that may sound dubious. I wondered how that's possible. Don't we know almost everything after all? I mean we're such a "superior" species, so very intelligent. Apparently that's a crass attitude. As I've said, even dogs know not to piss and shit where they sleep and where t hey eat and drink from! While we can put a man on the moon we sure haven't learned even that yet!

But figure it this way, if we lose even a hundred species a year due to man's activities we are in great peril. A guy named Cox back in the 40's noticed a wood boring beetle that was easily chewing it's way through a log. He examined the technique and developed what is the same design chain saw blade we use today, so much more efficient that if we still used the old style you probably would not be able to afford a single family house of any size for less than a million bucks, IF the wood were even available to build it. And alllllll of the life saving medicines from plants and animals? Would you rather kill the critters and plants for quick selfish gain or live when you get something terminal that is today easily curable due to those meds?

How screwed up and short sighted some people can be never ceases to amaze me.