Where are the COPS?


What is with our law enforcement agencies? The local police, the Feds, the FBI or the CIA?

We are the richest nation in the world. Whether it is the FBI (with the billion of $$$ of taxpayer money) that wasn’t even close to stopping Al Qaeda and 9/11, or the CIA/National Security Counsel not getting even close to being right about what was happening in IRAQ (4000 US dead later), or all these local, seemingly AVOIDABLE community issues; gang murder/drug lords/meth houses/ Michael Vick and his dog fighting ring, etc. What’s wrong here?
You and I pay big federal and state taxes and we should expect that at the very least, our law enforcement groups can ANTICIPATE and ACT-- not just let tragedies happen.
Are we asking the police, state/local/federal, the FBI, the CIA and all the other secret police organizations to focus on the wrong problems? Maybe J-walking, speeding on the highway, infractions for outdated license plates, parking meter fees, and smoking in your own car -- should be relaxed to focus on the REAL crimes that need attention.
What do you think? I am peeved-off!  This cult in Texas should have been closed down two years ago -- not after all these women and kids get abused.  The Texas law enforcement agents "finally" got access to an enormous temple on the grounds of a POLYGAMIST, who had a long history of abusing women and children. I would assume local authorities were at least curious about the busloads of girls going in and out? This whacked out cult didn't even attempt to register as a "home School" to provide cover for their abuse. How do you feel?
There were over 200 women and children taken this Friday and Saturday from this compound built by a well know abuser, Warren Jeffs. This SOB and his "church" owned an "exotic" 1700 acre. Yes that’s right. A 1700 acre ranch. This place was a big!  For years no one seems to have cared for or prevented these tragedies. Where is the accountability?

I need to her from you. Are law enforcement agencies failing us? Are our local and federal government agencies failing us? Maybe as ordinary citizens, we are failing to become more involved.
Let me know what you think. On a lighter note, congrats to our super Rant-of-the Week contest winners from last week: agsweeps, MNolen, penemio, rkinne01 and KTManning82. Peeve On! The Peeve Meister

 This cult in Texas should have been closed down two years ago -- not after all these women and kids get abused.  The Texas law enforcement agents "finally" got access to an enormous temple on the grounds of a POLYGAMIST, who had a long history of abusing women and children. I would assume local authorities were at least curious about the busloads of girls going in and out? This whacked out cult didn't even attempt to register as a "home School" to provide cover for their abuse. How do you feel?
There were over 200 women and children taken this Friday and Saturday from this compound built by a well know abuser, Warren Jeffs. This SOB and his "church" owned an "exotic" 1700 acre. Yes that’s right. A 1700 acre ranch. This place was a big!  For years no one seems to have cared for or prevented these tragedies. Where is the accountability?

I need to her from you. Are law enforcement agencies failing us? Are our local and federal government agencies failing us? Maybe as ordinary citizens, we are failing to become more involved.
Let me know what you think. On a lighter note, congrats to our super Rant-of-the Week contest winners from last week: agsweeps, MNolen, penemio, rkinne01 and KTManning82. Peeve On! The Peeve Meister


I think its a combination ...

I think its a combination of our law enforcement agencies failing us and "us" the nation as a whole failing us.

If you read the declaration of independence, bill of rights and constititution closely, then you would read in there "those that have the opportunity to make the change will make the change". That means all of us. We have the right to vote in this country, if you choose not to vote, then you cannot sit back and complain about how the government is failing us. It may seem as if your vote doesn't count, but in the long run it does count.

Also, we do pay a lot in taxes to support the governmental agencies that are supposed to protect us, but as NASA has said, it only receives a budget to monitor less than 10% of the sky, which means that if we add up all of the agencies, none of them receive enough to do all the proper monitoring that is needed to protect us.

We also need to sit back and take a look at where a lot of the money is going, and who's pocket book its going into. I can't speak of the other states in this wonderful nation, what I can speak of is here in Indiana, every time there is a legislative session, its to speak about them needing a pay raise and raising our taxes. Well, this last session they won, not only do they get a raise (at my dime) but I also have to pay 7% sales tax, they raised income tax by 1/2% and property tax went up 3%, not to mention the utility commission also raised the taxes they can charge by 1% for service fees. Sure people who are in government need to be paid, but give me a effing break! I have no problem paying more in sales tax, the rest of the taxes hurt me really bad being a single mother and all, but I wan that money to go to use. Such as used in our schools (which suck, only 1/3 graduate HS), improve our law enforcement agencies to crack down on the drugs and crime, and improve the city road (they spend too much time worrying about the stupid highways and neglect the city roads here), and maybe create a commission to lower the unemployment rate by creating jobs since so many jobs have pulled out of here. The latest closing of ATA really hurt my city. Don't even get me started with how much my state's government has spent trying to ban homosexual marriages and banning the use of domestic partnership benefits for homosexual couples.

I wish that the legislative session was open to the public, I know I would be sitting in the front row giving them a piece of my mind!

So, in the long run, I feel "us" as complete nation only have ourselves to blame. We are the ones that go to the polls to vote, and we are the ones that are failing to elect into office people that can actually do something to change the way our world runs.

oooh, slappy's gonna have ...

oooh, slappy's gonna have a field day with this one...I can tell!!

but I agree with all, but it's like the old saying...nothing get gets fixed UNTIL something happens, before then, it's just a blind eye and deaf ear on the situation.

we had a little girl from my kids' school who was just killed in a car accident. she was in my 5yr old's class and it happened on March 14, that dad had just picked her up from school and he went to pick up another kid from another school and on the way home he swerved to avoid something and the car flipped over and the girl was thrown out, OF COURSE she WASN'T buckled, but the dad and the other kid were fine. this little girl was in children's hospital for almost 2 WEEKS on life support with 2 broken arms AND legs and her face was ALL jacked up. they unplugged her on March 29 with only 20% brain activity. the dad didn't even stay around for fear of getting arrested!!!! WTF!!!

the family from what I was told was VERY dysfunctional. the mom went to a PARTY the night of the accident cuz it was her birthday!!!! and the teacher told me that sometimes when the dad came to pick her up he would yell and curse and the girl used to look like she was scared of him. he would speed out the parking lot of the school almost hitting 2 people. AND I was told that the kids WERE taken from them before back in 2007 but were returned to them later!! WHY!! the grandmother said she would have gladly kept them.

fast forward to the funeral which was April 2. I took my 5 yr old cuz she said she had a dream about her little friend and she wanted to go. of course the poor thing didn't even look like herself anymore in the little casket!! AND GET THIS...THE ASSHOLE PARENTS WEREN'T EVEN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the grandmother said she didn't know where her daughter was!!!!! the parking lot of the church was FULL of police cars...gee I wonder why!!! I found out that the little girl had TWO brothers, not just one...I pray for those boys! and by the way, the teacher said she didn't think the parents were even 25!!!! another case of STUPID YOUNG PARENTS!!

I think it's pathetic that ...

I think it's pathetic that that law enforcement KNEW about this compuond and about the monster who owned/ran it! He's been in the 'system' (be THAT as it may!) for several years for various sex related issues. No one thought that the females on that compound, young or old, were at some type of risk?! PeeveMeister has valid points of concern that we have these various high level Security Agencies and Organizations, who are supposed to be revered with the highest regard. WHY the hell didn't they pounce on that property the moment it's sick-fuk owner and founder, Warren Jeff was arrested and charged?! GGgrgrrrrr! >:<
I pray that these women and children who were removed from the property will receive the care and support that they will most definitely require in order to resume some normalcy. I would imagine that some of the younger boys will be troubled, too. If only ONE of the many Law Enforcement agenicies that this country has had done something years ago -BEFORE Warren Jeff came into the spotlight.
Polygamy is illegal. Period. Yet, there are numerous compounds throught the States that are living that lifestyle and perpetrating all sorts nonsense. And they're getting away with it. We have entertainment news shows who run "Special Reports" on the lifestyle all the time. WTF?! Stop it already.

I read a book recently ...

I read a book recently about this kind of things, it was called "Shattered Dreams: My life as a Polygamists wife" by Irene Spencer. It was a great book with some real insight into WHY these women put themselves in this situation, and how hard it is to get them out of it. It's just so hard to believe that people are WILLING to put themselves into this position, and that they WANT to stay there for so long.
My bet is these women and children taken from this compound will go back to it, whether it's in America or Mexico or some where else. These children are raised on a belief system and they do not know anything else. They do not believe things that normal religions believe, they are founded on the beliefs that they MUST pay for their sins in this life time. They don't believe someone died for theirs, they think THEY are responsible for everything. The men are raised to believe that the more wives they have, the closer they will be to having their own paradise in heaven. The women are told if they behave for their husband and help him to marry more wives, they will become a queen. Any time they tell their husband "no" they are disobeying God as well as their husband. It's fucked up what these poor people are brainwashed to believe. I think everyone should read that book!!!

In her book she spoke of a raid on a "homestead". To them this is breaking up a family. If a man has 5 wives and 20 children, then they feel taking the wives and children away from the father is wrong. The children do not like being away from their father either. When she left her husband for some time, her children were angry with her and wanted to go back to living with their father.

It's all about brainwashing. Our government does it to our military. All churches do it to their members. We ARE a land of freedom of religion, and I don't think we should be able to decide which religions we will allow and which ones we won't. I'm not saying I support Polygamy, I support the choice people make to live that lifestyle. Some people have to learn from their mistakes. I don't see anything wrong with a man having multiple wives.

What I do have a problem with is taking on wives under the age of 18. I hope that law enforcement can prove that there was a wife under the age of 16 (which is the Texas law). If they can't prove this, then I have a bad feeling the ACLU will end up supporting this guy.

I am a little confused as to how this guy was sentenced in November and still hadn't gone to do his time.

no offence, but this topic ...

no offence, but this topic bored me to tears. i didnt even bother reading all of it. :P

if it has anything to do with the government wasting our taxpayers money on bullshit things.....i hate it. all those government officials need to go away and never be heard from again. :D

thanks for posting this ...

thanks for posting this peevemister. i was going to do it myself at lunch.

i went to buy lunch today and was driving to my favorite taco shop. one block south of fulton i passed 2 cop cars and a motorcycle. they had some guy in handcuffs. at the intersection of fulton i was almost hit by a truck that ran a red light. it wasn't yellow it was red. almost took out me and a small truck. one block north of fulton there was 2 cop cars and they were helping a crying lady sitting on the street. now if the cops had seen that stupid driver they would have stopped him. but they didn't. they were busy "taking care of business' you can't expect them to give you 24/7 coverage. sorry but it doesn't work that way.

that said i don't understand why the feds didn't move in sooner on the polygamists. Polygamy is illegal! a man is not allowed to have 70 wifes. they are using religion as a free ticket to rape underage girls. so why is it allowed to continue? i have been reading about them and their abuse of girls/women for years. they have been open about their practice, the ones who have managed to escape have been on tv and written books and yet it has continued in 3 states. why?

I see this sort of thing ...

I see this sort of thing almost every day; people waiting until it's too late and then they do the minimum and only when compelled to do so. There's no accountability anymore. I see it in the news every day and I see this same mentality going on at work. So long as nothing bad happened two people there violated a safety policy and endangered someone like my neighbor who was visiting yesterday (a very good friend and extraordinarily intelligent and wonderful person in every way). There are no consequences. After he told me, I told our security department who is responsible for dealing with such issues. My neighbor gave me names. I reported them. There are surveillance cameras of HIGH quality recording every inch of the place and at all times! I have no reason to expect that anything will be done though. It concerns me because I work with those same people and just today I was in the area when they were committing the very same infractions! I told them what they were doing is a violation of safety procedures and I wanted them to know so they don't get hurt themselves. They're new but I said "we like you and want to keep you around a while" Our business has one big competitor and they have had people killed on the job. We never have I said and we don't want to start now. That's just how big of a safety violation it was though. Someone could very well have gotten killed. I may have saved these young people's LIVES. And so how was I "rewarded" for my kind gesture, letting them hear it from me and not someone even higher up who would have been forced to fire them on the spot, no exceptions? This is how I was rewarded - one of them ran to a manager who in turn comes back to me and said I shouldn't have said what I said. Well that was IT. I went straight to the security department and that higher up manager may not be around too much longer because he is being "written up". And the new young turks running around violating safety procedures left and right? They'll still be around or will just move onto another job somewhere else where they'll do the same thing until they'll do us all a favor by thinning the gene pool. I just hope they don't take out anyone else on the way.

As for the police and FBI specifically - My point above is that it all starts somewhere. Everyone needs to act responsibly everywhere but of course there will always be those who don't. So we need the cops like we see on TV, not the ones we actually have. The real ones only respond, as you point out, AFTER the fact. They can not be our mommies following us everywhere we go BUT that can not be an excuse to look the other way until it's too late. There has to be a balance. They can and should be charged with the responsibility of looking into that which appears more than just a little suspicious and held accountable when they don't and tragedies like this are finally revealed. I also agree they could do a lot more of this if not spending so much time on misdemeanors. Our prison population is at an alarmingly high level and NOT due to bigtime criminals but due to petty ones incarcerated for minute amounts of drugs. No one should ever be imprisoned for missing a child support payment or two. Tell me how that helps them work and be able to pay!! Now if they flaunt he law, sass the judge, get a year behind and clearly aren't trying to work, ok, teach them a lesson, but that's not what's happening. Police are going after the "low hanging fruit", taking out petty criminals, the MOST petty, because it shows as "AN" arrest and enough single ones amount to many and they can boast they made 300 arrests in a year. I'd rather see them take out just one or two murderers than 300 people caught with a joint or who were sick, laid off, utility bills literally doubled, and they missed a couple of support payments. My ex has missed them but I never threated HER with jail for it. I never missed a single one in 12 years (compared with her two) and she threatened and went to the authorities if it was a single day late. Of course the authorities said their "hands were tied" and they would be forced to have me arrested if I didn't pay that same day. HUH? This stuff is so out of balance. People's priorities are so skewed these days. They teach fairness in kindergarten for crying out loud. Sometimes it's as if the world has gone mad, grown adults in gown adult bodies with the minds of infants.

It's kinda like when I ...

It's kinda like when I lived across the street from the crack dealer. I made HOURS of DVD's, I called ALL the government agencies. Not one thing was done. I told them they could come over to my house and sit there and watch the traffic with us, they never showed up. We told them time and time again where we were getting our info from - the horses mouth!! We called them asking why the house cleared out 5 mins before they came to patrol the street, they had no answer. Well when it was finally over they found out what was REALLY going on in there. The crack hoe that was hit was high on crack and heorine at the time. They found police scanners so when they said "Let's drive down X street and check the crack house" the crack heads knew they were coming. They finally realized the crack heads had a camera outside so they knew who was knocking on the door! They told us we lied so many times and then someone got shot. I knew it was going to happen, everyone knew it was going to happen. Gun voilence follows drugs.
And who was charged in the end? The guy defending his family and friends. The guy NOT selling crack.

But if you have a drunk causing problems on your property, they'll show up in an instant. Domestic voilence? You got an hour to spare. Robbery? You got an hour to spare. Unless you are calling about a drunk, or a life/death situation, you have an hour until they show up. Even when the hoe got shot, it took them over an hour to show up!! There's a crack hoe with a bird shot in her body, and it took them over an hour to show up!!

The only reason that they ...

The only reason that they have not been able to bust them sooner, was because they had no physical proof. They have to hsve some kind of proof in hand to make ANY moves of anykind. What started it all this past week-end was a 16 year old girl called the police, and said she was being abused by her husband....Her baby was 10 months old, and she had gotten married and pregnant while she was still 15. Texas law is that no one under the age of 15 can be married with or with out parental concent. they have made at least one arrest, but it was unknow at the time if it was the girls 'husband', because the girl cannot be found. The did do the right thing, to me by bussing all the women and children about 40 miles away trying to put them on neutral ground to get them to talk. Hopefully one of the younger wifes will feel secure enough to talk. The fear everyone because of what the "church" aka "Cult" has put in their heads. They claim to be mormon, but the mormon church banished that sector years ago because of the polygomy, and they wouldn't end it. That is why they moved from Utah, to here, because they are way far away from the public. I also read that so far at least 18 kids have been put into the states custody. I would imagine that is because the mothers are under age...I can't think of another reason. But they could also mean mothers as well when they say children, because of them being minors. I don't know, it sucks to think because a woman is delusional to be the humpteenth wife so Josiah Jebidiah Jackhoffer, that she has put her unborn, yet more than likely incestuous childern in harms way.
But on the other hand, I can see why men want to be a part of this church........as much sex with as many different women as possible with out the consequesnce of child support, because you have brainwashed them into no divorce, and one of your wifes is probably your 14 year old cousin. Nasty! If sucks that these poeple even put themselves into this position, but really what can you do?

"not just let tragedies ...

"not just let tragedies happen." - How do you justify saying the police LET it happen. If you tax payers weren't Hippocrats and would approve more funding for more officers we MAY be able to catch more "in the act" crimes. However, everyone wants the laws to be enforced so long as the person on the receiving end of that enforcement is not THEM. Americans have this" you better catch the bad guys and the law beakers....unless I'M the bad guy or the law breaker.

Secondly we spend a great deal of our time doing what you parents should be doing. Raising YOUR kids. You shouldn't have had kids, do society a favor and give your kids to the the state and get a dog. We're raising your kids anyways, a little time in state custody will be good for them. That's where their headed anyways.

Also, as far as the Texas compound thing goes....tat little irritant called the Constitution is what prevents us from getting the people we KNOW are bad. You have to have that little thing called evidence and probable cause before you go raiding peoples homes. If the law came and kicked in YOUR doors YOU would demand to see the warrant and their probable cause to kick YOUR door in and search your house / take your kids. Again you demonstrate the "enforce the law coppers, just NOT if I'M breaking them" mentality. Thats very typical of the attitude of our society.

There are NOT enough cops to keep up with the demand for police services. Our society is more and more condoning and encouraging criminal behavior and we are more and more trying to put a dent in it. If you had ANY idea what kind of trash todays parents are churning out there would be outrage in the communities. Todays parents are teaching their kids to question authority, ALL authority, about everything. It's the under 30 crowd that gives us the MOST problems. A bunch of inconsiderate, ungrateful, selfish me me me turd sucks.

Police departments would LOVE to field more officers but the people in the communities refuse to fund it. They don't WANT more cops because more cops means there's a better chance THEY will be caught breaking the law. Everyone want crime to end but NOBODY wants to be part of the solution. The Neighborhood Watch programs around the country are almost non-existent because nobody "has time" for it. Yea, it takes SOOOOOO long to look out your window while your washing dishes. Lots of people come to me wanting to start NW programs. Lots show up for the first meeting. But, when we ask for volunteers to be block capt.'s and group officers, everyone runs for the doors and yells back at me to stop crime in their neighborhood. Again, typical of todays citizens. There are those who get involved but the numbers are WAY too small to do much good. If people would stop being selfish like EVERYONE else, perhaps we could get an better handle on crime. And I must add crime means everything from speeding to murder. If it's against the law, it's a crime. Period. We don't care that YOU think it's a minor violation of a minor law. I get so sick of people telling me "but I'M a good driver." I'm sure you are. Most of the dead people I've scraped off the asphalt had NOTHING on their driving records. Good driver?I think not.

Mandy - you have to ...

Mandy - you have to understand one thing before you think that's why guys want to be in that type of marriage. They do NOT have sex for any reason other then to reproduce. That is the ONLY time they have sex with a wife. You should get that book I mentioned, it's pretty crazy when you read it. Once you read her book and see her life from HER eyes, you understand why the women are this way, and how they can live like this.


And slappy, I have to laugh at your last comment "Most of the dead people I’ve scraped off the asphalt had NOTHING on their driving records. Good driver?I think not." The guy on our local morning radio station was telling us about his wife, that he claims is a below average driver. In 9 years she has gotten into 5 accidents, NONE her fault. He also said he believes she put herself into a situation where that accident was possible.. just something you reminded me of!!

<p>Where are the law ...

Where are the law enforcement officers? They are out enforcing stupid meaningless laws! Instead of putting officers out on the streets looking to bust rapists or murderers we have them manning check posts looking for people not wearing seatbelts! Instead of tracking down sleeper cells, we've got law enforcement harassing housewives over downloading songs over the internet. We don't have our soldiers protecting our borders but we protect someone else's.

Now don't get me wrong, law enforcment officials have to enforce all laws whether they agree with them or not! It's the government officials that pass laws that we need to look at and call to task. We as citizens need to start paying attention to what our elected officials are passing and calling them to task when enact stupid crap! We can do better than this.

<p>The other part of the ...

The other part of the problem is us, the citizens. I work for a call center, several accounts here involve maintence emergency calls, you would believe the idiots that call. We'll get someone who complains that someone is doing something in illegal in thier building but will refuse to call the police. This is but one example, we get stuff like that happens all the time. They won't report a crime then whine about how bad the "pohlice" are.

<p>Well, as a police ...

Well, as a police officer's wife, and in defense of him, Slappy, and all the men and women in blue, I have to ask, just where you think police officers should draw the line with regard to performing their duties? I mean, do you think they should let that person go who breezed through the red light or STOP sign? And I guess they should also ignore the person who was speeding and let him go on by without stopping him, then drive down the road in about 10 minutes when this chump has hit and killed a child crossing the road from her school bus.

Or, heaven forbid that they should stop someone based solely on the fact that their inspection sticker or vehicle tag is expired. I mean, it IS possible that this is an oversight, but the law requires that vehicles driven on public roadways be properly insured and registered.

Just a week and a half ago, one of our city's finest came up behind a car that had a truck license plate. The driver was not doing anything to have warranted being pulled over, but the fact that his tag did not match his vehicle was a red flag. The officer pulled him over, found drugs and a concealed weapon in the car, found that the car was stolen, and that the man had warrants on him. Because this officer was doing his job (and doing it well, I might add), a "safe" driver, who also had drug and theft charges to name a few, was removed from the streets where YOU or YOUR FAMILY could have been exposed to potential harm.

For those of you who have never been law enforcement or been married to a law enforcement officer, you have NO CLUE how "simple," "minor," or "routine" stops can turn deadly in a instance.

One of you, mary, I think, mentioned seeing officers with a guy in handcuffs, and later, officers helping a woman who was sitting and crying. But we have no idea of the circumstances surrounding either situation.

Yes, we have officers who don't need to be in law enforcement. We also have teachers who shouldn't be teaching, doctors who are drug addicts, and lawyers who are as crooked as the day is long. Why don't we start blaming teachers for all of our illiterate children, doctors for turning people into alcoholics and drug addicts, and lawyers for unlawful (AKA criminal) behavior among Americans? Right. That's not the way it works. Adults are accountable for their own behavior and are responsible for teaching their children the fundamentals necessary for being productive citizens. Until a child reaches legal age (it varies by state), parents are also responsible for the actions of their children.

As far as the "higher up" branches of law enforcement, they operate on different agendas than local municipalities, and for good reason. They bear the responsibility of handling things often outside the scope of what local police departments are qualified and/or equipped to handle. And, local departments have the training and expertise needed to handle the, shall we say, "run-of-the mill" activities -- until such time as the higher ups need to be called in.

Let me get this straight. ...

Let me get this straight. Police need more money and then they would be able to do *their* job better BUT when anyone states the FACT (as I have here) that our money is being horribly wasted in Iraq, like ALL of it and then a WHOLE LOT MORE that we don't even have, money that could be spent on better education, when that is said, you claim throwing more money at education is not the answer, that we have to privatize our schools.

I'm not saying you're wrong about police needing more money. I just think your standards are double standards slappy.

Police DO sit around and eat donuts around here. It's not just a stereoype, it's a FACT. About 25 years ago when I worked with bank surveillance cameras one of my company's biggest clients was Popeye's Chicken and the main store, the original one, in Washington DC is located on 14th street in a bad section of town. The police get all the free meals they want there because it makes for good security for the joint to have teams of them there at all times, several cars, each with two officers at ALL TIMES. That's what I saw when I was called to work on their cameras and that is what I saw every single time I ever passed by the place (anywhere from 3 times a day down to no less than once a week).

Ever see ONE cop car sitting at the Royal Farms store up the street here? NEVER, always two or three. Why? One can only guess but they're not even out catching the guys a half block away who all day long do much worse than a "California roll" through a stop sign or speed a few miles an hour (but they'll stop THEM) - these clowns all day long come out of the Food Lion parking lot, only allowed to make a right turn on the ramp and yet they make a left! The danger is enormous. I've seen BADDDDDD wrecks there from it. NEVER EVER EVER have I seen a single cop camped out there watching for what goes on there so horribly dangerously ALLLLL daaaaay lonnnnnng. They sure do camp out at the Royal Farms store though, in twos and threes, EVERY DAAAY. They aren't catching anyone. If they are deterring crimes there, minor stick up type crimes, one cop would do. The other one or two patrol cars certainly could and SHOULD be doing something about the no left turn turners!!!!! I can't count how many times that I have had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting them. They don't signal. They stop at the end of the ramp like everyone else (even though you are supposed to keep moving, there's an acceleration lane we paid for with our taxes for that!) and then they seem to actually wait for you to get close before they suddenly, without warning, dash out in front of you and then go slow like they Want to get hit! Paying police more won't make them all at once get smarter and have better ethics. Taking away their donuts might! LOL!

told ya slappy was gonna ...

told ya slappy was gonna go wild with it, LOL!!

rk you bring up a GREAT ...

rk you bring up a GREAT point. Our elected officials are passing BULLSHIT laws and ordinances. Like up here, we passed a city ordinance that said all kids must be wearing bicycle helmets. Last I knew it was up to the PARENT to make sure the kid had a helmet on, not the cops! Why the hell are the cops in charge of that? I still swear, to this day, that if I see a cop giving a kid heck for not wearing a helmet I'm going to stop and raise some hell.

Just like with the cigarette ban in bars. Who enforces that? The cops! What a waste of resources! We all know there are a MILLION things a cop could be doing that would be better for the ENTIRE community then going to a bar to deal with a smoker. Yes, I quit smoking, but I still feel that banning smoking in bars is as BULLSHIT as making it a law for little kids to wear helmets.

Oh and nestle - good post!

TGIX - way to bring up Iraq you ass. For once can you leave the war or global warming out? We know your fucking stance on these issues, and we don't need them shoved down our throats. You MIGHT have made an actual good point in your post, but I stopped reading when I saw you brought up the war. Sometimes the LESS you say can get MORE across.

My condo community finally ...

My condo community finally gave up on expecting any help from the police and hired a private security company. We got sick of being told they couldn't do anything about enforcing laws because we are private property. Their response time was crap anyway. It took them 45 minutes to respond to a very loud and violent domestic violence situation. They wouldn't arrest anyone for DUI on the property (although if our guards catch them now they will come and make an arrest).

If it can make them money, they will show up and do their thing. I called one day after seeing at least ten people blow through the stop sign in front of my building and said "you're missing a real money making opportunity here, I've seen five cars blow the stop sign in the last 15 minutes". Lo and behold, they not only showed up to keep an eye out but have made it a regular stop ever since. They have no problem sitting on our private property to take care of that. They also like to hang out in our parking lot and drive their cars up next to each other and chat for an hour. No problem being on private property for that either. They'll come into our lot and ticket for expired or no village stickers too but have some idiot sitting in their car drinking beer with the car running and music blasting....oops, can't do anything about that. Strange people who don't live here hanging out in our lot, drinking or drugging or having sex...nope, can't do anything about that either.

I understand that funding is a problem for any government agency these days but now besides paying my taxes I have to pay an increased assessment on my condo because the police don't do the job we (reasonably, in my opinion) expect them to do and we were forced to find another way to protect ourself and our property.

<p>Go Slappy and ...

Go Slappy and Nestle!
All Law Offices are not the same. I am sure it has alot to do with the Police Chief, and how lax on his job he is. With any job, you have slackers that have fallen into a rut. Some will let things slide, other's won't. The just happen to be at THAT place at THAT time. So they didn't catch the man raping the woman on 10th street....they might have not gotten that far. Maybe they were on 2nd street taking a drug dealer off the street, or maybe on 18 th street working an accident. You can't say that they didn't "catch" this major violation, but they sure caught the minor one.....They just haven't gotten that far on their patrol route. For all you bitchers that bitch about police responce time, GO GET HIRED ON! Take the matters into you own hands and get a badge as well. Slappy said they needed funding to get MORE officers, and someone bitched about that! HELLO??!! If their is more funding, their will be more officers, which in turn will mean more patrols on the street, which means LESS CRIMES! Who the hell taught you to make sure the bad guy gets caught, but make sure when you break the law that YOU don't!
I know damn good and well, that when you are rolling up to a light that is yellow, you look around to see if a cop is around to determine if you are going to try to catch the yellow light or stop. They do what they can to make it safe for you to sleep at night, just like the military do what they can to insure our country's safety.
EVERYONE is caught up in read tape, not just governments, but police departments as well. They have to make sure the read the rights and go by the book, or Johnny the rapist axe murderer won't walk free with a smile on his face just to do it again!
Their are some lax cops who don't want to do their jobs because it means a shit load of paperwork and the like of reports, but some look past that and do their damndest to make sure your 16 year old is not getting in an accident and killing herself or others because she had to much to drink!
TGIX, in my town, ALL law enforcement eat for free just about anywhere. The restaraunt owners see it as a service to their communty and that they are helping out.....Don't cha think that Oficers should be able to have a lunch break? I would say they deserve one from working the hours and shifts that they work to keep us safe.
If everyone on here is so negative about police, why not take a stand and do something! Go to the academy, and get a job as one, and see how much they do, for what little they get paid! And hope to God that some crazy doesn't shoot at you or harm you in any way, since you are just doing your job. See how you like working shift work, and not being able to see your kids for days on end, because they are at school while you sleep, and they are sleeping while you are at work.
Thanks Slappy for keeping your side of Texas safe, and thanks Nestle, for enduring the life of an officer's wife.
All you others can take a stand and help or shut the fuck up!

Well said you guys....some ...

Well said you guys....some more than others..LOL

One of the biggest ...

One of the biggest problems with law enforcement, at least on the state and local levels, is most of these criminals are back on the streets before the paperwork is done on them. There needs to be more victims rights, instead of the criminals having all the advantages! There's too much legal "mumbojumbo" for them to effectively do their jobs! There always seems to be someone upset because they were treated too harshly, etc...don't do the crime and you won't have the cops after you! It's gotten to the point where it's okay for someone to shoot at you, if you're a cop, but if the cop shoots back they have to be investigated...I think after awhile I'd just ride around too...no sense risking my life, if I'm just wasting my time arresting criminals, so they're back out to commit another crime because of their legal representation...Just something to think about.

Again TGIX shows us what a ...

Again TGIX shows us what a retard he is. LOL !!!!! What douche.

I think you have to place ...

I think you have to place quite a bit of the blame for some of the seemingly stupid things cops do on the suit happy people. Chasing a bad guy? Ooops got to stop the chase because the bad guy might hit someone and that person will sue the cops. Some cops are more afraid of getting sued then getting hurt. Most cameras in cop cars are there to protect the cops from law suits then to actually prevent crime.

It seems so stupid these polygamists where able to keep doing their disgusting business for so long, but had the cops gone in without a complaint being filed, they would have been sued and people would have been upset they went on "church" grounds.

Some cops are good and try hard, some are ok and don't try to hard, and some just plain suck and are lazy. My brother is a cop and he tries hard and he'll take exception to the donut comments. Cops no longer eat donuts. They have evolved and now like bagels.

Dunkin donuts are no longer safe, but you can damn well bet that Einstein Bagels is safe.

to add to what slappy said ...

to add to what slappy said about the under 30 crowd, that just proves my point about my first post up above about the little girl who was killed...young (non)-parents!

and to add to what nestle said, routine traffic stops...just this week an asshole was stopped in Texas, I believe, and it turns out he had murdered THREE people here in La.!!! bet they didn't expect THAT when they stopped him!!!

There's too much of ...

There's too much of turning a blind eye.

Where I went to school, we all knew that the house down the block was a drug den. Anyone who hadn't been told by those more informed, figured it out within two weeks.

And it wasn't just drugs, either - they would sneak into the backyard of the dorm and peek in the bathroom window when people were in the shower!

But nothing ever happened to them, and nothing ever would, because the owner of the house is the mayor's son.

<p>Let me see—I think ...

Let me see—I think everything and everyone has been blamed here. My solution is short, and maybe not so sweet, because I point the finger at myself as well as everyone else. Instead of bitching about it--- if everyone would rise up and insist --- NO, DEMAND--- that things need to change for the better. Get involved. Start with the return of peer pressure by the following:
1. Start shushing people in church, at the movies, etc. If they don’t quit or threaten you, call for authority.
2. If you are dressed to the teeth prepared to spend big dollars and out for a special occasion and bubba comes in and keeps on his ball cap, ask him to take it off. Men used to do this simply by staring at the lout.
3. Yell at people who speed by your house. Email your chief of police or sheriff and complain. Video the speeders. I’m getting ready to do that and show it to the sheriff.
4. Go to town meetings or city hall and back the hiring of more police officers and raising their salaries. If you see an officer wasting your tax dollars, report it.
Plain and simple--- a society is formed by people expecting everyone else to conform to customary values and manners. Out of that our mores evolve where there are sanctions by all of us through peer pressure, shunning, ostracizing, etc. Then for the big things that really matter, we codify it into law with penalties to fit.
Unfortunately, we have let the little things slide. Now people are afraid to use peer pressure because they might get laughed at, harassed, or become the victim to a drive by. There are lots of wonderful citizens in our country who complain, but take no action. If the trend continues, anarchy will rule. I do the things I noted in 1 through 4. Yes , I’m the crazy old lady in the neighborhood who’s always complaining about something. But here’s what’s funny--- everytime something is stolen or they have a problem they come ask for my help. And I’m sure I don’t do enough for my neighborhood. So PeeveMeister--- our law enforcement is only as good as we make them!!!!!!