Sex and more Sex......


Ok, I love sex just like everyone else....  BUT there as to be a differant solution when it comes to the NOISE..... I live in apt.  And of course walls are not that thick.   I have a neighbor who basically works nights and is gone most days (staying at his place) But for the past few months (I am in my room on my computer and there BRM is right under mine) I hear her moaning and real loud and the thing is there is people that walk in frount of this place.  Alot of activity and I would think someone would of said something by now. 

Like I said I love sex but do you have to make it public and let every one know about it by the noises??  Sure it is ok hear and there - get what is good.. 

But what if I had my grandkids here and they hear that???  What do I say..   Oh she must of cut herself shaving.. 

This is there "love spot" and that is fine.   The other day he was here before her and then she showed up and NOT 5 mins.  They were doing it and I started laughing it is like she just walked in give her time to take her shoes off LOL...

One night I was trying to sleep (I have been kind of sick and just had surgery) and all of a sudden the moans..  I was not myself that night so I got up and took my office chair and tipped it backwards too let them know I can hear them..

They took that as something else because since then they have been making way too much noise when they are here.

I am thinking they want a kid but why?  Reason is she works all these hours and when she is here with him they spend most of there time in the bed.

Or they just love sex with each other and that is fine they are getting there "suki, suki" in but it doesn't need to be known about.

I was on pain pills and I was hurting alot and wanting to go rest in bed but I told my mom that "well they are home downstairs and they are at it again so I will stay here for right now becaause I don't want to hear it tonight".  She laughed and it is kind of funny.  But give it a break sometime.   I don't want to say anything to embarrassed them so I guess I will just have to take it..


You have grandkids and ...

You have grandkids and your mother is alive and one you live with? Wow! That's awesome. Or am I reading what you wrote wrong? Maybe I'm distracted by all the misspellings. There is such a thing as a spell checker. My browsers all automatically activate one when on this site so I think it's programmed right into the site. You might want to pay attention to the words that become underline when you type.

Anyway, I do agree that people ought to keep that to themselves. They are not being very considerate. If you are sure others can hear it too you might want to slip them an anonymous note (since they wouldn't know it came from you if you do it right) and hope they get a clue. If they don't, I'd try something more drastic if it bothers you that much. I can see how that could be very annoying. Maybe play some porn really loud, I mean REALLY loud, back so they hear it and perhaps get embarrassed (just don't do that when the grandkids or the mom is around, OK?) but realize they'll know that's from you if their ears have any sense of direction. I wish I had a better solution. Good Luck.

unfortunately, i don't ...

unfortunately, i don't think that there is much you can do. either they don't care or they like others to "hear". you could always buy some earmuffs or just turn the music up loud when get get started. also a fan next to your bed might be enough to block the noise.

<p>When you hear the "Yes, ...

When you hear the "Yes, Yes, ohhh Yes" Pound on the wall and scream "No, no, oooooo No!"
Hey TGIX who died and made you the english teacher?

<p>If you don't like the ...

If you don't like the fact that your neighbors are having sex, when they CAN have sex, you should move out of the apartment and BUY A FUCKING HOUSE.

I hate when people that live in apartments bitch. YOU LIVE THERE, if you don't like what's going on, get the fuck out! Why should other people change their lives because of what you, a FELLOW TENNANT think is right or wrong?

My boyfriend works night shifts, we fuck like bunnies whenever we can because, well, he works nights and I work days. We don't get to fuck at night, or every day, so when we can we do it right.

Again, YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT. You need to realize this shit will happen all the time. Hence the reason they have "quiet time" and can't party late at night. That means they can do whatever during the day. Still, until you have your OWN place, you don't get to live by YOUR rules. If you don't want to hear your neighbors bumping uglies, get your own place!! You aren't the only one that lives in the apartment, and I'm QUITE sure they know they're not the only ones there too.

You have two choices, either Suck it up and deal with the living arrangements you have, or get another living arrangement. They shouldn't have to stop enjoying their time together because you can't handle it. You don't own the apartment complex, you don't get to make the rules!

um, ok after that note ...

um, ok after that note I'll say maybe you can go with tgix's idea and send them a little anonymous note or maybe they LIKE the idea that they are being loud. it is rather uncomfortable especially if it's keeping you up at night, now THAT really isn't fair of them esp. at night, if it was daytime, whatever BUT AK you gotta be real, it really ISN'T fair to keep people up at night with all that. you can do it but a little more quietly at night like putting a pillow over her mouth at "that time".
or just scream no, no, no like rkinne said, LOL!

We don't get to do it at ...

We don't get to do it at night, he works nights.

If there was a problem with it going on at night, the only thing you could do was let the land lord know. There are "quiet hours" at all apartments, usually 10PM up here. ANY loud noise after that, whether it be a TV, a radio, a party, or loud sex, it not allowed. BUT - something has to be said to the person in charge of the apartment complex. If you say something to the people personally, it could start a war. The last thing you want is an apartment war. You have to be able to prove YOUR side.

And if you REALLY want to talk about fair - you gotta think about the people that DO work nights. They need to sleep during the day, but there are NO rules to keep people quiet during the day, so these people have to deal with all the noise while they get their rest for work. When does road construction happen? During the day. When are young kids running around? During the day. When does the majority of us *do* things around our house, like vacuum, and laundry? During the day.

But, it's just like I said. IF you don't want to deal with it, buy your own place. If you own your own home you don't hear your neighbors knocking it out. You don't hear their dishwasher running, their kids screaming, their vacuum running. You don't hear anything coming through the walls. If you rent an apartment you have NO right to bitch.

There are MANY reasons I rent a ROOM in a house, not an apartment.



I live in an apartment and ...

I live in an apartment and while my building is pretty quiet, the neighbors can be heard now and then having sex late at night but thats if I happen to roll over and wake a little before going back to sleep..I've only heard them twice I think..
Its apartment living..If it gets too out of hand, let the managers know, even anonymously...It seems there is always someone that doesn't give a crap how much noise they make or who they offend, not just in apartments either..Good luck with that situation.

it's ok to have sex just ...

it's ok to have sex just keep the volume down!

snowbunnie, the thing ...

snowbunnie, the thing about apartments is that becuase they are all connected, there is a certain amount of respect people need to keep for each other regarding noise. as i am currently living with my boyfriend (adam) and his family in an apartment, and we have neighbors so i hear a lot of noises. like that 7am weekday OR weekend loud ass spanish music. or the teenage daughter having arguments with her boyfriend.

just saturday morning i was woken up at 8am by the neighbors upstairs doing it. all i can say is that she was enjoying it. lol. and adams brother AND his sister have also heard them doing it in other parts of the apartment. its amusing but being in such a close-knit home everyone needs to play their part to be respectuful of others and their quiet time. weekends during the day, i dont complain about the music unless its so loud that i cant hear the tv. not everyone can just pick up and move if they dont like their living arrangements. besides, why should i pay rent at a place and then move because someone is being disrespectful? if anyone should pick up and go it should be THEM.

Conana, you said "besides, ...

Conana, you said "besides, why should i pay rent at a place and then move because someone is being disrespectful? if anyone should pick up and go it should be THEM."

That makes no sense. Why should THEY move when they aren't the ones with a problem? YOU are the one that doesn't like what they do, so it should be YOU that moves. If YOU aren't happy, then YOU need to change your situation. Why should they move to satisfy your needs? They aren't unhappy!

As for moving - up here the average rent is $900 for an apartment. The average mortgage payment is around $1200. That's $300 more a month to OWN your home. To NOT have neighbors. Yes, $300 can be a lot to some people, but hey - look at where I live. My room mate would not be able to keep his house if I did not live here. I pay WELL under $900 a month, have full reign of the house, can make as much noise as I want, etc. You CAN own your own place, you just might need to find a decent person to rent out a room to. And when YOU rent to them, it's your place and your rules. If you want to be happy with what happens in YOUR living arrangements, then YOU have to make the change.

Everyone who rents an ...

Everyone who rents an apartment cannot afford to buy or rent a house or they may not be phyically able to care for a house. Speaking as someone who has been both a tenant and a landlord, in most places you will find that a tenant is entitled to "peace and quiet enjoyment" of their part of the building and the landlord has the responsibility to ensure that all the tenants live their life in such a way as to not be a nuisance to other tenants. In the situation described by cocas, the folks having the noisy sex are the ones creating the problem. If they want to have noisy sex, let them put out the money for a hotel room or an apartment with more soundproofing. When I was a landlord, they would be started on my "three strikes and you're out" plan.

yeah, I'll just take the ...

yeah, I'll just take the pillow over the mouth idea.....depending on what Clint's *doing* I might need the sound-proof barrier! I understand that not everyone has a sence of humor like mine, cause I think that kind of thing (hearing someone else have the big "O") is hilarious! But then again, I am th ekind of person to make a comment to them about "Yeah, your old lady had her "O" during the same time of the climax of the tv show I was took me a few minutes to realize she wasn't watching the same show too." Or "Next time let me know in advance if I should tell my preacher to come over at a later date. I am so used to the noise, it took me a second to realize why he was staring at the wallthat seperates our apartments." Or something along those lines, just enough to make them realize that everyone can hear them....but then sometimes, some people get off on that kind of thing!