Who said they wouldn't survive?

Polar Bears don't need to live on sea ice to survive! I've been saying this all along, but no one wants to believe it until it starts to happen. It's sad this had to happen, but up here when an animal poses a threat to an entire population we protect humans.

WARNING - granted I am glad no humans were hurt, I should warn you about some of the pictures they have. I really wish they would have just reported the story, there was no need for them to put the pictures on there too.



wow, sad, maybe they can ...

wow, sad, maybe they can do something about that.

...besides killing them.

...besides killing them.

They have to kill them. If ...

They have to kill them. If they don't the polar bear will kill all of them. They will eat anything they can kill. They are the only that has been proven to kill for purposes of revenge (humans not included).

There are villages up here that live with polar bears year round. These people have members of their village they designate for the job of hunting them. They kill the biggest one they find, and use the entire bear for food/clothes/etc. If they didn't go out and kill it, the bears would become overpopulated in that area and eat the humans.

Don't worry Dawn, the polar bear will not go instinct. It will eat all of the humans in it's area first. Oh, and it will probably start eating salmon too. They already will eat berries and plants, so this is on animal that is READY to survive. Survival of the fittest, and I would call the #1 land predator fit.

Excuse me, but am I ...

Excuse me, but am I MISSING something here?

That polar bear in your words "survived"?

I don't thinnnnnk so.

<p>Oh???? And where are ...

Oh???? And where are they supposed to go and live when their habitat no longer exists due to fat selfish pigs in their giant trucks they call "sport utility vehicles" since they would NEVER drive them if the manufacturers called them "gas guzzling, big-time polluting, global warming, giant cars on truck frames" or "gas guzzling, big-time polluting, global warming trucks" LOL!!! What a bunch of Duped Morons almost ALL of the owners are. A tiny percentage actually "need" them, most drive them because they think they ac tually look cool in them (when most people are scoffing at them for being such freaking pee brained selfish mo-RONS) or they think they are actually somehow safer when they absolutely are NOT in MOST situations - especially ALL of those rollovers - EVER HEAR OF A REGULAR CARRRR ROLLING OVER? - IF SO IT WAS THE OH SO VERRRRRY RARE EXCEPTION ... So where DO these animals go when their homes are completely destroyed by the fat selfish pigs who call themselves intelligent beings, humans?

Last I checked polar bears ...

Last I checked polar bears needed FOOD to survive, not ice. They actually don't particularly like the ice. It's there so they deal. If all else failed they could live in Siberia. There will never be enough growth to threaten much there. I think they should kill the people that fuck with the polar bears. If your caught feeding or otherwise dicking with the polar bears, you should be shot and fed to the bear.

TGIX - I didn't say THAT ...

TGIX - I didn't say THAT polar bear survived, I'm saying they WILL survive without sea ice. As for "Where will they live" - do you even realize how much of Alaska is UNPOPULATED or are you just ignoring that FACT because you are too stuck in YOUR LIES to realize facts? The population of Alaska is around 600,000. That is ONE PERSON PER SQUARE MILE. Almost half of the state population lives in Anchorage. So if you think these bears have NO where to go, you're smoking crack and slappy needs to arrest your lame ass.
And like I said before, there are villagers that LIVE with these animals. The bears are not losing their homes at all, and they never have been. There is not some "mad rush" of people moving out to polar bear territory, and global warming is doing nothing but making it EASIER for these bears to hunt. Have you not seen the video of the polar bear waiting at the bottom of the ocean for minutes, just waiting for a seal to go by so it could eat it? Less Sea Ice means less travel for the bears to eat. If you want to worry about an animal, worry about the seals that will be forced to make "dens" inland - which is the easiest way for a polar bear to eat them.

All these "global warming" nuts seem to think that a polar bear NEEDS sea ice to live. That they don't reproduce fast enough to learn that they need to stop living on the ice. Fact is they don't NEED to live on the ice, the only reason they went there was for food. They know where to get food from other then sea ice already. Look at places like the oil reserves up North. They spot polar bears there ALL the time. The pipeline doesn't run through the ocean!!! And if these bears are already moving IN LAND and have already been seen eating berries and veggies, why would anyone think they need sea ice?

As for this SUV bullshit you are spewing out - I don't own one to look cool, I own one to survive hitting a moose. I own one because it came with Stabili-track so I WILL NOT roll over. How many CARS have I seen rolled over? At least 15 each winter. If you haven't seen any it's because you don't live where it's possible. ANY vehicle will roll under the right conditions.

You know what I'm talking about Mad. There's a difference between hunting and survival. This one bear died for survival of the people. We have issues up here with the bunny-humpers and wolves. Now we have dogs dying day after day because it's "unfair" for us to use helicopters to lower the population. By next year, the ONLY real city of Alaska will be infested with wolves, and my dogs will not be safe in my back yard - which is fenced in. I don't agree with hunting for "sport" but I do believe in hunting for "survival". There IS a difference.