"The enemy within"

obama has shown his true colors, by endorsing and defending the hate-monger wright and his cohorts. He (obama) is a snake in the grass and a threat of unimaginable magnitude to this nation, should he somehow gain the presidency. A wolf in sheep's clothing. A muslim to the core, sharing the same ideologies as his brothers in arms, radical islamists, who seek to convert, by the sword, all peoples and nations to islam. This is a fact which the liberal iconoclasts will deny to the death, much the way they claim being homosexual is "normal", that the right to murder unborn babies is a womans choice, that darwin was dead on the money, that the second amendment does not guarantee all law abiding people the right to keep and bear arms, that the Ten Commandments should be stripped from all schools and government buildings, that the words "In God We Trust" should not be included on our currency, in short, that America should bow down and swear allegiance to Satan, and deny The Creator that bestowed all the blessings that America enjoys, but will soon lose. TGIX, keep your venomous rantings to yourself, deep down you know i'm right.........


Wow a little paranoid huh?

Wow a little paranoid huh?

Ya think, Rkinne?! Sounds ...

Ya think, Rkinne?! Sounds like 'the enemy within' is the author of that rant! Scary.

oh my.......... there are ...

oh my.......... there are so many things wrong with that statement that i don't know where to start. lets see..............
1. it is the womans choice - her body - her choice.... keep your nose out of my life.
2. since god created man and since some are "born" homosexual then he must love them too.
3. the second amendment will never be struck down.
4. church and state should not mix ie no religion in schools
5. in god we trust will stay on the money because no one want's to remove it.
6. i haven't heard of anyone asking America to "bow down to Satan" if they tried it in this valley they would probably get shot (second amendment rights)
7. the creator bestowed his blessings on the entire planet (not just America) unfortunately man has chosen to screw it up. we all have free will
8. even if a muslim was elected president he wouldn't have any say in converting the country. we didn't all "turn" catholic when Kennedy was in.
and finally - i don't know if Darwin was "dead on the money" or not but evolution is a fact. just because the bible doesn't mention dinosaurs doesn't mean that they didn't exist. this planet was here for billions of years and is still changing - change is evolution kid. that doesn't mean that there is no god it just means that the men who wrote the bible didn't have all the facts and wrote on faith alone

Gore isn't even running ...

Gore isn't even running and says he wouldn't accept a bid.

Why the hell would you ...

Why the hell would you watch the news when it's all one sided, depending on the station you choose to watch? Why watch and see what they WANT you to see when you can go online and read all the conflicting stories from different sources? When you go online and see how conflicting things are is when you realize that they're all working against each other. Hence the reason I voted for a Republican for governor and Democrats for all our other offices... If they can't agree, then nothing can get passed and things can NEVER get worse.

Oh yea, but I must add that our governor has the HIGHEST approval rating of any republican. I think it's just cuz she's hot!

LOL - not the same ...

LOL - not the same stations as you, thank god.