Must be 'NAKED PEOPLE' weekend!!!!!


either the altitude or ...

either the altitude or drugs got to him! who does that??!!

It might have something to ...

It might have something to do with the heat. It's finally feeling like summer here and in our local paper crime log this week there's this - (that's just the link, no one was assualted in this case (below) - second report from the top at that link...

Broken Land Parkway and Guilford Road, 11:47 a.m. July 13. Two callers reported seeing a naked man in the woods off the trail that runs under Guilford Road near Murray Hill. No further information.

I've been down that path many times riding my bike and there's usually few people around, very serene with nothing but nature all around. Geez, wouldn't you know it, first time I go naked I'm spotted. LOL!



<p>But seriously (even ...

But seriously (even though that wasn't me in that article) - Who else here has "streaked" or done it in their backyard when the neighbors were asleep or kayaked or driven around naked for a while when they *KNEW* no one would see them? Never gone out in a remote field or on the beach under the moon light (no cliché either, for real) and enjoy nature au natural? Sunbathing on the enclosed balcony is wonderful.

If you haven't, you should sometime. just be sure young kids won't see you.

There isn't much more natural than getting out there with your birthday suit and there isn't much more thrilling either. I'll never forget the time I did it right by the front steps of The Main Building (as it is known) at my art college in Baltimore. There are these large marble railings alongside the front stairway with a large flat surface where they meet the building itself. It's nearly the size of a bed, just not so soft LOL! It's amazing how few people are around at 3am. OK, we weren't totally nude but it wasn't something you'd normally do "in public", certainly not in broad daylight anyway.

I think everyone should have such an experience at least once in their lives. The very best is to go naked in the rain on a warm summer night. There's nothing else like it in the world.
I want a house with an enclosed atrium, away from small airplane traffic, wouldn't want any to go and crash anyway.