Amazing celebrities?

I’m constantly reminded of our society’s apparent fascination with celebrities.  Honestly, I don’t get it.

Does anybody really care that much about Brad and Angelina’s new babies?  I guess so. I n fact, I can’t believe that I just referred to them by only their first names -- and you know exactly who I'm talking about.

It just peeves me off that we seem to waste so much time on this sort of stuff.  Isn’t there something better we can collectively do with our time, energy and our money? (Yes, I know they donated the $11 million that they received for pictures of the twins – to a children’s charity).

It all seems so silly to me.  But the media apparently feels compelled to play along.  I guess it’s good business for them. 

I don’t know.

Does anyone else have a problem with this?  Or not?

Let us hear from you.

Peeve On!

The Peeve Meister

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OMG! when i read that the ...

OMG! when i read that the cost of the picture is 20 million i nearly flipped. my FIRST thought was, "who gives a shit about these kids to pay THAT much to see a picture of them!?" but the media just eats it up.

shoot....give me 20 mil and ill give you mine, my brothers, AND my parents baby pictures! lol.

I hope someday that a ...

I hope someday that a magazine paying millions for pictures of babies ends up with UGLY baby photos.

That would be the best, some UGLY ass kid that made their parents millions.

I talk about thia all the ...

I talk about thia all the time on the msn boards too, WHY WHY WHY!!!! I'm so sick of them! they always talk about how they "live" here and the kids go to school here...BULLSHIT! I'VE NEVER seen them or heard of any school they are at and I'll say what someone said on the msn board about them..."none of their (own) kids was born here and their adopted kids are from other places, so wow, if they're such great Americans, then why wasn't it good enough for their kids to be born here??"

I couldn't have said it any better!!!

Celebrity kids are the ...

Celebrity kids are the same as my kids: they still poop and their poop still stinks. Even with all that fame and fortune, they'll never be any different on some points!

<p>I really don't know who ...

I really don't know who is interested in anything those two do except the media. I couldn't care less what either of them do, nor could anyone else I know.

The only people I hear talk about her "beauty" (beady eyes, skeleton-like body shape and huge, wrinkled lips) and his sexiness (puppy-dog eyes, same body and cowed dog actions) are the media people.

My only far-fetched theory: She is some kind of voodoo princess and has cast a spell on him. Normal people don't turn from self-assured, confident people into lapdogs overnight like he did.

PS: I would imagine neither of those two have smelled the children's poop nor cleaned it up.

I hear it on the news each ...

I hear it on the news each and every time about Brittney, Linsey Lohan (or LoBlow), and that other one....oh yea, Paris Hilton (named after a city in France and a hotel chain...ugh!!). I am getting sick and tired of those 3 dumb blondes. The time that Paris was suppose to serve time in jail, she was having a mental breakdown. I think that putting a lockdown at her house would be the right way and NO SHOPPING.....EEEEEEK! Linsey will always and forever be a drug head and a wineo (sp), and Brittney....well, she was the one that shaved her head and got a tattoo....can we say Happy Farm USA?! And yes, Brad and Angelina.....if adoption is not available to them, hell they can breed all they want to. I think Angelina loves being the cow of the superstars (MOOO!!). I have had it with the camera folks chasing these idiots. They don't seem to focus on the main things in life like "Go Green" campaine or some stars that have meaningful purpose in life. Those are the true stars of our society. The true superstars are those who care for others in serious time of need, who donate to charities, etc. For any star that has had trouble with the law, drunk, dumb, and drugheads for life....LOSERS FOREVER!! That's my $1.50 and I'm sticking to it!!