Show me the movie.

As a consumer, there’s nothing I hate worse than being made to feel like an idiot.

And that’s exactly how I feel when I arrive at the “scheduled time” for the start of a movie and I’m then forced to first sit there for 20 minutes and watch some of the worst, most lame advertising and promotions I’ve ever seen.  I don’t mean the “coming attractions.”  They’re OK.

The price of movie tickets has doubled in the last 10 years.  Movies are expensive.  I resent being “trapped” in the theatre and being forced to watch this crap.  I resent being “tricked” into devoting 20 minutes of my time to watch advertising.  I think I could find something better to do with those 20 minutes – if I was given the option.

If I’m going to agree to pay for my entertainment (unlike for instance, free TV), then get rid of those lousy ads, and SHOW ME THE MOVIE.

Peeve On!

The Peeve Meister

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<p>I could not agree ...

I could not agree more.

But before I post my response I want you to know where the exits are, where the popcorn and other over priced candy snacks and sodas are - BUY LOTS OF THEM (no, NOT The Exit's silly, the popcorn and snacks and sodas that we make so much money off of you fool!)

Make sure you also buy all of the other crap we throw up on the screen while you prepare to throw up before settling back down to watch the feature presentation. Now it's coming. First though we have more stuff to sell so be patient. Here it comes. You've been waiting so long and now we have it coming to you in THX Dolby sound (be sure to remember that and buy THX Dolby branded products, ya hear?) and here it comes... I'm going to get to my response in a moment. Are you enticed enough yet?

Loews - Loews tells you that it will be 10-15 minutes after the posted start time when the movie will actually begin. That's what I wanted to say. Thank you for reading this post. It was brought to you by TGIX. It was written by TGIX, executive producer - TGIX, directed by TGIX, Screenplay by TGIX, Edited by TGIX, special effects by TGIX, sound effects, - TGIX, Mixing, remixing, re-remixing by TGIX, Casting by TGIX, Costumes, Makeup, Botox, Detox, Feng Shui, and Sushi Bar by TGIX. Gaffer, Grip, Best Boy, Worst Boy, Gopher fool, decoy celebrity to send the freaking papparazzi scurrying off in the wrong direction all by TGIX. Technical research, historical research, hysterical research (g?) TGIX. Security, hotel trashing, Hollywood star tantrums and eccentricites by TGIX. Shameless self promotion ad nauseum - yours truly, TGIX.

Post Script - come watch our sequel.

Post Post Script - come watch our sequel to the sequel.

Post Post Script - Don't miss the sequel to our sequel to the sequel.

Post Post Post - Oh c'mon, do you really need us to say it? Just come give us all of your money already so we can stop regurgitating the same old completely unoriginal unimaginative formulaic crap and embarrassing ourselves and you by shoving it down your throats when you'd far rather be poking out eyes with hot barbed needles dipped in acid. Let's just get it overwith already, OK? Just send your money in and don't forget the extra $15 per ticket service fee and entertainment tax. See what you get for not buying more than one two gallon bucket of our way overpriced popcorn drowned in fake butter flavored greasy muck? Had you just forked over the extra $20 for these "refreshments" and a 50oz soda cup 99% filled with ice you wouldn't have to be reading all this crap or watching completely unoriginal sequels for the rest of your pitiful little lives.

Thank you for enjoying the show. Y'all come back now real soon, ya hear?

well, better late than ...

well, better late than

and I mean about posting ...

and I mean about posting the rant, NOT about the actual post subject, LOL!!

<p>and lol tgix, you ...

and lol tgix, you deserve to win rant of the week winner for that post, LOLOL!!!

and I thought I read/heard somewhere that they were going to start posting ACTUAL times that movies started, after the commercials were over, but of course by then all the good seats will be gone cuz everyone else will have gotten there 20 mins earlier!! so it's a lose-lose thing anyway you do it!! LOL!

Oh my god, my roommate and ...

Oh my god, my roommate and I had an hour long discussion about this the other day... (You're not my roommate are you PM???)

Back in my day (and I'm only 26) it was UNDER $20 for my mom, my two brothers, AND me to go see a movie. (tickets only - we took our own food in). We showed up a little bit early, we got our seats. On the screen they had Ads, but Coke Ads, single shots - no motion, just an ad like you would see in the paper. And trivia - Who was the leading blah blah, The word "projectile" means, and things like that. Kinda educating in that way too I guess. Over the speakers they had what sounded like a radio station for movie theaters. They played songs from movies, had more trivia and interesting knowledge to share.

Finally (we would always be there like 15 mins early but there were NEVER not enough seats) it would be time. The lights go down and the screen lights up. The dancing food. God I miss the dancing food. Then, at the most THREE previews and your movie. The movie used to start shortly after the time in the paper.

Now you go in, and it's $19.50 for TWO adult tickets. WTF??? I'm paying 9.75 to sit in a theater with uncomfortable seats and shitty picture quality (my home tv is MUCH nicer TYVM) and not directed at ME surround sound??? I can't put my feet up, my roommate can't smoke, and I can't hit pause when I have to take a piss! For $10 the movie should STOP for me to go release in the ladies room.

Snacks (because I just LOVE being covered in the grease from the popcorn). For two medium sodas, a small popcorn and butterfinger candies - $17.50!?!?!? It's not a fucking steak it's candy and butter and soda! This is Alaska - KING CRAB LEGS ARE LESS THEN $17.50!!!!!!!!!!

And then it took an hour for the movie to start. I ate my entire popcorn, my roommate ate all his butterfingers, I was halfway through my drink (hence the need for the potty break). And commercials and commercials and commercials and then preview after endless preview. It felt like an hour, although I'm sure it was only a half hour.

The movie was actually good. It got BAD reviews, but I was laughing (might have been the beer before hand). I think the worst part of the night was the fact that I had rented a movie for after it, and the rented movie was 100% better then the movie we had gone to seen. (and we have beer at the home!!)

*movie names have been suppressed - unless you want to know them*

i love going to the movies ...

i love going to the movies but i hate it becuase of the price. thats the problem i have with it. i dont even mind the lengthy commercials and previews. i DO miss the dancing food, though. i remember tickets costing MAYBE $5. it was a $20 day out with a friend. now you cant do it right (doing it right includes popcorn, soda, and nachos!) without spending $45-$50. its rediculous!

speaking of which, i cannot WAIT for harry potter to come out this november!

bunnie what movie was it that you saw?

I watched "Hancock" in the ...

I watched "Hancock" in the theaters - it was better then the reviews said. Everything I had read said "Oh it's not a typical Will Smith movie" and I thought "Isn't Will Smith an actor? Shouldn't his role change from movie to movie?" But it was GOOD.

The BETTER movie I saw at home was called "Wristcutters: A Love Story" and it's HYSTERICAL. A must see!!!

never even heard of that ...

never even heard of that one. o_O

i had heard bad things about hancock. but i never had an interest in seeing it.

For all the reasons above ...

For all the reasons above and more, I never go to the movies anymore. It is much more confortable (and cheaper) sitting in your living room or laying on your bed in your underwear, smoking and drinking as you want and not having to listen to kids crying, cel phones ringing or other people talking. "Back in my day" (I know, I am pretty old) I remember going to the movie, saw 2 features with cartoons and it cost me $0.05. Sometimes they even had contests in the movie house and I did win one time (box of donuts). So I do not have to see the latest releases. I wait until they come out on DVD (rental), on TV and once in a while I buy the movies I like at Walmart for $5.00. The really bad movies have been weeded out by then.

I just don't get why the ...

I just don't get why the theaters have to have the volume up so high. It is actually unpleasant for me and I have lost some of my hearing. I can imagine how loud it is to others. If they don't have hearing problems now, they sure will later. Guess that's what I loved about the old drive-in movies--- you had your own speaker and could have the volume where you wanted it, plus take a ton of food from home. You didn't have to stay in the car either. You could sit around in lawn chairs.
I agree (can't believe I said it), but I think TGIX already has it hands down!!!!!!!!

There is almost always a ...

There is almost always a choice, and the choice here is not to patronize the movie theaters (and tell the managers and owners why). I rarely go to movies because the conditions (as mentioned here and other)s are so obnoxious. IMO most movies can wait for DVD where I can watch them in the comfort and privacy of my own home for less money and with fewer distractions.

I totally agree with you! ...

I totally agree with you! My husband & I enjoy a very rare treat of going to the movies about every 4mts. We have 3 children & like you said the cost of going to the movies is sky high.

A few weeks ago we went in the middle of the week. The movie was to start at 5:30pm & my dear husband rushed home from work yet we still arrived at the box office at 5:30 on the dot. After buying our tickets, restroom stop & bought a drink we got into the theater. We sat in front of commercials, previews & ads till 6:00pm!!! After 15mins people were groaning at each one that came on & checking their watches.

Crazy . . . honestly with the price of the movie, the food and now the ads it isn't worth going anymore.

<p>OK, who's with ...

OK, who's with me....
THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME, esp. since I BARELY remember going to them when I was VERY little.

I remember going to the ...

I remember going to the drive ins. They were awesome..Great seats, good view and volume control. You could take the kids in their jammies and a pillow and blanket and they could just sleep if they wanted while we enjoyed the movie.
The walk in theatres charge way too much. While the movie is usually good, some, if not all of the ads can be eliminated, and then there is the price of the food and drinks. OMG, you know it just costs them pennies, yet they charge a small fortune. Then there is always someone that insists on talking or their cell phone goes off, or they have their feet against your seat and keep bumping the back of it. How annoying!!!

We can't have them up here ...

We can't have them up here Dawn - it's not dark in the summer and it's freezing when it does get dark in the winter.. I guess they used to have one, not sure how they made it work though!

"...or they have their ...

"...or they have their feet against your seat and keep bumping the back of it. How annoying!!!"