Have you noticed lately??

Okay is it me or am I noticing a trend here??

How many times do you see people with cell phones acting really bizarre & hyper??

The more I think about I am really beginning to wonder if there IS something about a cell phone mucking up people's behaviour.

Yes, I do have a cell phone, but only use it for emergencies & WILL NOT use it while driving. I learned my lesson on I-90 last year when driving to Ohio & did a 180 while changing cd's.

I DO find that people who use cell phones DO tend do be more.

It really amazes me how people can talk & drive at the same time especially trying to negotiate a turn.

Next time you're out keep your eyes peeled, I think you'll be amazed!!!


see, ohio is the portal to ...

see, ohio is the portal to hell! nothing good comes from there!

but i agree. especially with cell phone while driving.

i noticed today, though, that people feel like climbing up my ass. i mean...cars. i drove to the bank during my lunch break (no, not to complain...i deposited a few bucks) and 3 cars were just tailgating me as though their life depended on doing so. one was so close to me that i couldnt even see them in my side mirror. when i pulled forward a few feet i finally saw their car. one woman came flying up so fast behind me i thought she was going to hit me so i moved forward a bit to give her some room.

I STILL say it's the ...

I STILL say it's the people who "try" to talk on the phone while backing up!!! that really gets me!



well, pmartel, it sounds ...

well, pmartel, it sounds like your partner managed to escape the grasp of hells minions. he (and you) should consider himself lucky.

*walks away mumbling about ohio*