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The Race Card


I am not a racist person. My family is, but not me or my brother. My parents raised us NOT to be racist, but they also raised us to NOT be blind. So I'm chatting with a lady this morning (while playing my pogo games) and she's a native indian. We start talking about natives, and how they get so much trash talked on them, and I tell her about the ones up here, and how horrible they are. First words out of her mouth "YOUR RACIST" - no hunny, I speak from EXPERIENCE.. "No you are racist"... So this lady goes on for 20 minutes telling me I'm racist, and I just keep telling her "If you think I'm wrong come see it for yourself".

We need to abolish this race card, burn it up. Because even though I have experienced how the Alaskan Natives are firsthand, speaking of what they do makes me racist? I didn't call them crap or anything like that, I stated FACTS. But yet this native indian (whom the natives up here would HATE because she is different from them) seems to know more about these people then me?

That's another thing that kills me, when people say "you're racist" and then they end up being more racist then you. I swear, some people need a smack upside the head, ALL RACES too. 


i just tell people, "im ...

i just tell people, "im not racist. i hate everyone equally." that pretty much explains it.

I don't give a fuck what ...

I don't give a fuck what TGIX says.. People need to put down the race card and talk about things like adults, or they just need to shut the fuck up about it....

Sorry, I'm still pissed. Apparently you can't say ANYTHING that might be offensive to a person that isn't the same race as you. Fuck, I call the lady immature for not being able to discuss an confrontation and THAT gets me called racist! Hello?? I called her childish not some slur!

ive never really ...

ive never really dated...period. i *sort of* dated a guy who was part japanese, mexican, german, and some other stuff. nice guy but i was young and not ready to date. i think i was about 16 or 17. i kissed a black guy once. i was also very young, about 15. just met him and we were supposed to date but nothing ever happened. then theres adam. part puerto rican, german, irish, english, cherokee indian, and i think thats all. i dont ever recall "dating" or kissing anyone that was 100% white like myself. lol. not that ive been on a kissing spree or anything. but you know, spin the bottle counts, right? OH, and i kissed a 100% pure mexican before. we were in grade school during summer break. playing basketball truth or dare. you decide what you will choose (truth or dare) and then try to shoot the ball in. if it misses, you have to do the thing you agreed to. well, kissing the kid was my dare. *sigh* it was NOT fun, either.

LOL!! omg, youre too funny.

LOL!! omg, youre too funny.

Y'all are nuts! ...

Y'all are nuts! Snowbunnie, I think this lady got all bent out of shape for nothing. Telling it how it is doesn't make one racist -- if it does, then I hate whites, of which I am one. There are good and bad people of EVERY race. I'm of the opinion that if they are acting stupid and calling attention to themselves, they're BEGGING to be talked about. Mind you, I try to NOT do this, but I do have my moments!

That's how I feel, there ...

That's how I feel, there is good and bad out there for every race, and when I state a fact it doesn't mean I'm racist. Shit, if I am going to be racist ya'll might want to run for the hills!! My grandparents are PROUD racists, so if I really want to be that way I can top the best of them. Luckily, my parents raised me NOT to be that way.

She was acting quite stupid, and making immature comments. I think the worst was that right after she threw the race card out there she "muted" me for a while. When she unmuted me I said "So you just run and cry in the corner when someone says something you don't like? Real mature" and I was called racist for that too.

Stupid childish bitch. I told her if she has a problem with the way things are to come find me in AK and I would gladly knock her lights out for her.

<p>People play the race ...

People play the race card because when they do they know most of us will blush in embrassment and tuck tail between legs and run away.

this is true, rk.

this is true, rk.

<p>I'm a little confused ...

I'm a little confused about the comments made about me here, suppositions and quite mistaken ones that seem to have come out of thin air with absolutely no basis at all.

I'll have you know I'm one of the biggest racists there ever was! Yes, I admit it. I hate ALL races! Without different races we wouldn't have all the divisiveness and racial violence.

I can hardly wait for the day when we're all so intermixed that there's no distinction and we can get one with the important matters in life.

I agree TGIX - once we're ...

I agree TGIX - once we're all mixed then everyone can shove their fucking race card up their "looks just like mine" ass!

Good point, Walter! If ...

Good point, Walter! If they didn't have as much money, if their teeth weren't as white, if they have big boobs, blah, blah, blah!

Yer right MV. What's this ...

Yer right MV. What's this place coming to?
To paraphrase Rodney King - Can't we all just not get along? LOL!

we do well at not getting ...

we do well at not getting along!

OH Heavens, NO, they DO ...

OH Heavens, NO, they DO NOT NEED TO GET MARRIED. One of two things would happen: either their "intense" arguments will certainly melt Alaska, or the entire east coast will break off into the Atlantic and float away. Either way, there's sure to be another argument about whose fault it is that Alaska melted or Maryland and her neighbors are now on their way to Europe!

As it is now, their sparks may be the cause of all of your fires, Walter, lol!

TGIX and Snowbunnie, I'm just kidding:)

effing deja vu!! i knew ...

effing deja vu!! i knew what nestle was going to say regarding the bigger boobs and what mads reply was. what the hell!? not just deja vu one time for this post but the 2nd time ive had deja vu with this post!! that specific post from nestle AND mad!! im going crazy!

<p>well, my family ...

well, my family confuses the hell outta people, most of ya'll have seen my kids and people ask if my husb is white!! LOL!! well, I think my "sperm donor" was but my mom doesn't talk about it so I don't know. but David's mom is VERY pale as well and she said that when David was born, they had "white" as her race on David's birth cert.! LOL!!

and AK, if you speak the truth, then how can that be racist? unless you were making fun of someone or degrading them, that's not racist.

Holy crap I don't stop by ...

Holy crap I don't stop by for a couple of hours and there's a wedding happening????

*runs to the bathroom and vomits*

*comes out to answer dawn, remembers what was said... runs back to the bathroom to vomit again*

This girl was just insane, like she needed medication. She was trying to tell ME how it was up here, and she had never been here!!

I say we kill everyone and ...

I say we kill everyone and start over with mixed parents. No same race parents allowed. There, problem solved. Can I have MY reparations check now!! LOL!!!!

slappy, im with you on ...

slappy, im with you on that. and dont forget to pick up your mule on the way out!

"can I be invited to the ...

"can I be invited to the Bachelor’s party?" Walter? WALTER??!! Hell, YEAH! You're gonna be my best man. How else am I going to convince everyone I'm not racist? I mean when I run for president in 2012 I need to have all these things in place for appearance's sake, right? Plus I hear you blacks get the best dope. We're gonna party it up! I'm gonna need to be stoned out of my gourd if I'm marrying AK. Thanks in advance buddy ol' boy!!! LOL!!!!!!

crazy -- the whole lot of ya!

crazy -- the whole lot of ya!