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This ain't about politics . . .


Walter-- it is a damned ...

Walter-- it is a damned shame when we have finally reached a point in our nation's history where we have had the opportinity to choose a woman president and now an African American--- and what do we really get-- two people who are so far out of touch with real life it's ridiculous. With this unity crap --- it let's me know they were both two faced during the campaign. Obama had a good chance to win on his own, but embracing Hillary did it for me. I just keep thinking that the 12 million she loaned her campaign could have bought a lot of food, clothing , and medical help for the children she says she cares so much about!

It "ain't about ...

It "ain't about politics"??? Isn't ALL politics about money when you get right down to it?

And did you actually expect the two candidates to agree on everything as they competed against each other for the nomination? Please don't say you did. I would laugh too hard, it would hurt. It would seriously seriously HURT.

Moreover, did you expect the two candidates to not unite against the failed Bush administration, a miserably failed administration that McCain is promising an extension of? Don't think it's been wretched? Have you been blind and deaf or on another planet? Do you buy gas or food? Have you seen the stock market tank this month worse than it EVER has since the Great Depression in 1930?!!! That's FACT. And it isn't getting any better. To the contrary, home foreclosures are still on the rise by the MILLIONS; THREE MILLION already and still accellerating! You LIKE homeless Americans? Have you seen "Mission Accomplished" as Bush stated several years ago? I've only seen more and more and more of our soldiers be killed and Iraq profits from their oil while WE pay to rebuild only TENS of BILLIONS of dollars from that rebuild just vanished! The war corruption is unGodly just as are the lost soldier's lives for NOTHING. There is no peace. There is only MORE mayhem than before the war and more every day. Bush's contrived war did not reduce terrorism. It INCREASED it! Our military is treated to lack of care, entirely too many "tours" of duty (they are NOT vacation "tours" people) that are destroying their lives, their families' lives... Our infrastructure is in the worst disrepair because the money all goes to the war. The war is what is raising our gas prices (don't let them fool you by saying it's all due to increased demand from India and China) Notice they never EVER ONCE EVER mention the ENORMOUS amount used for the war? That ought to tell you right there. Bush and his goons haven't been honest in any way at ANY time EVEN ONCE about any of this (all above). Unemployment at 4% and rising? This is a recession and it is full blown recession heading for depression faster than you can say "Bush must still be on cocaine".

That's what you get for electing an alcoholic - FACT. Bush himself said he is an alcoholic.

And you expect democrats to NOT unite against this evil destruction?

You'd have to be on crack to expect that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't need a hybrid ...

Don't need a hybrid Walter. My car gets 30mpg highway and city COMBINED and what's best is I drive very little. My commute is a whopping ONE full mile. I've also lowered my "carbon footprint" like you won't believe. Our electricity rates doubled, literally DOUBLED and yet my bills went Down! How? I use a lot of means. One is over 30 CF light bulbs. Another is a roof vent fan and 5 other roof vents because the builder-installed passive under eve and gable vents are a joke. In the first summer my $300 investment on roof vents and fan paid for itself, in just 3 months! That was a few years ago BEFORE the electricity cost Doubled! I unplug or put on timers EVERYTHING in the house that uses what they call "vampire electricity". Those are things like transformers and VCR's or DVD's or chargers for various things that are not in use. Mine get switched on, mostly from a power strip (one simple button) when I enter a room and need to use those items. Otherwise, those and my coffee maker (which heats the water all the time for instant hot) but is now on a timer, no longer waste. I began doing these things about 20 years ago.

My stocks would never be taxed the way you claim. You don't have a clue about what you are talking about. I'd have to have a million bucks or more in them and I don't, don't expect to, not any time in the forseeable future anyway. But your fear of taxes is beyond irrational. You must also have a fear of infrastructure, you know, safe roads and bridges, clean and ample supply of drinking water, police protection... Some don't "get it" and they never will. They think these things just appear out of thin air magically and they shouldn't have to pay for them. That's what are known as the delusional or deliberately ignorant, lazy freeloaders. Republicans who like to borrow and spend instead of actually paying for what they buy are like that.