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I just thought I'd share my weekend experience with you all and see what kind of feedback I get.  Saturday morning my daughter and I make a trip to the local Wal-Mart.  As I am pushing my buggy toward the Customer Service desk, I step in water on the floor near the ice freezer.  I didn't see the water, which I assume came from a bag of ice.  I fell and damaged both sides of my body -- probably would have broken my nose if my buggy had not been in front of me.

After giving the manager my statement, I had my daughter get me a motorized cart, since I couldn't walk.  I had a few things I needed to get, but the pain was too great, and I left and went to the ER instead.

The ER did x-rays and found no broken bones, only bad sprains/strains and contussions.  The doctor prescribed a strong anti-inflammatory that made my stomach feel like it was being eaten. :(  Anyway, the ER doctor told me to follow-up with my own doctor today, which I was going to have to do because I need some other kind of medicine.  My doctor can't see me until THURSDAY, and they were unwilling to verify my trip to the ER, which is less than 1/4 mile down the street, so that means no new medicine.

I understand the stringent guidelines for prescribing medicines, but this is a situation that could easily have been worked through.  I told the doctor's office to forget making the appointment for me -- I'll manage the pain somehow. 


Holy crap, sorry to hear ...

Holy crap, sorry to hear about all this!! Do you have a medical clinic near you, they can always take same day appointments. That's pretty messed up they won't verify your trip to the ER - all my doctors used to do that. You should consider a new doctor! If you don't have a clinic, I'd say make that appointment, and then if you feel you don't need any meds then cancel it. But remember, anti-inflammatories aren't for killing the pain, they have other needed uses.

Pain isn't fun! I hope you feel better soon!

Thanks, snowbunnie! Yes, ...

Thanks, snowbunnie! Yes, we have an outpatient clinic, but it is available only to those who qualify financially, which I don't. And my doctor IS a new doctor for me. I ditched my former doctor because he has questionable ethics practices. And I DO think I need some anti-inflammatory, but the ER nurses told my husband today that they would ALL irritate my stomach like this one did. And I ate WAY more than I normally would have before I took the medicine.

I'm taking Tylenol, 500 ...

I'm taking Tylenol, 500 mg, 3 at a time. It's helping some -- mainly just making me sleepy, which helps take my mind off the pain. My right hip is developing a catch in it from having to limp. I am supposed to have my ankle bandaged, but all of the bandages I have found have latex in them, and I am allergic to latex. Bummer:(

Glad it wasn't worse. ...

Glad it wasn't worse. Insist on your rights. That is what you have to do with this crazy messed up medical system we have these days. Unless you do they WILL take advantage of you, either that or you have to bring with you a few truckloads of cash, then they won't deny you. Don't take that crap from them. It's as unfortunate as the ailment that they treat people like that but they do and you have to stand up for yourself. If you aren't able to, you need an advocate. Either be your own advocate, get one to do it for you, or succumb to the seriously ill American health care system.

Umm it's a bad doctor not ...

Umm it's a bad doctor not the entire American Health Care System TGIX... no need to form an army for one bad doctor!

Sorry to hear your outpatient clinics has qualifications. We have a few up here that will take you in no matter what - insurance or not, cash or not, job or not. You really should get that appointment and get checked out though. Unless they did an MRI they can't see what's wrong with the muscles in there, and that's where all the painful and long-term healing issues happen.

Yeah, you're right ...

Yeah, you're right AKsnowbunnie, that never happens. NEVER. LOL! Remember that word? Never? LOL!

Fact is though, all joking aside, this is endemic in our current health care system. That's a fact. You can try and argue the facts but, oh, that's right, you're a liar alcoholic and lacking credibility really sucks doesn't it? But you can call others trolls so you must be right. LOL!

again TGIX - you need to ...

again TGIX - you need to seek professional help. I am ok with being an alcoholic. It could be worse, I could be a crack addict. Or a meth addict. Or a Bush-hating Demo that lost my first wife because I have no personality and like to make belittling comments to everyone I have any sort of interaction.

I'd say I'm doing just fine.

Yeah, you sure do sound ...

Yeah, you sure do sound fine. I am so sorry. Really I am. Glad you're not worse too. That makes you just fine, just fine.

YIKES, sorry nestle...we ...

YIKES, sorry nestle...we were in Sam's and a similar thing happened to me and my daughter as well, BUT I was pushing the basket so I didn't fall/slip in the water cuz I was holding on, but my daughter was walking behind me and slipped and fell to the floor. looks like the wal mart people need to watch out better. we were near a refrigerator also that was leaky. we filled out a report but by the end of the day, she was fine..it helps to be young when you fall. if it was me, I'd still be feeling it now.

I think you should get ...

I think you should get checked out further nestle. What if it is worse than ER thinks it is.. hopefully not, but....Think of the long term complications that could arise from your fall..Are you icing anything or using moist heat on it? Did they recommend any of those things in the ER?

ouch! stupid walmart! ...

ouch! stupid walmart! sorry about your wipeout. is walmart going to pay the medical bills? or has that not come up?

I would go down to the ER ...

I would go down to the ER and make them give you a copy of the report and then take it to Wal-fart and make them pay for the medical bills.

i second that emotion. ...

i second that emotion.

why are so many songs running through my veins today!? i think im delerious from illness. lol

girl, you're a nut..lol

girl, you're a nut..lol

Yes, Wally is going to pay ...

Yes, Wally is going to pay -- no problem there. And I finally did get some pain medicine! *It's about time*