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HELL YEAH, you better believe it... | MyPetPeeves.com

HELL YEAH, you better believe it...


this is one quote from the story:

"It hardly matters to those in the path. Just ask the people of New Orleans who survived Hurricane Katrina. They are living in a city where, 1,000 days after the storm, entire neighborhoods remain abandoned, a national embarrassment that evokes disbelief from visitors."


it's ALL outta control!!! ...

it's ALL outta control!!! something's gotta give!

The writer of this story ...

The writer of this story is obviously unhappy in HIS life. I gotta tell ya, I'm making way more money than I ever had, there are no lay-offs goin on where I work, the weather here is as it always is in the summer....warm, yada yada yada.I'm not saying everything is peachy in the world but this guy has a knack for verbalizing things in hopes that everyone jumps on board with is apocalyptic views. He obviously had an agenda and it's very left-wing minded. Everything he talks about revolves around one thing.....money. It's what drives Americans these day and it's all anyone is concerned about. Money has become the one thing everyone is obsessed with, repub OR demo. People don't care about right and wrong, good or bad etc, they want money, lots of it, and they want it now, and more so than at any time in our history. THIS is why I am often embarrassed when talking to foreigners. (excluding south of the border folks) Europeans basically all agree that Americans need to relax and enjoy life and quit being so obsessed with getting rich. I tend to agree. Todays parents are teaching their children to sue everyone for everything to try to get rich. Nobody is teaching their children to work hard and make a good living through the achievements gained through hard work and good study habits. It's sad. The once great America has turned into a bunch of crybaby pansies that refuse to work for the reward of the American dream. It doesn't matter who is in the white house,this is not changing anytime soon. I think a severe recession would actually be good for this country. It would teach people the value of earning their money. The values OUR parents and grandparents had would show themselves again. It's the people and families that overcame the depression a hundred years ago that have flourished today. Maybe todays pussy ass young adults, like the whiny baby that wrote this article could learn from talking to the folks that were around during or just after the depression. Oh well, I'm SURE he's not interested, after all he's trying to make a name for himself (lot's of money) as a scare tactics kinda writer-guy.

well, MY household is in a ...

well, MY household is in a SEVERE recession!! LOL!!

Slappy--- you know whereof ...

Slappy--- you know whereof you speak!!!!!!!! I remember rationing, that darned white oleo that you had to mix in the yellow stuff, saving tin cans, saving bread wrappers to put school lunches in, saving twine in a ball so Mama could crotchet doilies, doing chores every day after school, my first May-Fete dance with my long dress made out of flour sacks (yellow with tiny purple violets), etc. And what's my point here? I did not know we were poor (financially) until I was grown, but those were some of the happiest days of my life. There was always something going on. I don't remember anyone getting depressed. One lesson I've learned from life--- I can't really enjoy the good stuff that comes to me unless I've earned it in some way.

HAHAHAHAHA Chubby. Yeah, ...

HAHAHAHAHA Chubby. Yeah, we wore the bread bags over our socks and under our boots in the winter to keep our feet dry. Mom baked her own bread,we got fruit and veggies at the coop, and NEVER had soda / candy and all the crap todays punks think they MUST have to be happy. Mom put those sandpaper like patches on the hand me down pants I got from my older brothers that had holes in the knees, keds shoes, toughskins jeans. Hahahaha!!!! God were we poor pathetic losers by todays standards. The milk man came to the house every few days. The quarterly trip to McDonalds was like hitting the freaggin lotto. I didn't have to walk up hill both ways in the snow with no shoes but looking back we were pretty damn close. LOL!!!! DAmn we had lots of snow; for like 7 to 8 months out of the year.

Ain't nothing spinning out ...

Ain't nothing spinning out of control up here. What the fuck is that polar bear comment? They ain't DRIFTING!!!

Polar bears follow a migration sort of thing - they ALWAYS end up over seas, and then they come back. Has this guy ever look at the top of the globe to see HOW close together the countries are up here????

We got lots of food in the stores up here, no shortage. No shortage of gas either. Prices may be up but that doesn't mean there is less in the tanks at the station!

That guy that wrote this article needs a slap upside the head. America has been through a recession in the past, it can make it through another one. If we LOSE our can-do attitude then we WON'T make it through.

we didnt do the bread bag ...

we didnt do the bread bag thing BUT we did duct tape our boots to our pants to keep snow from getting in. lol.

i remember after my dad moved out for a while we were living on food stamps. i didnt think there was anyhting wrong or wierd with that. my mom was ashamed but i didnt know any different. and i was so thrilled when a box filled with free food came to the house. i was like, "where did THIS come from!!??" my favorite cereal was in there and some soup. it was awesome. again, i didnt know that we had money problems.

and lunch at school was $1.25. that INCLUDED a hot lunch, side, dessert, and a milk carton. it was .15 cents for addition milk. what a bargain! and we had trouble scraping THAT amount so we can eat at school.