How’s you Speed Reading? Don’t blink.


Peeve Meister here.

What are some these companies hiding from us – that they don’t want us to see or hear?

I’m referring to the painfully large paragraphs of unreadable text that appears for 1.5 seconds at the end of some TV commercials? 

We all know that it’s simply impossible to read these messages.  We all laugh at the poor announcer who attempts to read the message to us at a rapid-fire pace -- that’s still impossible to understand.  And we’re admittedly slightly amused by the laughable litany of side-affect warnings that are recited at the end of prescription drug TV commercials.

However, the bottom line is that none of these (important?) messages are ever communicated to the viewer/listener/reader.  We know the advertiser is required to do this to meet so obscure government regulations.  However, the solution doesn’t seem to accomplish anything. 

What could these geniuses have possibly been thinking when they came up with this arrangement? And how much longer is this charade going to be allowed to continue.  I think it’s stupid.

What do you think?

Peeve On!

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I don't have a clue as to ...

I don't have a clue as to all the rules and regulations that they must follow, or how any of that works, but perhaps paying for more air time, so that those messages can be shown to the public viewing audience somewhat slower and allow readers to actually be able to see what it is they are trying to read. It may or may not help to sell that particular product, etc. but what can it hurt. While they are at it, they need to turn the darn volume down on those commercials. I find myself hitting the mute button on most of them. They are just way too loud..

<p>Please forgive me Oh ...

Please forgive me Oh Great Peeve Meister but by any chance do you mean like this one?

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Sorry! Really! I just had to. LOL! And, OK, I know it's not sped super fast at the end of a TV commercial but maybe we can fix that . See, I know this guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who once hacked into a local cable network... ;-)

"We'll be awarding another ...

"We'll be awarding another set of prizes for the best comment......." I never got mine from when I "won."

I'm sure the "geniuses" ...

I'm sure the "geniuses" were thinking they managed to comply with whatever regulation was required and still pull the wool over the consumer's eyes at the same time. With DVR/Tivo becoming more popular we'll all be able to read that 1.5 seconds at our leisure. I wonder if we'll be surprized at what it says? Nah, we probably still won't be able to understand the legal mumbo-jumbo they use.

Slappy -- I won in ...

Slappy -- I won in mid-April and got my prize last week. Don't worry, good things come to those who wait :-)

LOL, that's horrible that ...

LOL, that's horrible that it's taking so LONG to get your prizes!! and I agree with all on this topic also, I mean really, what's the point, I think they do that on PURPOSE. they say the drug name and what it does for you at a reasonable pace so you understand BUT for the side effects, they save it til the end really fast hoping you won't catch it or BOTHER to listen cuz the rest that you DID understand all sounds SO GOOD!!! so you run to your doc asking for it.

Yeah, they just pay lots ...

Yeah, they just pay lots of lawyers to try to cover their rear ends any which way they can. Nobody can read it but they can always say, what? you didn't read it? it was right there, 2 point type for 1 second. What's wrong with you?

In the same vein, what I really hate is the little trick the broadcasters have resorted to. Ever watch a movie and then think, who was that playing aunt sadie, she was really good and all through the movie you keep wondering that and figure, I'll have to pay attention during the credits to see who that was ... and then THE END flashes across the screen and you sit up and get all ready and then ... the network shrinks the credits down to a half screen and .5 type and flashes some advert for some lame upcoming tv show on the other side. Oh, and then when their advert is over, they blow it back up to full screen just in time for you to know who the Best Boy was, not to mention the all important third support wardrober and caterer. Whew. I thought the actors had some clout ... they need to get that Best Boy's agent.

Oh, and while I'm slamming their extra adverts ... the rolling overlays at the bottom of the screen just about the time the lead in the movies says see this? right here? They are pointing to the table at the bottom of the screen but no, you can't see it, there is an overlay advertising the umteenth rerun of an Adam Sandler movie. Oh, man, I hate those things. Why do they think we're watching THIS movie ... what's next, commercials non-stop via overlay?
Oh, and thanks again for the second nod ... wow. Maybe I'll get the prize for the first time now?




One of my biggest pet ...

One of my biggest pet peeve is when you talk about how you can't see the small print on the t.v.

It is when you are finding the right meds you need but when you try too read the label - FORGET IT.. I have bifocals and when I asked someone who had perfect eye sight they couldn't even read the label. For peats sake how can we know what is safe or not when they make the labeling too small..

I see that they are doing that with almost everything. Prices go up and the print on the labels gets smaller and smaller...

Something got to give...

If you want a hilarious ...

If you want a hilarious riff on all the gobbley-guk--the info that manufacturers have to include with their product info lest lawyers go out of business--check out the "Side Effects" chapter of Steve Martin's book Pure Drivel. I dare anyone to say it better than he does.
My rants now are too extensive to continue. Weekend w/ Family of Origin--is there a category for THAT??????

Oh, thought I'd add a note ...

Oh, thought I'd add a note to say that the prize from my previous win did in fact come today!!!! Yay. So, you other posters who mentioned theirs, just have a little more patience.

I think the peevemeister just needs to add a more wordy disclaimer to the contest announcements. Something like: "and if you win, hey, give us a chance to deal with some paying customers for heaven's sake ... you'll get your stuff , okay?"

Years ago, I know they ...

Years ago, I know they made subliminal messaging illegal. This included ads looking like a swimming pool..when if you looked at it was actually a naked women within the waves.

Then in the 80's..people got all over the media about "Joe Camel" since some people seemed to see a likeness of a penis in Joe's nose.

Was it "Camel" that meant this likeness?? Or just bored off their ass old farts that just hadn't HAD any in awhile that all of a sudden started to SEE things??

People can make things out of NOTHING if they want to and that's what gripes me!!

In this day and age..companies can get away with pretty much anything. Like the fat guy eating a huge bag of his favoritie kind of potatoe chips..(while we all look and laugh)..and wants to keep from sharing them with his football loving friends...and then all of a sudden this model walks in the door with a "I "heart" Frito Lay" tight t-shirt on...walks up to the guy..grabs a chip..and the guys says, "I was just holding them for the gang..don't touch em myself..."


LOL timbuktu, LOL

LOL timbuktu, LOL

oh, yeah I remember that, ...

oh, yeah I remember that, LOL!!!