Look officer. No hands!


Peeve Meister from Pet Peeves here.

The Governator here in California has recently determined that his loyal subjects are not capable of doing two things at once (No. Not chew gum and walk at the same time).

Starting July 1st, as is the law in several other states, we here in California will not be allowed to hold a phone in our hands while driving.

On the surface, this seems somewhat reasonable (although annoying and inconvenient). It seems to intuitively make sense that if you've got only one hand on the wheel, that you can't control your car as well as if you had both hands on the wheel.

Unfortunately, there apparently isn't one study or a single piece of research that supports this logic. Really! So what political genius decided to ignore all the facts (after they/we paid to collect and review the facts) and mindlessly pass a law that apparently accomplishes nothing?

I personally don't mind being told to use only hands-free phones when I'm driving (or wear a seat belt for that matter) if there was some shred of evidence that it made me a better/safer driver. What peeves me off is that these overbearing government bureaucratic dopes supposedly reviewed the facts and then (for some unknown reason) did whatever the hell they wanted. It not only doesn't make sense to me, it scares me.

What do you think either about this particular issue, or some other nonsensical government decision that has a direct impact on your life?

I'm going to go right now to drive around town with my eyes closed and use my feet to steer. As far as I know, there's no law against that yet.

Peeve on!

The Peeve Meister.

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well, to be honest with ...

well, to be honest with you, it's NOT the act of holding the phone that is too bad, I feel, but the ACT ITSELF OF TALKING WHILE DRIVING!! holding a phone is just an added distraction, the phone while driving is in and of ITSELF the DISTRACTION. people will use their bluetooth or other hands free device and STILL get in just as many accidents!!! it's your CONCENTRATION that is compromised because of the CONVERSATION!!!

I mean if that was the ...

I mean if that was the case (just holding the phone), then I wouldn't be able to hold a drink or eat anything while I was driving...holding the phone is only a small minute part of the problem. some (MOST) people can't drive correctly while talking, whether on the phone OR with someone IN THE CAR with them!!! I've seen it!! people drive crazy when they're talking!!! they don't know how to divide their attention properly!!!

that said, I'm not ...

that said, I'm not agreeing with the law, but I just wanted to state what I thought on the issue.

oh yeah, ditto from me!

oh yeah, ditto from me!

congrats ...

congrats chubby!!!!

regarding the issue here. i agree about the whole thing dawn was saying. its concentration thats the issue more-so than the one less hand. unfortunatly, a lot of people dont know how to balance a quick phone conversation and driving. i, too, have seen people reading the paper, shaving (liz, if youre reading this....), putting on makeup, or even changing (im guilty of doing that, lol). all that distracts the driver. potential hazards. luckily, for all the accidents ive had, i was not distracted by something i was doing in the car, just pure retardation. *sigh*

well, we still love you ...

well, we still love you retard and all, conana!!!

I love the laws that say ...

I love the laws that say you can't use a cellphone while driving, most people can't! They like to think they can, but really they can't. EVERY bad driver I have encountered in the last year was on the cellphone. Heck, I know people that can't drive while on blue tooth!!! It's not just the act of holding the phone, like Dawn said. Some people just can't drive and hold a conversation at the same time.

I have a problem with the Seat Belt Law. Up here there are MANY roads that you can drive on that you don't want to have a seat belt on. There are so many cliffs that if your car goes over you are better off bailing out, or trying to bail out. Personally, if I went off the road I would rather take my chances outside of my vehicle. The trees might stop me, but they won't stop my Equinox.

I also have a problem with the "Helmet" law they created for KIDS riding bicycles. WTF is up with that one? When I was growing up you would have gotten your ass BEATEN into a pulp for wearing a helmet, and now the LAW says you HAVE to? Don't the cops have enough to do without stopping your kid and giving them a ticket for not having their helmet on? And how the hell do you give a ticket for that? I don't think they thought much before passing that law up here!

Congrats Chubby!

hehehe I said chubby... ...

hehehe I said chubby... hehehe

lol, u crazy!!!

lol, u crazy!!!

They already have this law ...

They already have this law in the City of Chicago and have for a while. I also think it isn't holding the phone that makes somebody an unsafe driver but the talking on it. I have seen too many people blow stop signs, weave into other lanes or cut people off because they're so engrossed in their phone conversation. If they want to claim they're doing something for safety reasons they should ban talking on a cell phone entirely while the car is in motion. It would suck but that, at least, makes sense to me.

I have be a witness to a ...

I have be a witness to a few accidents lately and its not the drivers on cell phones but the kids texting each other. The one young driver never saw the truck she pulled into and the other hit the motorcyclist right next to me. I was glad the biker wasn't killed because he flew off the bike. I don't like big brother watching and making more laws but when people are this stupid I think we need them.

Anything that distracts ...

Anything that distracts from the main job of driving safely, be it a cel phone, makeup, drinking, eating, etc., puts my and other people's lives in danger. What happened to the curiosity and respect for others that we should have been taugh at our mother's knee and/or in school? If it is really so important to take or make that call or to eat that donut, pull off the road and do it. You (and I) might live long enough to call Pizza Hut and order that pizza.

I agree with ...

I agree with AKsnowbunnie's remarks about wearing a helmet when on a bike. I never did when I was a kid (they didn't even have helmets then -- lol). Wearing a helmet or not should be a personal discision but those that opt not to wear one should put up enough money in a fund to compensate the cleanup of whatever brains they have left and to compensate those that have to clean up those brains.

I got hit by a guy talking ...

I got hit by a guy talking on his cell.I do see a need for this law .it is a distraction,putting on make up is a stupid thing to do while driving and there are alot of other stupid things to do while driving.But on a phone any phone emotions get stirred up and you only focus on whats said. Ever try watching a good movie and someone calls you at home ,you end up missing parts of the movie.Same thing on the road you end up not judging distance . Basically you miss out an someone else suffers.But in any case please don't drive around town with your eyes closed and use your feet to steer. I just bought a new a car because of these out rageous gas prices.And by the way the guy that hit me accused me of not paying attention. Imagine that.

<p>Was almost rear-ended ...

Was almost rear-ended TWICE today by the same lady, who, probably not to anyone's surprise, was TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE. I agree with this law -- I have seen too much devastation that came about because of a crash involving cell phone usage or some kind.

do i have a fellow ...

do i have a fellow chicagoan here!!?? griffvan....are you from the good ol' windy city!?

i heard they were going to ...

i heard they were going to try and ban cell phones from the public.... period. just walking on the street. i dont remember details and i could have it wrong, but that was my understanding of it.

like i said, though, im retarded.

A few weeks ago you had a ...

A few weeks ago you had a rant about life before email. How about life before cell phones! Don't get me wrong, I think cell phones are great ... but many people take things way too far. What did we ever do before cell phones? Well, probably a lot more than we do now.

I agree that it isn't the act of holding the phone that is a problem. If that were a problem then they would ban travel mugs too. And drive through windows.

Phones are different. It doesn't seem like they should be, but they are. Take "thefensk" test ... you can do this with a hands free setup or with your hand on the phone, it doesn't matter. Drive down the highway and have a five minute conversation. When it is through, try to remember any detail of your drive. It is like you were abducted by aliens and lost 5 minutes of your life (hey, that might explain a few things on that subject too!). The really odd thing is that it doesn't seem to work that way when you are talking to somebody physically in the car. I don't know, phones just suck your attention right down the drain.

And it isn't just in cars ... I mean, do you have to be strolling through the grocery store having a conversation? And I don't mean talking about what else do we need at the store, I'm talking about a general BS conversation. I mean, really? You know what that reminds me of? In the mid 70s in Austin TX I stopped for a cup of coffee at a donut shop across from the state hospital. There was a guy alone at a table there having a conversation. It was like you were hearing one side of a phone conversation except it was one guy and there was no phone. "yeah, I know what you mean ... oh, really? uh-huh. right. right, ..." I watched this guy for about thirty minutes, awestruck.
These people with their bluetooth headsets, it is like deja vu, all over again!!!
If you want me, I'm the one outside the store, or pulled over to the side of the road.

I don't know,is it the ...

I don't know,is it the governments fault that there is no common sense anymore.
There are many things dissappearing from the english language it seems,lets see....common sense , accidents ,parental discipline,work ethic,manners.....
People don't think for themselves anymore and when they do its only to be selfish so maybe the government has to step in.Will it make a difference....probably not!

Hey there conanabanana02 - ...

Hey there conanabanana02 - I'm not in Chicago, live in the Western 'burbs. How 'bout u?

ok, here is my two cents ...

ok, here is my two cents on the issue. Yes, talking on the phone and driving is stupid and dangerous and these folks just do not give a flip about their lives or ours when driving. But less we forget, laws like this apply to those who drink, on drugs, all while driving. Heck even kids who become pains in the you-know-what have been a part of accidents in the pass. Hell, I have heard of a lot of stupid laws but just think about it....these laws are saving our lives. I would like to see a law against me picking my nose while driving...good luck on that one.

Andrea A