Open up in there!


Peeve Meister here.


My Pet Peeve for this week is packaging.  Why can’t I open packages these days?


Have you tried to open a potato chip bag lately?  A pack of office paper?  A children’s toy? A pack of gum?  Yesterday I almost killed myself with the wrong end of a pair of scissors trying to open a DVD package.  Forget about opening a medicine package.  Even removing that little sticker off of a piece of fresh fruit is a royal pain.


What’s happened here? I don’t remember it being so difficult – just to open stuff.  If it wasn’t so frustrating, it would be impressive.  Forget about vaults; banks should just store their money in the plastic used to wrap CD cases.  Nobody would ever get to the money.


Do you have this problem? Or am I the only one?  Tell us about your latest battle with the best technology the packaging industry has to offer.  You could win free prizes – that we promise, will come in a box that’s very easy to open.


Peeve On!


The Peeve Meister


P.S. Congrats to sherrie507, our Rant-of-the-Week winner from last week. And good luck to all you Super Peevers this week. We'll be awarding another set of prizes for the best comment to this week's "Rant of the Week."


I was on an airplane the ...

I was on an airplane the weekend before last and that little tiny bag of exactly FIVE peanuts (not one more, not one less, Precisely FIVE whole peanuts) was wrapped so tight, so impenetrable, that you would have thunk it was a storage facility for weapon grade plutonium!

I tried pulling at the little serrated cuts on the end, on the opposite end... I read the directions where it said to "tear here"... Nothing Worked! I finally resorted to pulling out my pen and stabbed that little son of a bitch aluminum baggie from hell and was able to pull it open but not without losing one of my nuts, a full 20% of those precious few FIVE whole peanuts, onto the plane cabin floor. Ever tried to bend down and retrieve Anything off of the floor in an airplane? I'll give you a hint, first of all, a peanut, no matter how precious it was, even if it was your last one, is going to be dirty but you want it and yet - You do NOT want it badly enough to try and play contortionist like that! Airplane floors are there, your stuff you dropped is also there, but it is NOT retrievable unless you are Gumby. Give it up.

Packages that can not be opened PISS ME OFFFFFFF. They even now sell special electric scissor gizmos just for the purpose of getting your products' packages open. What a scam.

When they first came out with that hard plastic packaging that can not be reclosed after you open it because you have to cut it, and you hope it doesn't cut your fingers first, I recoiled at the prospect of having to return the product that was not what it was supposed to be, defective or otherwise, because I knew the store would not be able to resell it. Then I realized this was not by accident. They don't WANT us to fell OK about returning it! I finally threw in the towel and now return those damned things even if they're not able to be resold. The store should not sell them that way, should tell the manufacturer to package them better, if they don't want returns that are not able to be resold. At first I even avoided buying anything packaged that way thinking I'd have a hard time returning it. Many stores would not take back anything that they could not resell because the package was so badly damaged. Now I just say "the hell with them! They knew better when they decided to carry this product with this packaging and it's not my fault, it's theirs". So I have no qualms about returning it if it doesn't meet my expectations. BUT, I still hate that it's only able to be opened with a pair of scissors or very carefully with a knife. I usually have a knife in my car and often want to open the product when I get back to my car, but even that is risky with these things. They're stiff an you can easily cut yourself if the knife suddenly slips.

Modern day packaging is for the birds... poor poor birds...

candy...candy ...

candy...candy wrappers...UNBELIEVABLE!

My grandpa actually ...

My grandpa actually received those scissors for Christmas last year. lol. They *sort* of worked. Scared as all hell I was going to lose a finger. And it barely opened up the gift I received. A keychain that stores pictures on it. This simple, little keychain, was encased in a plastic package that was reminiscent to Fort Knox! Not only was there enough extra plastic surrounding the wee-little keychain to cover Australia, but it was hard as iron! I clumsily fumbled with the "mighty electric scissors" to attempt to open the package. To no avail. The scissors kept getting stuck in the plastic causing it to jam and not cut. GRR! So, after about 15 minutes of ripping, cutting, slicing, and hard work...we gave up with the electric scissors. We opted for a butcher knife and stabbed the hell out of the package and managed to penetrate it's wicked barrier. ALAS!! I had my tiny keychain out of it's prison!

That damned keychain doesn't work, anymore. >:-(

<p>The other day I got a ...

The other day I got a razor in one of those superduper hard plastic shells. man! It even had a slit in the plastic to "help" out. HA!

My favorite shampoo is no longer my favorite anymore, simply because they changed the packaging. It used to be a simple bottle made out of a soft plastic. You could just hold the product in your hand and squeeze.

I go to buy more and see that they changed EVERYTHING about it! The shape of the bottle is weird. The top is a long tube shape which leads to a square bottom (the width is about an inch only) and the plastic is very, very hard. When you are in the shower you cannot hold the bottle because it is such an odd shape, especially when it's wet. Combine that with the hard plastic and it's extremely difficult to squeeze the product out.

Shampoo was bad enough, but the conditioner was worse! When I emptied only about 1/4 of it I could not get it out, period! My husband tried and couldn't. In fact, we literally twisted the bottle into an unrecognizable shape and nothing would come out.

I emailed the company and complained and they told me that they did extensive market research and got a lot of positive reviews, blahblahblah. I had family and friends email them, too. They all forwarded me their response and they all got the exact same email I did. They must have made a form letter from all the complaints!

I was so disgusted that I got their customer service address and mailed them the broken conditioner bottle (complete with 3/4th of the bottle filled with it!). All they said was they were sorry that I was having trouble and suggested that I use their 2 liter bottles, as they are all round and you just have to pump the product out and I won't have to worry about not getting all the product out. F that!

It's been well over a year and the bottle haven't been changed back.

Whoever approved that bottle change must have had a hard time hearing the complaints, what with his head up his ass and all.

Yeah, that is very true, ...

Yeah, that is very true, but there is a good reason for this.

You know how so many products are being manufactured in China these days? Well, it is a little publicized fact that most packaging we use now originates on the planet Krypton. That's right. Superman's home planet. It is rendered indestructible by the Earth's yellow sun. I think they are giving the Chinese a good deal.



All I know is that it ...

All I know is that it makes Christmas morning a living ****. After the unwrapping my husband and I spend hours opening those stupid packages. I think these executives that think these things up need to have their lunch packed in one of the darned things, or better yet, their paychecks!!!

Haha, I vote their paychecks!!

Haha, I vote their paychecks!!