so, I SLICED my finger open while cleaning out my freezer...

and I was in the ER at Ochsner hosp for 3 1/2 hrs!  I'm such a 'tard.  my freezer in my laundry room needed to be cleaned and I had just gone to Sam's to stock it up again but before I put anything in it, I wanted to wipe it down on the inside.  it wasn't as dirty as my fridge that I cleaned last night, but there was some "drippage" from oozing stuff that had melted when the power was out.  so I was kinda going fast to hurry up to put the groceries in there and as I was squeezing the towel towards the back of the freezer trying to get in a tight crack where I was some mess, my fingers also kinda squeezed in there with it BUT it was my left MIDDLE finger that caught the brunt of the "attack" as I went to pull out my hand cuz it was such a tight fit it started to hurt me.  instead of "sliding" my hand BACK the way it came from, I YANKED it out and BAM!! and this was PLASTIC that cut me like this!  I had flesh flapping and blood squirting!!!  it looked just like some CSI crap!  I thought I'd NEVER stop bleeding! and MAN did that SH!T HURT!!  my finger was THROBBING!  I honestly thought I ripped it down to the bone!  this was about 7pm tonight.  the stupid after hours urgent care place was closing at 8:00 and it was already 7:30 by the time I was able to calm down and see that I needed serious help for this.  so we HAD to go to the ER.  got there about 8:oo and it was 10:00 before I was called in the back, another 1/2 hour before anyone came in there and then he did my stitches (4 of them) and that shot of novacaine HURT cuz he stuck me several time all AROUND my cut!! and it BURNED as it went in my finger each time!  I never had stitches before. then, I was done about 11:15.  THEN he said to wait for the nurse to tell me instructions and give me my script.  ok, simple right...NOT!  I sat there til 11:45 and STILL NOBODY CAME!!  so I see about 4-5 nurses sitting there and ask if anyone was gonna come cuz I had been finished for about a half hour.  then I see her get up and pull my chart from RIGHT IN FRONT of her and bring it to me!!!!  ALL THAT TIME WASTED!!!  for NOTHING!  I was watching them sit at the desk PLAY on the computer the WHOLE time!!!  meanwhile, I could have been home resting and David has to work tomorrow so he was tired and needed to get to sleep!!  he never usu. works Saturdays, but with all this hurricane crap, they're working tomorrow!

the bright side in all this is I can give a MEAN middle finger "bird" to anyone! 


I tell you...the drama in ...

I tell you...the drama in my can't make up this kinda stuff!!! real life is better than fiction!

I broke my toe back in May and now this!

Dawn-- God bless you, dear ...

Dawn-- God bless you, dear heart. It seems like Murphy's Law has been out to get you for some time now. You need a vacation!!!!
And now we are sweating out old Ike. Slow down and take care of yourself.

Ditto. The faster I go ...


The faster I go the behinder I get.

It reminds me of the last time I went too fast, not turning on the light in my office first. I just went back for one thing after closing it down for the night and I knew right where it was, didn't think I needed a light to see what's always a clear path from the door to my desk. Well, I had a photo job the next day and, as I sometimes do, I packed and left the equipment all out in the center of the room where there was no way I could miss it and forget about the job. I also post BIG notes taped up to my puter monitors and have an alarm on my PDA and cell phone but sometimes the alarms have got turned off or messed up due to a call I'm on as the cell phone alarm goes off and the PDA isn't loud enough so it can easily go unnoticed. Anyway, BAM goes my shin into one of the boxes. It bruised and sure enough, as I expected, a few days later it scabbed over. Now, weeks later, I still have a very visible injury there that my sock doesn't cover when I play tennis. Things heals slower as you get older. Be glad you're young and learn to slow down before you get to be a geezin' 'cause it's even less fun once you do.

ouch ouch OUCH!! sorry ...

ouch ouch OUCH!! sorry dawn that you cut yourself pretty bad. :-( i know that s**t hurts.

when i was about 13 i came home from school and went straight to my room. it was a bit stuffy so i went to open the window. well, it wouldnt budge, so i pushed on the metal frame while pulling the lever. my hand suddenly slipped and went through the window AND storm window. i pulled my hand back and watched it fill with blood. my mom had JUST come home and thought someone had broken in until she saw me at the sink bleeding. "its just a scratch. no big deal." shes so sweet trying to keep my calm. luckily, i was already calm. when the nurse was trying to take my xrays to make sure there wasnt any glass in there, she kept telling me to open my hand. "i cant, i cant!" she was "sweet" enough to open it FOR me....resulting in a blood clot to squirt out. *shudder* turned out, i severed my nerves(one of, not all fingers), tendons, and ligaments in 3 of my fingers on my right hand. half of my middle finger is still tingly (thats the one that the nerve was severed). that was not a cool experience.