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Peeve Meister here. 

For those of you who missed me last week (and sort of give a hoot), I’m officially back from a brief end-of-summer vacation.

While I was away, I had the pleasure to fly on some of our Nation’s largest airlines.  What a treat that was.  Actually under the circumstances, the airlines performed pretty well.  It’s some of the other passengers that I had a problem with.

Bad airline behavior is so irritating.  I don’t know if it’s the altitude, but every little thing seems exaggerated.  From the usual clown who pushes his/her seatback into your face the minute we take off, to the passenger who insists that the fight attendant recite every beverage selection that is onboard the plane.  Some people just don’t know how to behave in public.

Do you have a good Pet Peeve story about flying?  Tell us about it.  Misery loves company.

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How about parents who let ...

How about parents who let their kids go wild on the planes. It seems as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off, the kids get up and run up and down the aisles, screaming, and generally make it impossible to sleep, read, watch the movie, or breath!

Then there are the kids that sit behind you and kick your seat non-stop and the parents do not have a clue.

Please note, I do not have a problem with the kids as much as I have a problem with their parents not taking on the responsibility of controling their spawn!

<p>I hope your trip was ...

I hope your trip was as enjoyable as my little weekend getaway was.

My first experience with an inconsiderate fellow traveler on my weekend trip was right when I was checking in at the counter. I had my boarding pass already printed from online and just needed to press a few buttons on the computer to enter my code and how many bags I was checking if any. I did so in a few seconds and placed my one checked luggage bag on the scale. The guy next to me, who arrived at the counter later than I did, also then places his bag on the scale. It's the same scale for either check in clerk station (computer terminal on the other side of the counter) so it can not weigh both bags independently at the same time. I looked over as if to say "Do you realize this is the case, one scale, two bags etc.?)" and at least he was aware, did notice my "look" and had the courtesy to remove his bag while saying something like "I wonder if they need to have only one bag at a time"........... DUHHHHHHH

On the way to Vermont we had a kid who was a little wild but the worst was the dad reading loudly to his young child. Children have Excellent hearing. One does Not need to holler everything at them the same way people talk louder to foreigners who don't speak English well - as if barking them louder at them will make it easier to understand the very same words.

This dad was constant and constantly loud.

I also had that same guy sitting directly in front of me who has to lean his seat all the way back almost immediately. It was right when they allowed personal electronic devices and I had work to do on my laptop. I put it up on my tray and BAM!! He came close to jamming the top down and killing it. So I pulled it back some and no sooner than I did BAM!!!!! He leaned his seat back even further and again very abruptly. When I lean mine back I do so gently because someone's knees might be there or they might have a drink on the tray or cards playing solitaire or a laptop computer...

Some people just have no consideration for others.

I've had those seat kicking kids before too, thankfully not this time though. They can be the worst on planes and in theaters. The parents really do need to be parents more. That's all gone out the window lately. It's everywhere. The go to stores, hand the kid a book or toy to keep them busy and then he/she procees to tear it up while the parent shops. Then you see them discard the destroyed merchandise any old place they choose to leave it before they go check out not paying for it. We all pay for that with higher prices the stores charge to make up for the loss. I'm offended and there are real damages but the parents act as though it's their right to do that. They have a CHILD and so they can do ANYTHING they damn well please. How dare we criticize or even give them a "look"?! Why not just bring the kid's own toy or book? We always did that or we just behaved. Children can actually behave and tend to do so when that is what is expected of them.

By the wya, the airline I flew was great as always - Southwest. They rock.

P.S. Not trying to win the weekly contest here. Happy to have won a few weeks ago and today's mail brought the Peeve characters! They are soooo cute! I love 'em! Thanks!!!

ive never had a "bad" ...

ive never had a "bad" experience flying. granted, ive only flown about 4 times (8 total, round trips). only once have i had someone bug me. a little jewish kid. i actually found it amusing. he just kept kicking my chair. i didnt notice he was doing it at first. but eventually i felt it and just had to laugh. when i turned around to look at him, he stopped for a moment. once he saw i had a half-smile on my face he started up again. otherwise, all my flights have been pretty quiet and simple. no one has ever let their seat down too far in front of me, either. aside from massive flight delays when i went to and from florida in june, ive had pretty pleasant experiences.

thats a bazzar ...

thats a bazzar conversation. its kind of creepy knowing that people like that are out there. why cant anyone just be "normal?"

How about delta, and their ...

How about delta, and their wonderful employees that killed my laptop, by passing it thourgh the x-raying machine 5 times, because the guy thought that it was suspicious because of the size of the battery, it was smaller then normal. My repair guy said it is beyond repair, best bet is to buy a new laptop. HP said my warranty does not cover stupidity. I'm calling delta in am first thing monday.

Ahhhh, the joys of flying ...

Ahhhh, the joys of flying with other people’s children and inconsiderate parents. These liberal parents are teaching their off spring to disregard the rights and feelings of anyone else. In Miami, while waiting to go through the long line at security (thank you Muslims, terrorists and other upright citizens), there was a woman with a double stroller and her two kids. She kept pushing them and herself ahead of all the other waiting passengers. As I am slightly disabled, I have a cane that also serves as a stool and was sitting on it in line. She forced me off of the stool and got very annoyed when told her that having two rug rats did not justify her pushing ahead of all other passengers. Naturally all the other sheep (passengers) said nothing and allowed her to push ahead.

On another flight there was a mother (I think) and her kid directly behind me. The kid was doing the normal stuff, kicking the seat, screaming and doing anything else the kid could do to disturb other passengers and the mother was also doing the normal stuff, i.e. ignoring what the kid was doing to anyone else. After a few choice remarks, she finally moved to another seat, behind another lucky passenger, while giving me dirty looks all the time. Naturally, the flight attendants (whatever happened to all the stewardesses??) did nothing.

I like it when they lose ...

I like it when they lose your luggage or it comes back so damaged you cannot identify it. Makes me nuts. I have never really had to deal with kids, but I have sat on the runway for an hour waiting till they got the plane fixed. When I was in Costa Rica they had to jump the plane before it would start, as you can imagine I was scared to death on that flight. When we hit turbulance I really thought we were going down. I think I kissed the ground when we landed. If not I should have.

The worst passengers on a ...

The worst passengers on a flight are those who have everything they own in a plastic bag and proceed to stuff it in the overhead bin -not over their seat, but yours! Then they tramp back to their seat, stuff their coat and other paraphernalia in the bin above their seat. Then when the plane lands, you knows who's first out of their seat and into the bins? Of course - it's the guy whose stuff is all over the plane - his wife's stuff is in one bin, the kid's in another and his important stuff is in the bin over your head which he must get into this very minute! No matter that you are three rows ahead of him and his brood, with all your stuff in one hand and you are in the aisle seat, ready to get into said aisle. "Oh, sorry, I have to get my stuff out of here so I can get the kids ready.." My elbows have helped some in some circumstances, but that really gets on my nerves - and it'll get worse since the airlines are charging to check bags now... Sigh... Not that I can afford to fly anymore.