Clint is getting laid off on Sept. 7. His anniversary date is Sept. 11th (lucky day, I think not) if he would have made those last 4 days, he would have been eligable for sub-pay, and he would have been offered a lay-off package of $10,000.00 plus $400.00 for every year worked, but now it is nothing but the un-employment line. He has been job hunting since the news broke that there were going to be layoffs 60+ days ago, but to no avail. So we are basically screwed, unless we win the mega-millions lottery that we bought tickets for.....but doubt that will happen.

Kaylie started school today, and she looked really cute and is super excited. She has always gone to bed at 8:30, but could not fall asleep (because of excitement) until around 10:30. I am so excited for her, but at the same time, a little upset, because now time will fly by even faster for my baby.....who is no longer a baby, but a big girl.

Hopefully something good will come out of the madness. We are hopefull that he will start getting interviews soon.


I am not sure what state ...

I am not sure what state you are in but I wish you the best of luck with his job hunting. He will find something, even if he has to take a less than desirable position and pay, like so many are forced to do in these hard times. Keep a positive outlook even if you don't feel like doing so..It's amazing how you can cut corners if needed..Been there (alot), done that!

<p>UGH!</p> <p>How can ...


How can they do that? They knew about the timing of his eligibility for the lay off package.

What's crazy these days is how accountants, often hundreds of miles away and who have never met employees, are the ones deciding their value to the company.

I sure hope it all turns out to be a blessing in disguise. I mean, that company doesn't deserve good workers if they treat them that way. No wonder they're having to make cuts.

Clint needs to make a full time job of looking for a job now. It's not easy but that's the way to do it.

Let us all know how Kaylie does on her first day! Such a milestone. It's one the students and parents never forget.

Good Luck Girl!! I hope ...

Good Luck Girl!! I hope all turns out well for you soon. I hope he finds something soon for yas.

FOUR DAYS!!! that is ...

FOUR DAYS!!! that is FUKKED up!!! I'm so sorry for that!!! hopefully this means that something better is in store!

and YAY for Kaylie!! school is fun for them, at first, enjoy it with them!!

WADV, Clint is a union ...

WADV, Clint is a union stuard, or how ever you spell it. The Union Pres is looking for a loop-hole, but so far nothing. We have been looking for a job like crazy right now for him, but we might have to relocate. I am hoping to stay since our house will be paid off in 3 years, Kaylie is already in school, I would hate to uproot her to a new one.....I have already been through that and I hated moving every 4 years. There is not alot in Texas unless you know someone that is high up in a good company. We have looked into the oil fields, but again, you have to know someone. Thanks for the well wishes, our family needs them right now. Kaylie had a great time in school, and I will try to get pics downloaded from my camera tonight to post up here.