This is a good thing, he SHOULD be charged


NINE times!!?? NINE times!?? UN EXCUS ABLE !!!!!! Period. While handcuffed!!?? Ummmm HELLOOOOO asswipe. This was a murder. There is NO way humanly possible that this officer could have possibly perceived even for a second that what he was doing was justified or proper. DAMNNNNNNN


"Charged"?? Is that ...

"Charged"?? Is that supposed to be like some kind of electricity type of pun?

I wish I knew what was causing all these cops to go completely to the dark side. It seems all of the sudden to be rampant. The accounts lately are in the papers no fewer than two times every week. There has to be a way to diagnose their sickness that's spread like wildfire and treat it.

daaaammmmnnnnn is right ...

daaaammmmnnnnn is right slappy!

I would say part of the ...

I would say part of the problem is departments are having to "settle" when comes to hiring people. To say the caliber of officer that results from this is crappy would be an gross understatement. This is why many departments are changing their hiring requirements to include 4 years of college.This obviously does NOT mean shitheads won't slip through the cracks. There's nothing anyone can do to stop this. But I think the type of person that at least graduates college would be less inclined to take things to the point some of these officers of late have been doing. Crazy. There's just no excuse for what this guy did. None.

yeah, but UNfortunately ...

yeah, but UNfortunately all year hear about are the BAD ones in the news. this was WAY over the top, he was just tazing the guy just for GP at that point. no reason, just because. he should be tazed nine times too!!!