Wanna buy a car?

Buying a car from a dealer is one of the few remaining truly miserable experiences the citizens of this great country are unfortunately subjected to on a regular basis.

I happen to be shopping for a new car last week.  I have never been confronted by a bigger bunch of liars, cheaters and thieves in my life.  Car dealers and their sales staff engage in some of the most deceptive, deceitful, misleading and underhanded sales tactics I have ever witnessed.  I can smell the scams when I enter the showroom (rather than the smell of new cars).

Now it just so happens that I’ve bought/leased and sold many cars over the years.  Plus I know a little bit about cars and the car business.  But it took all of my experience and patience to ensure that I was not “buried” in a bad deal.  That’s what the car dealers themselves call it (while laughing in private): “Burying” someone in a deal. Isn’t that pleasant.

Does anyone have a horror story about buying a car from your friendly neighborhood car dealer?  I’d love to hear it.

I think I’m going to buy a bicycle instead.

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Go to Lithia if you have ...

Go to Lithia if you have one around you... www.lithia.com - they're like the Walmart of cars, seriously. They give you the car for Edmunds.com price, and that's that, take it or leave it. You can't get a lower price from them ever.

When I was car shopping I was told to look at the sheet on the car. I would look at the MSRP, and see where the price went from there. At every single dealer the price went UP from the MSRP, but at Lithia the price went down. My cousin told me how it works (being he's a dealer). He said that Lithia gives you the MSRP PLUS all available rebates that are possible. Other companies use the rebates as their "negotiating" grounds. So you might talk a dealer down $5K but that money was all incentives and rebates in the first place!

I love Lithia because when I went to buy mine I went online, printed out the sheet, and THEY went online, put in the exact VIN number of the car I wanted at edmunds.com and that was the EXACT price I paid... Not counting lifetime oil changes for $500 (too good to pass up) as well as a 7 year bumper to bumper warranty for $1500... I gotta say I got a FAIR deal too, I paid what edmunds said for the car, and I don't think $1500 is too much for a 7 year warranty. Hell, if the transmission goes on it, I'm covered. If the computer goes, I'm covered, and EACH of those is more then $1500 to fix.

Go to Lithia!! They're not the typical "car dealer" that gives you a lemon! I will never buy from anyone else again!

Oh, and if you do go for a ...

Oh, and if you do go for a bicycle, check out electra.com - they have some PIMP bikes. I got mine a few years ago from the only store up here that sells them. Limited edition too, has a sweeeeeet paint job, I'm so glad I bought it when I did!!

This isn't my story..but a ...

This isn't my story..but a friend of mines.

He went to Ernie Von Schledorns to buy a truck and in turn..trade in his Jeep. Ernie let him take the truck home overnight while he left his Jeep sit on the lot.

While driving to work the next morning, I saw his Jeep (can't miss it since it's one of a kind) sitting on the auto auction site with the windows taken out of it..and it was raining. I immediately gave him a call about it which made him mad as hell since his Jeep was supposed to still be sitting on Ernie's lot.

That night he and his wife went out to Ernies..with me in tow as a witness to the fact that his Jeep was at the auto auction.

A salesman comes up and says, "So what did you think of the truck? Love it I'm sure."

My friend says, "I loved it but have a bit of a problem. You were supposed to keep my Jeep here but it's come to my attention that my Jeep is sitting at the auto auction and I drove by the auction myself...it's my Jeep sitting out there...and the windows are out of it..and it's sitting in the rain."

The salesman says, "Can't be..your Jeep is sitting right there on the lot.." and he points to a Jeep out there. Then the salesguy starts in with his banter.

Again my friend says, "I know my Jeep..and that's not my Jeep.."

The saleman says, "Well let me check into it.." and walks out of the salesroom..comes back and says, "I don't know what happened but..for some reason there was a mixup.."

So my friend says, "I'm not buying this truck tonight. I want my Jeep back.."

So the salesguy goes back and brings in a higher up salesguy that comes in and says, "What seems to be the problem here?"

My friend says, "I'm not buying this truck tonight..I want my Jeep back.."

The higher up guy says, "There's been a mixup...how bout we give you a great deal on the truck..take $2000 off the price...throw in 3 free gas fill ups and 3 free oil changes.."

And my friend is still saying, "No..I want my Jeep back..I'm not ready to deal..I want my Jeep back.."

They still continue to try to sell him the truck while making excuses for the mixup.

My friend finally says, "I'm not buying this truck from you..I want my Jeep back like NOW..and if you can't produce my Jeep NOW..I'm going to take this truck home until you CAN produce MY JEEP!!!!"

By now people in the showroom are starting to stop looking at vehicles and pay attention to the scene going on as the big ass manager comes flying out of his office saying as quietly as possible, "What seems to be the problems here? and.."No..that's not possible to take this truck home for the weekend..we can't produce that Jeep until at least noon on Monday since the auto auction is closed for the weekend.."

My friend continues loudly, "Why is MY JEEP sitting out at the auto auction in the RAIN with the windows out of it when there is NOTHING on paper saying I was WILLING TO BUY THIS TRUCK??"

By this time the manager was freaking out saying, "Quiet down sir..we will get your Jeep back to you as soon as we possibly can.."
but then continues on with, "I'm sorry sir..but we can't allow you to take a $40,000 truck for the weekend...however..we can certainly give you a loaner..........."


By this time EVERYONE in the showroom is staring at us!!

The manager says, "Pipe down...everything's under control here...just a simple mistake people...yada yada.."

My friend walked out with $5000 off the price of the truck...free gas and oil changes for a year..and a smile on his face!!

Stand your ground people and follow your instincts. If a deal smells rotton..it probably is!!

What a great story timbuktu..

What a great story timbuktu..

daaaaang timbuk - sounds ...

daaaaang timbuk - sounds like they tried to get your friend! Glad he stuck his ground!

I remember when I was much ...

I remember when I was much younger, I was always so excited to get a new car. Now I just think of the horrible experiences I have gone through buying a car.

When I was in my early 20s, I bought my first new car on my own, and I know I was taken so badly. NEVER AGAIN! You are right Timbuktu, you have to stand your ground, take the emotions out it, and walk out if they are not giving you what you want!

Read Joe Girard's "How to ...

Read Joe Girard's "How to Sell Anything to Anybody".

There ARE great car salesmen and great dealerships.

Jack Antwerpen is out local dealer that I love. I test drove my car and they offered it to me for $4,000 off the lowest price any other place was selling it for. It was a "program car" (one a dealership employee drove a short while) and had 8,000 miles on the odometer when I test drove it. I loved how it also came with MANY extras that weren't even charged for and decided to sign for it and pay the man in full right then and there. Then they drove the car around. It was the same in every way except for one thing. I wasn't disappointed though. This one had only EIGHT miles on the odometer!

5 years later I've put 65k on it and not had a single repair, just one set of new tires I took it to the shop to have put on (ordered them online for 1/3rd the local price and the web site also gave me about half off on the local mounting on the rim etc.) I change my own oil and filter every 2-3K. The dealer is one I like but not sure they like me as much since I've never been back to them. Still, they treat me and my family well. Combined we've bought 6 cars from them in less than 10 years. But they treat EVERYONE as well. That is the very reason we always go to Jack Antwerpen.

I especially liked that there was no pressure or games. When I told the man I didn't want the extras he was offering, one by one, each time telling him "no" at other dealers, they became upset, walked away, wasted my time, acted snotty, did things like break a pencil lead (clearly on purpose because any time you agreed to something, anything they said, they were OK and any time you said the word "no" they'd either do that or clear their throat or fix their shirt sleeve, scratch somewhere, fix their hair, something annoying every single time. It was fun to say "no" at times just to see what they would do next but I knew I had to get up and just walk out. They were playing games.

At Antwerpen I told the salesman what I wanted, he showed it to me. I bought it at a hell of a bargain price. These kind of dealers do exist. They're just all too hard to find. When you do find one though, stick with them. You will be glad you did. They do appreciate buyer loyalty. I didn't even have to mention how many cars my family has bought there, they plugged the name into the computer and right away I saw the change on the man's face. He KNEW I was there to buy and would and would tell the world what terrific sales service I received because they keep referrals in that database and I've referred everyone I know to the place, a sizable number have bought there too. That's just good business on their part and being a good customer, showing how you appreciate the good salesmanship (with such as referrals) is key too. We aren't the only ones who should expect appreciation for what we do just because we are the ones paying. They work hard and are providing a service and they should expect referrals when they do an outstanding job of it.

The last car I bought was ...

The last car I bought was used and 10 months old. I made the dealer an offer and of course they couldn't accept it and countered with a higher price. Instead of leaving I ended up paying their price and when I got the title I had paid more then what it was sold for originally. I should have stayed with my original offer. So aggravating!