Hey, Dawn!


Check your email!


9 days in, and I've lost 14.

9 days in, and I've lost 14.

UGH!! I hate you...:)

UGH!! I hate you...:)

<p>got it! I WILL go and ...

got it! I WILL go and find that book. I was also at Borders and saw a book called "skinny bitch"!!! LOL!! I had to buy it. these 2 "girls" who are skinny bitches wrote it and they say they wanna make you a skinny bitch too!!!


YOU CAN DO IT!!! I will ...

YOU CAN DO IT!!! I will have to say that once your body begins using fat for energy (a process called ketosis), you will notice an odor about your breath. Ketones don't smell particularly "great!" Just be SURE that you drink plenty of water and keep a piece of sugar-free gum or mint in your mouth -- that will help!

YES, you're right, I have ...

YES, you're right, I have had that happen in the past when I lost weight. it does make your breath stink!

*ahem* Perhaps you'd like ...

*ahem* Perhaps you'd like to share your notes with the rest of the class? :::tapping foot:::


Sorry, Timmar, lol! Maybe ...

Sorry, Timmar, lol! Maybe Dawn will forward her email to you to save my having to retype it! :)

P.S. How's it goin' for ya?

heh heh. You all are so ...

heh heh. You all are so cute.
i am whipping myself because I was VERY BAD TODAY! I *sob* went to McDonalds and had 2 double cheeseburgers and had them add mayo! Then I shared a fries with my hubby. Oh god, i could kick myself. Hubby says not to worry but he looks cute in HIS slutdress so he doesn't have to worry.
Supper tonite will be baked salmon.
:::off to cry:::

It's okay, timmar! Don't ...

It's okay, timmar! Don't give up! Just make your next decision a WISER decision -- that's how you can get back on track!

i know, but it's soooo ...

i know, but it's soooo hard. Why can't veggies taste good and doughnuts taste bad?

I'm sorry you are having a ...

I'm sorry you are having a tough time with your dieting timmar. Keep your chin up, eventually it will work and the temptations will lessen and if they don't, soon enough for you, then give into them occasionally, but in MODERATION. Lots of water too, when you want to reach for something thats a no-no. Get full on that. Good luck to you and great job Nestle. Keep up the good work both of you.

LOL! I'll post the email!

LOL! I'll post the email!

HERE it is!! The South ...

HERE it is!!

The South Beach Diet book is available at most Wal-Mart stores, so if you want to buy one to have for reference, you can probably find one reasonably priced there. For the first two weeks of SB (known as Phase 1), you eliminate from your diet all pasta, rice, potatoes, Bread (Miss Bunny Bread Queen!), and sugar. The objective of Phase 1 is to give your body a period of time to realize it is no longer receiving carbs, which produce sugar or glucose. The body's primary sources of energy come from glucose or fat. So, logically, if you are denying yourself carbs for two weeks, your body will begin burning fat as its source of energy. This process is called ketosis.

When the first two weeks are up, you enter Phase 2, which allows you to re-introduce healthful carbs, such as fruits that have a low glycemic index. A food's glycemic index is the amount by which that food increases your blood glucose level. The SB diet was specifically designed to help cardiac patients struggling with hypertension, diabetes, and/or high cholesterol, so it stands to reason that we need to avoid foods that are rich in fats, sodium, sugars, etc. For instance, I really love watermelon and have always thought it to be good for me, since it makes me pee like crazy and it's virtually calorie free. HOWEVER, as far as fruits go, watermelon has perhaps the highest glycemic index! I was not thrilled to hear this, as I am a southern girl with a penchant for the staple fruit of summer!

Anyway, you get to eat flank steak (as in fajitas), sirloin steak, baked/grilled/roasted chicken, fish -- you don't have to weigh what you eat or count calories, as long as you eat foods approved in the SB meal plans (included in the book.) For example, I eat two fried eggs for breakfast, but I use cooking spray rather than oil/butter/margarine. They taste the same, but with MUCH less fat. Although there has been contraversy over the years about the pros/cons of eating eggs, they actually are okay to eat daily, just not in excess. I might also "treat" myself to bacon -- turkey bacon or Canadian bacon is recommended for SB, but I use the real thing. Before cooking it, I cut my bacon in half, then microwave 4 small pieces. Basically I'm eating only two pieces, but since I have 4 small ones, I feel like I'm having all I want! I EAT NO BREAD WITH MY BREAKFAST! That's a no-no. I do drink either water or vanilla soy milk. SB allows for decaffienated tea or coffee with artificial sweetner, but I opt out on those.

The book has not only the meal plans, but also recipes -- some of which look really good, but I haven't yet tried any. In order for this restructuring to be effective, you must eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Snacks can be anything -- natural almonds, dry-roasted peanuts, sugar-free jello, low-fat cheese sticks, etc. Everything is explained in the book!

I hope this helps -- I forgot, you do eventually move into Phase 3, but since I'm far from being close to that, I won't go into it. The good thing is that each phase has meal plans and recipes readily available, all you have to do is try. There are also lists that tell you which foods are okay and which should be avoided.

Good luck! Let me know if you try it!

I can't have pasta, rice, ...

I can't have pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and sugar in the first week? Those foods are my life!
I know 2 girls who eat like pigs and are twigs. I laugh because I was like that. I keep telling them to enjoy it because it won't always be like that.
Darn aging process...

Ah, no, Timmar...for the ...

Ah, no, Timmar...for the first TWO weeks. :)