Am I dreaming?


Two weeks ago I heard on the news about a very strange story involving the former Senator and ex-Presidential candidate John Edwards.

Some of the mainstream press covered The National Inquirer’s story about Edwards getting caught at the Beverly Hilton hotel while visiting his one-time mistress and their love child at 2:00AM in the morning (while his cancer-ridden wife sits at home, etc).

It sounded strange, but plausible.  The odd thing is that in the last ten days, I haven’t seen or heard one further word about the alleged incident.  I actually thought I might have dreamt it.  Then finally The Charlotte Observer, Edwards’ home town newspaper, ran a story last week titled “Birth certificate doesn't clarify paternity. No father is listed for child of woman who Enquirer claims was John Edwards' lover.”

But that’s it.  Otherwise, there's been silence on this subject.

I don’t mean to be a conspiracy theorist, but it appears to me that someone did a damn good job killing this story.  I know it can be done; I just don’t know how to do it.

Can someone explain this to me?  Does anyone find this whole this a little odd?  Or is no one simply interested?

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I heard about this too. ...

I heard about this too. And then it just seemed to have disappeared. I wondered if the media was paid off, or if the readers of the gossip rags just don't want to hear about John Edwards, they would rather hear about Brittney, Paris, and Lindsay.

Actually, Peeve Meister, ...

Actually, Peeve Meister, this story is just another sign of our times to wit:
If it is true, so what! And that is the attitude of too many people. Peer pressure, morals, and decency have gone the way of the dinosaur.
If it is false, don't wait for someone to defend, because it's not going to happen! We have become an "I don't want to be involved" people. Our brother can take care of himself.
Bad news sells newspapers and you sometimes wonder if anything good happens in the community anymore. Good news , if it is there is stuck in the back pages with few details. It may seem strange, but I often find the obituaries and memorials more enlightening than the front page. At least they speak of the goodness of a person and their accomplishments.
As for Edwards himself--- if it was a tryst with a mistress-- he is an adulterer. Considering the time of the morning, mistress or no mistress, I say he is an S.O.B for not being at home with his ill wife.

Edwards is crying that his ...

Edwards is crying that his private life is not the Media’s business....??

That's a bunch of bullcrap since if you want the life of a politician...well deserve to have your life in the limelight.

In the first place..he shouldn't be so defensive...since it's almost like admitting to it.

What gives these politicians the right to ask for money for their campaigns from the taxpayers..and then turn around and say, "My private life is my OWN business.."

I agree Chubbymouse....if he DID have a tryst...he is ONE HELL of an SOB for not being home with his ill wife!! What gets into these politicians minds to ask for our votes and then run around like sleazebags claiming that their business is just THEIR business??

<p>I think these gov't ...

I think these gov't people get too much time alone, away from the limelight. I think if you take a public office you should be stalked and reported about as much as the people in Hollywood!! You're running this fucking country, so do NOTHING BUT good at all times. I think with all the days off they have, they should have to be documented in their state doing things like conventions to talk TO THE PEOPLE. They shouldn't be meeting with big corporations, they should be meeting in a FREE hall with a Q and A segment. The elected official asking the questions, and the simple man answering. I think someone needs to bring the SMACK down on Washington, because it's starting to turn into the Hollywood drama!!!

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you got MY vote!!! and ...

you got MY vote!!!

and truthfully, I hadn't heard of this story UNTIL someone had posted about it last week. and STILL haven't heard anything else about it.

WAY TO GO madmess!!! you ...

WAY TO GO madmess!!! you won!!

I think that I might turn ...

I think that I might turn Dummycrat, they have all the fun and no one dimes them out. They can lie, cheat and lie again but the biased leftist media will say nothing against them or even report the truth.

I think America is sick of ...

I think America is sick of the idiots in Washington. It doesn't matter what party they are from. The election is months away and I'm so tired of he said/ she said. Its all spin and the truth is so far removed that there is no way to tell whats what. I think the title of president of the U.S should be changed to the pope of dope or the cheat in charge.

I hadn't thought about the ...

I hadn't thought about the short life of this story until you mentioned it. Why was it quashed...who knows and, really, who cares. A politician did something stupid/scummy/wrong...sadly this is just another fact of life anymore. Anyone with enough clout can make a story disappear.