Established When??


Have you noticed that the media has become so desperate (or that we’ve become so easily impressed), that we frequently refer to historical facts and records being broken that date back a whopping five or six years?  What’s up with that?

For example, I heard on TV of an NFL sports record from two years ago that had recently been broken.  A whole two years ago!  Or a political occurrence that hadn’t occurred in over six years.  Wow?

I recently read a retailer’s ad that proudly pronounced “Doing Business since 2004.” Give me a break.  I can’t wait for their “5th Year Anniversary Sale.”

If it’s only been a few years since a record has been broken, then it ain’t such a big deal –and maybe was a lousy record to begin with, and not worth keeping track of.

I propose that we impose a minimum duration of time that must pass before one can claim anything unusual or noteworthy about the historical perspective of an event or accomplishment.

Twenty-five years for sports. Thirty years for politics/government, etc.  The weather gets a break (e.g. “…hottest day since 1996.”  Although I really prefer one of those, “Coldest day since we started keeping records in 1871”).  Any others?

Does this peeve you off?  Have you noticed this happening more and more?  Or am I just being goofy about nothing?

Peeve On!

The Peeve Meister.

P.S.  Congrats to badcreeks, our Rant-of-the-Week winner from last week. And good luck to all you Super Peevers this week. We'll be awarding another set of prizes for the best comment to this week's "Rant of the Week.


I love it when my eight ...

I love it when my eight year-old nephew states, "I have been wanting this MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!"

for me...a "while ago" or ...

for me...a "while ago" or "back in the day" has to be at LEAST 20 yrs ago, aka the 80's or older.

congrats badcreek on your win!

congrats badcreek on your win!

In the political arena it ...

In the political arena it would be called spin. And yes, I hate needless spin with a passion. I'm not sure what prompts people to do it, but you are right, the more people do it, the more people are inclined to do it.

Of course it is nothing new. Have you tried NEW Tide? Well, we admit, it is pretty much the same as OLD Tide, but what the hey, it is NEW!!!

I like it when they try to reverse it though ... years ago in Austin there was a little hole in the wall taco place ... it looked awfully run down and beat up ... but the sign proudly proclaimed "Now, over 2000 tacos returned!" And they would periodically update it too, by crossing out the old number and writing a new number.

I guess all this spin is a way to try to stand out. Superior service or product or price might do, but instead they try needless spin. Sort of like the person in a meeting at work who insists on making comments about everything, then asks questions on points that were effectively already covered (obviously because they weren't paying attention while making all those comments). In short, they are so "me me me me listen to me, I'm important" that they run the 15 minute meeting up to an hour or more. Yeah, we noticed them. That reminds me, there is a guy in our group, I need to send his resume out to a few places ...

I agree, there are ...

I agree, there are restaurants here that say they have been in business since 1989. I mean big deal. When you have been in business 100 years then thats an accomplishment. Harley is celebrating 105 years and they are throwing a party. Good for them they have a reason to celebrate everyone else should shut-up. Thank you for making me last weeks winner.