College Roommates!


I have a niece that is all excited about going off to college next month. So it’s hard it is for me not to open my big mouth and talk about the roommate nightmares I experienced in college!  Let me just vent on some of these life-scaring events that haunt me still!!!

THESE ARE MY CLOTHES!  Okay, we are in college and none of us had much money (except for that one idiot down the hall, but that is another rant), but I never even thought about wearing my roommates clothes. It just wasn’t something in my thought process, so you can imagine my surprise when I see one of my prized sweaters crossing campus on my roommate!

MESSINESS DOES NOT STAY ON ONE SIDE OF THE ROOM! How did my roommate’s books, notes, Diet Coke cans, and socks end up on my desk all the time? I know I am a bit anal, but come on; if you are a slob, keep it to your area!

WHAT THE HECK DID YOU PUT IN THE FRIDGE?  Do you remember those little 1 foot by one foot fridges we had in the dorms?  They were about big enough for a six pack of whatever.  Well, my roommate would take “leftovers” from the dining hall and put them in our fridge and forget about them until our room smelled like the inside of a tennis shoe after it had been worn while running a couple of marathons!

FOOD, WHAT IS MINE IS MINE, NOT WHAT IS MINE IS YOURS!  Bless my mother’s heart; she was not much of a cook or baker, so when she sent the one and only care-package to me, my roommate ate most of it!!!! I guess I should be optimistic and think at least I didn’t consume all of those calories on my own!

HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT NOISE WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPING?  You can use your imagination here, but I often wondered what orifice those noises came from! I wish I had recorded them for an experiment later!

But, you know something, my roommate was a great friend then and is today, but there were times I visualized my roommate gagging on one of those mysterious biology experiments that I found in our mini-fridge.

Do you have an experience with a roommate, (or a spouse/friend/travel companion/significant other, etc) – that you’re brave enough to share?  Please tell.

Peeve On!

The Peeve Meister

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congrats to phanophun on ...

congrats to phanophun on your win!!! and bigsam...awwwww!!!! good for you!

regarding the peeve: my only roommates are adams family. in the 3 bedroom, 1 bath apartment is me, adam, his sister Liz, brother Abel, his mom, and dad. and a few days a week his nephew. i dont have a problem with anyone wearing my clothes. well, adam wears my sleepy pants because theyre so comfy (theyre miller lite sleep pants that are blue and gold, before people think theyre girly!). lol. but the cant even keep that short.

no matter whos home, no matter the day, SOMEONE is making a mess. any package that gets opened, the wrapper sits on the table/counter all day. GOD forbid you throw away your garbage. i end up tossing it angrily whilst saying to myself, "are you done with this!? THROW IT AWAY! YEAH, that was HARD!!" lol. dishes..while i dont mind doing dishes (most of the time his mom does them, otherwise, its me or adam doing it) but the dishes pile up FAST. i JUST did them on saturday and there are already a sink-full of plates, cups, pans, etc. and of course they dont know how to scrape a plate when theyre done. rather than scraping whatever little (or big) bits are left on a plate, it just gets tossed into the sink. so the sink ends up with a clog made up of rice, corn, green olives, or tomato chunks. ICK! one time, Liz made spaghetti while her mom was in the hospital. all fine and dandy. but the greasy pan the meat was cooked in was tossed into the sink and the sink filled with water. so the greasy pan grease was floating around in a sink full of water. then every dish someone used was conveniently placed in the greasy waterfilled side. so now all the dishes had a film of grease on them. double ICK!

the fridge. adam was sweet enough to clean (and i mean CLEAN) out the fridge 2 weeks ago. it looked loverly. before he cleaned it there are things that may have spilled in one cleaned up their mess. other items would get pilled on top of the spilled mess and it would be forgotten....and soon sticky. *sigh*not to mention the mass of expired items in there i have to get rid of on a semi-regular basis. ICK!

living room...oh wow. that is Abels "room." now, we all realize that thats the room he sleeps in and is basically his when its sleepytime, but its still the livingroom. he does NOT ever pick up after his son. toys galore, clothes, dishes...what have you. he needs to be yelled at before he finally cleans up in there. grrr! there were broken oreo cookies in the back of a toy dump truck for over a week before i finally got rid of it. *gag*

dining room. well, its filled with junk all along the walls. not sure whats in the boxes, but im told they belong to Abel. figures. his mail is strewn about the table in a cluttered mess because he doesnt throw it away. so half the table (literally) is all mail. the other half usually has a few dishes on it.

This made me remember my ...

This made me remember my own Freshman roommate. She could have won "Campus Slut of the Year" award. She had more "guests" everyone else in our dorm put together! It made me spend many hours in the library while she was entertaining! I have no idea where she is today, but I wouldn't be surprised is she was a a D.C. Madam!

lol, mad. makes me glad i ...

lol, mad. makes me glad i didnt go to college.....sometimes. with stories like that.

there is a name for people ...

there is a name for people like that conana......but I am trying to be nicer lately and not talk about people and not swear very much at all anymore, but you know the name.....

Conanabanana, what slobs ...

Conanabanana, what slobs you live with! I never have been able to understand why people cannot leave a place the same way they found it, meaning that if they open a package, they put it away, and throw away the unwanted clutter! And what is the thought process behind NOT doing your own dishes. You are a saint for doing the dishes like you do!

lol. i dont do them as ...

lol. i dont do them as often as i probably should. but i figure i do laundry and pick up a lot of the random clutter i see laying around. not to mention i took it upon myself to buy some nicer items for the bathroom and kitchen. but they are slobs. it drives me insane. everytime i go into the bathroom the shower curtain is open. CLOSE IT PEOPLE!! prevent mildew! its the little things that bug me.

unfortunatly, the apartment literally has NO ventilation. no vents at ALL! so dust piles up easily and no one had dusted before i moved in. i sure as hell wont dust their mess. so the place has dust on the walls. grr. and because of that same reason, the bathroom walls peel easily. even with the window open in there, the paint on the walls peels off quickly. too much moisture and no vents to get rid of it. we have a ceiling vent that the landlord installed a few years ago but theres no vent leading it outdoors. it just goes straight to the ceiling. lol. so that does literally nothing. its a crap place. we all agree on that. his parents definetly need to move.

or wishful thinking on ...

or wishful thinking on your part, back then Walter?...LOL

Walter, you are too much! ...

Walter, you are too much! I bet you still have tape in a brown paper wrapper, hidden in your sock drawer!

Does Walter hae socks?? ...

Does Walter hae socks?? lol Anyway, when I went I got my own place, never had to yell or pick up after anyone. No one ate my food or wore my clothes. Besides I hate people. Best of all worlds.

One of my roomies was an ...

One of my roomies was an asian lady who would make origami doves when she was lonely or bored. I mean they would be everywhere. I came home one night and there were at least 200 of those things all over the floor. My other roomie was a early bird and she went to bed early too. She could make as much noise as she wanted in the morning but, LOOKOUT if I woke her up coming in late. Ahh the nightmares of college.

that would be kind of ...

that would be kind of neat, badcreeks. not the early bird but the origami girl. come home one day to find 200 cranes on the floor scattered about. then again, im an art major. lol.

at my friends college, her senior year, her art class did a project in an abandoned house. that class did this kind of thing annually. the school purchases a house and the art students each have to create a presentation or project of some sort in a room of their choice. one girl made her room filled with paper shreddings. she had mounds of it stacked along the walls creating a path. it was like walking through a room full of white hay. it was pretty neat. another girl had all the furniture in the kitchen turned over and painted green (i think it was green) and she sat on a chair putting nails in fruit. someone else had a room and put dirt on the floor. she placed a projector near the ceiling and had a tape of a rose opening playing over and over on the dirt. my friend had built a giant rocking horse out of wood that was about 8ft tall. OOH! the best one (in my opinion) was a room full of glass bottles. the girl had taken beer bottles of all colors (green, brown, and clear) and used them to create trees, a pond, flowers, and a pathway. it was like a garden made out of bottles and glass pieces. the floor was covered in broken glass. and she had candles lit all over. it was mid fall and there was no electricity in the house so that room turned very warm with all those candles. it felt good to go in there after being out in the cold.

thats why i like the cranes so much. i think its interesting.

I didn't have a roommate ...

I didn't have a roommate in college, I didn't stay on campus though. I commuted. 45 minutes each way. Boy did that suck when they canceled classes due to weather - I was almost there when they would finally call it off!!

LOL, walter, you are nuts! ...

LOL, walter, you are nuts! N V T S nuts!!

LOL, I lived at home ...

LOL, I lived at home during no roommate stories here!