I don't care, I JUST WANT SOME PRIVACY!!!!

NY public toilets feature TVs, tuxedoed attendants
Mon Nov 24, 5:03 am ET

NEW YORK – What a relief! The free public restrooms operated by the Charmin toilet paper company in Times Square during the holidays are being rolled out for another year.

It's the third straight year for the 20 deluxe stalls.

The plush potties feature flat-screen televisions, attendants dressed in tuxedos and plenty of Charmin.

The loos are so luxurious that Charmin promises Times Square tourists will feel like kings sitting on their thrones before making their royal flushes.

The toilets are being inaugurated Monday with a ceremonial first flush by pop singer and Broadway star Joey Fatone (fuh-TOHN').

They'll be open every day through the end of the year except Christmas Day. For the first time they'll be open on New Year's Eve for the crowd watching the 2009 ball drop.


<p>OK, no argument here - ...

OK, no argument here - at least as far as I am concerned - you can HAVE your privacy! I promise you will never find me in a tux (or any other apparel) stationed at a public toilet (or stationed at any toilet for that matter). LOL!

I've seen these "attendants" at gigs I've photographed in the most ritsy places there are like the Four Seasons in Georgetown in the District of Columbia. They will hand you a towel if you like and they have "tip plate" (a small pretty much dollar-bill shaped little plate that serves as a "tip jar" like you'd find at a bar or other less ritsy venue). Towels are also available without having to get one handed to you. Now I don't know about others but it seems just a tad too "fancy" and, well, downright WEIRD to me to have an attendant in the lavatory and I'd feel even more aaaaaaahhhhhh (can't come up with the words for the weirdness) if I were to tip such a person. I just do my business and use the readily available towels to dry my hands after washing and get the heck out of there. It's CREEPY.

I don't think I'll ever buy Charmin again. CREEPY stuff like that creeps me Out.

weird....and unnecessary.

weird....and unnecessary.

Umm Yeahhhh....I will pass ...

Umm Yeahhhh....I will pass on the poop pal when I squeeze out a stink pickle. Who the hell wants someone in the crapper with them? Tarded.

I mentioned a while back ...

I mentioned a while back that I had gone to this bar, John Barleycorn. There was a woman "attending" the bathroom. It was the first time I had ever been in a potty with an attendant. She handed me a papertowel after I washed up, even squirted the soap in my hands! Wierd. I didn't have any cash on me so I didn't tip her. Later when I was nearly passed out in the stall after yacking up my drinks, she told me that if I wasn't puking, to get out because people were waiting. Man...people just don't let you sleep on a public bathroom floor anymore, do they!?



ewwww! conana you are ...

conana you are too funny!

Like you've never slept on ...

Like you've never slept on the bathroom floor in a bar?