World Hunger Relief. Use your soda buying to save lives!


Food riots erupted across the globe this year in countries such as Egypt and India. Food pantries in the United States also warned that they were running out of food because of unprecedented demand. The news from the World Food Programme is even grimmer: A child dies of hunger every six seconds, and hunger now kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

The number of children who are starving, even right here in the U.S. of A. is staggering. Regardless Of The Contention Some Will Make That There are Those Who Are Poor And Starving Because Of Bad Choices, No One Can Claim That THE CHILDREN Deserve To Die Of Starvation.

I think it is no coincidence that we mark World Hunger Relief Week just prior to Thanksgiving, a time we traditionally celebrate with great feasts. Imagine that you can save a life and with very little effort at all. You can do just that. Give food or money to those who will feed the hungry. It takes so little to do sooooo much. All you need to do is skip a soda or two a week from a vending machine and you can keep a child alive! Instead, simply bring to work your own soda bought in a 12 pack from the grocery store, for about a dollar less per bottle or can, donate the difference, and you can save a life! Imagine that! That's all it takes!

Do you respect or regard sports figures as "heros"? Real heros save real lives. YOU can be a REAL HERO. That's all it takes, a tiny amount of effort and time. It doesn't even mean missing out on your soda in the simple example I provided. Just take a moment and a tiny bit of effort to bring your own to work or where ever you go and put the difference towards feeding a starving child. Ever been hungry? Ever TRULY been hungry? It's not fun. For a child to go through it daily is not even sane. It's torture. When they die of it that is a crime against humanity BY those of us who have more and are able to do more, with less, live the same as we do (still have our sodas) and yet save lives!


<p>STILL being Obsessed ...

STILL being Obsessed with sucking dick Mad Vulcan?

Gee, I wonder why it seems to be your favorite pastime? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

You must have something choking you and cutting off the oxygen to your brain. If you read the article yourself (you know, the one YOU posted that link to) you would have read "Spanish taxpayers paid for most of the sprawling sculpture, which has been compared to the Sistine Chapel, but around $633,000 came from Spain's budget for overseas development aid."

So explain how you blame our President-Elect for that? Did you bump your head too when being kicked back by a huge juicy exploding one? LOL!!!! Obama is neither a U.N. member nor a Spaniard.

Now who's the one with his foot in his mouth (along with something else crammed in there)? LOL!!!! And, Oh my, is that egg on your face or something elllllllse? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>Here I post about how ...

Here I post about how people can very easily save innocent lives and you have to try and turn it into something evil and nasty.

If you turn off just ONE person with your sickness, preventing them from helping a child who is right now starving to death, you will have become in a very real sense a murderer, a murderer of an innocent child.

How proud you must be Mad Vulcan.

well obama has NOTHING to ...

well obama has NOTHING to do with that thing at the UN.

Some are brain-DEAD Dawn. ...

Some are brain-DEAD Dawn. They will NEVER think right. Mad Vulcan is a prime example.

<p>Yeah, that's what I ...

Yeah, that's what I thought; instead of admitting he's a liar, when caught red handed, he has to come up with yet another excuse.

Excuses Excuses.


Not an apology, not a mea culpa even, just another LIE. LOL!!!!! What a rotten lack of character you have Mad Vulcan. Rotten to the core.

Game over.

<p>I THOUGHT you knew this ...

I THOUGHT you knew this Mad, just like to stir it up, I know, LOL!

<p>Some joke. Gee, why ...

Some joke. Gee, why isn't everyone laughing?

Just in - Around 700,000 kids in the U.S. go hungry I know THEY don't find it very funny.

What a strange question ...

What a strange question from one who admits he gives nothing.

<p>Ah, but I said "you ...

Ah, but I said "you first" first. LOL

But seriously Walter, the way I was raised, in our tradition, it is not truly giving to those more in need if one boasts about it.

The only true charity (which is required by Jewish law by the way, not an option, and is called Tzedaka) done anonymously with NOTHING in return, not even recognition. Otherwise (I think you can realize) that (recognition) would ipso facto make it at least partially for personal gain and therefore not truly giving simply because it is the right thing to do.

I do not even disclose my donations on my tax forms for a "write off". That is not legal in the original Judeo-Christian faith if you subscribe to the tenants of it in even the most basic ways. While I have more than mere skepticism of a supreme deity, and believe personally that the original "the bible" (the torah) was written by humans, I do subscribe to the basic tenants of the Ten Commandments and most every law of Deuteronomy which is the basis for virtually every single law we have today. Tzedaka happens to be one of them. Give as you can and you must give to those of lesser means. That is written and that is something I believe in. You too may need it some day. As the saying goes (and I quote it with the caveat of that I stated above about my beliefs) "There for but the grace of God go I".

So give. You should. It is only right. And what I give will remain my business. Asking one what they give is not even acceptable. Spreading the word of the need for giving is. That is all I have done. And I shall continue to do it.

That, everyone, is what ...

That, everyone, is what drugs to do people. Mad Vulcan and Rush Limbaugh, druggies who think they know what they are talking about, and hypocrites to the extreme.

Sober up and learn the facts.

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