I am still alive


Just wanted to drop a posting to let you guys know that I am still alive and bitching.   I have been extremely busy taking the tax course and cleaning house and going on vacation to AZ. (sorry wadv)  I also couldn't get a minute of time to myself without having the hubby question everything I was doing.   He has gone back to work but I still have a butt load of stuff that I want to get done before the holidays.  Still looking for a job.  Have a few prospects but nothing solid right now.  I will drop back by in a few days to give updates.  BTW  the houseguests from hell left a couple of months ago and we are still trying to clean up from their disaster that they left us.  NEVER AGAIN are they allowed in my house.


Thanks for the ...

Thanks for the update..Hope you find a job soon. Hang in there, perhaps when you least expect it.
It isn't always nice to have the hubby home is it?...lol
Glad the guests are gone finally!! Stick to your guns and don't put out the welcome mat..LOL

I would rather put out a ...

I would rather put out a bear trap and hang them from the tree outside the den for the damages and destruction that they left behind and hid it to top it all off.

OMG that bad eh?

OMG that bad eh?

Sorry you're so busy. ...

Sorry you're so busy. Hopefully things will lighten up soon.

Thanks for the update. :-) *hugs*

cool, hope you get a job ...

cool, hope you get a job soon too. and damn, still cleaning up after them?