The last day to buy previously viewed DVDs will be 11/30.
We thought about it and it makes sense for us to focus on our main business -
delivering great movie rentals to you by mail and instantly. We're sorry for the inconvenience
NETFLIX wont be selling the used DVD's anymore! Man that just SUCKS!!!! Now where am I going to buy the kids the shows they like for so cheap????? I can usually pick the DVD's up for $5.99 there. they are used but so what they work.
*sniff, sniff, grabs a tissue*


the bargain bin at walmart ...

the bargain bin at walmart has good deals, sometimes 2 for 10 bucks.

Blockbuster has used DVD's ...

Blockbuster has used DVD's four for twenty bucks.

Is it just me or does it ...

Is it just me or does it seem like businesses just don't give a crap what customers think these days?