How would you like this to happen to you and your family?

How would you like this to happen to your family?  You have a specialty that is needed in another country, go over there to help and want to bring your family with you only to get denied because your child has a "special" medical condition?  I think that this is discrimination.  I am so angry and upset right now from reading this that I want to write a letter to the government there and give them a good piece of my mind, and then send a letter to the family for my condolences.  I know one thing, this country was on my list to visit before I died...well, not no more!


That's disgusting!!!! ...

That's disgusting!!!! What a gorgeous child...I've been to Australia several times and this truly makes me angry enough not to return and spend any money in their country! By dearest friends' son Has Down Syndrome and she certainly would fight for the right for them to live wherever they want and not be denied because " it might cost the community money"!! Screw that!

I can't figure out how ...

I can't figure out how they think this kid is going to a burden in regards to medical costs? The guy's father is a friggin Dr. for God's sake! I will also say that based upon the picture (yeah I am generalizing here)that the man with Downs looks like a high functioning person, he could live on his own or hold down a job. What this whole thing comes to down to is a misinformed idiot who doesn't know squat about people with mental disabilities.

one word, RETARDED, and ...

one word, RETARDED, and I'm NOT talking about the kid either!!!

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