A Marketing Strategist Pet Peeves-

My Pet Peeves

 This gentleman might be helpful to your business. Check out his website and reach ou to him. A fellow Peever:

When EST was in its heyday, Pete Lillo and I talked about starting a similar training, movement, cult, etc. called EPT. The opposite of inept. Then we realized how few could ever qualify for membership and shelved the idea.

I rarely get headaches, but today I’ve got a watermelon sized throbber. Why? The usual. Ignorance, stupidity, sloppiness and incompetence washing up all around me. A client on a deadline who promised to have needed materials in my hands by this morning; nothing has arrived, yet he’ll still expect me to meet my deadline. A coaching client who actually told me he can’t keep track of and regularly contact 136 accounts. Wants more software. Needs 136 4x6” file cards and a kick in the ass. A woman in front of me simultaneously driving, smoking, putting on lipstick and talking on her cellphone. Another client who has lost information sent twice.

It seems a lot of my pet peeves have surfaced today. Pet peeve: people who send me requests and do not provide their FAX numbers to respond. I do not have time to look these things up. Pet peeve: people with letterhead with their phone and fax in 3 point type that cannot be read without a microscope. (In case you wonder, most of the time I just throw such things out. If I can’t respond easily I don’t respond at all. But occasionally it’s important enough to mandate response. )

Pet peeve: companies that spend a lot of money running an ad to sell something then never answer the phone. Tip: tell people some time when they can get a human. Guy’s advertising a $300,000.00 piece of property I might want to buy. Ran a really big ad with photos. When you call, you get an answering machine with no identification, no reference to the ad, no time given you can call, no other means of communicating. Into the trash. When I was spending front-end ad dollars, I had phones answered. Pet peeve: clients, coaching members who just don’t get in gear, don’t implement.

Fooling around forever to get their mailing p-e-r-f-e-c-t, instead of getting it mailed. Hey, even authors eventually get it – the bragging rights aren’t to the best writing author but to the best selling author. Pet peeve: people who can’t be where they’re supposed to be, on time, without being babysat. “Oh, there was traffic.” Yep, everyday. In my world, 8:00 AM doesn’t mean 8:10 AM.

Martha, Donald, Steve Wynn, the mega-rich entrepreneurs who built it from scratch didn’t get it done and can’t stay at the top by being soft or nice or tolerant or forgiving or sloppy or slow. I’ve studied them all. I’ve talked to some of their employees. The person who books their NetJets flights. Their suppliers. They’re all described as “S.O.B.’s.” But they’re not. They’re just intolerant of ineptitude.

Whatever you tolerate in your world takes root and grows and blossoms. So even at the price of the occasional whopper of a headache, even at the price of being disliked, even at the price of firing clients and suppliers from time to time, I refuse to let the weeds take over the garden. So I let a few folks have it today. To the moon. Now I’m going to lie down in my massage chair with a cold cloth on my head.

In your next Success Marketing Strategy I will tell you about the biggest adult holiday of the year – no it's not what you think—and how you should be profiting from it.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy



LOL. That is really funny ...

LOL. That is really funny a "info peeve" only on this site. Hilarious. I just thought he was funny but, anyway we can help each other is ok with me.

Wow, you mean I can make ...

Wow, you mean I can make everyone who I depend on to do stuff all do it right and on time every time with your program? Where do I sign up? I'm sure it's worth the price whatever you charge. In fact, sign me up twice!