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4 days until I am officially in my own house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The owner was supposed to call me yesterday to let me know if we can start moving our stuff in (since she's no longer living there). No call. So I have to call her today and find out. YIPPEE!! My grandparents got us towels and a bath mat. My mom is going to give me a few framed posters/pictures that she doesn't want. There is one I am getting that I have loved since I was a kid. It's the tackiest picture, but I love it. http://en.easyart.com/art-prints/Rosina-Wachtmeister/Massima-gatto-della-Rocca-145158.html That is the picture. I have dishes, silverware, and a few trinkets here and there. All I need now is cookwear (which can wait, no rush yet) and furniture. But we won't get that for a while. Most of the packing is done. Most of what's left are the large items. Bed, entertainment center, ab lounge, B.O.B. the combat dummy, and Adam's weights. All that's left to pack is the other half of the closet and some odds and ends like my jewelry boxes.



We have a "Set it and ...

We have a "Set it and forget it" oven coming to us. Also, a george forman grill and a power juicer. lol. I don't know if we can fit a convention oven on the counter, too. hahaha.

Party at my house, indeed! lol.

Thursday after work I can ...

Thursday after work I can get the keys and begin moving in! Not as soon as I would have liked, but it's better than waiting until the 1st.

<p>Awesome! ...

Awesome! Congrats!

I love the Rosina Watchmeister picture by the way. You can get it as computer wallpaper at http://www.rosina-wachtmeister.de/wallpaper/massimo_1280x1024.jpg and she has many others available at her wonderful website http://www.rosina-wachtmeister.de/index_en.html

She has an extensive gallery and puzzles you can solve on your computer that are made up of her paintings.

Thanks for turning me on to her stuff. I'm sure I'll be buying some for my walls! She has some others that I love just that much!

Congrats girl! It's been ...

Congrats girl! It's been a long time coming, eh, but well worth the wait. Enjoy that privacy, and peace and quiet!!!

Thanks, TGIX. My mom ...

Thanks, TGIX. My mom purchased the poster from Borders about 15 years ago or so. It was hanging in the dining room for about 10 years and I spent the better part of my youth trying to figure out how to pronounce her name. lol.

Thanks all! I am so thrilled. Also, I am taking off of work the next 3 days. So I can *maybe* pick up the keys sooner on thursday than 6pm. But I think she works until around 5pm so I may not be able to. I'll have to call and ask. YEAH!! I still have to get on that packing. Mostly clothes are left. *squeels in delight*

try not to uh, celebrate ...

try not to uh, celebrate too much and have a nice little surprise waiting for you in NINE months!!! LOL!!!! hey I know how it was when David and I first moved in together!

Congrats, Conana! :)

Congrats, Conana! :)

Lol, thanks, Dawn. No ...

Lol, thanks, Dawn. No worries...we're good. ;-)

I am picking up the keys ...

I am picking up the keys today at 6!! YEAH! Too many boxes....ugh!

Congrats Conana!!!!

Congrats Conana!!!!