cold bathtub.... :'(


I HATE it when I get in the tub and go to lay back just to jump righ back into the upright postition because the sides of the tub are still cold!!! GRRRRRRRR!!! If I fill it first the water is too hot. I like to have the bottom completely covered, climb in and lie back while the hot water rises. AHHHHHH, just the thing to make me feel better (coming down with the flu). I was feeling soo miserable I forgot to put a towel between me and the tub. OOOOOO it was so cold! *shivvers*

Maybe one day I will be filthy rich and can afford a heated tub. They make seats in cars that heat up, why not a heated-tub also?


Ahhhhh heated ...

Ahhhhh heated tubs...wouldn't that be nice!
Sorry you are feeling bad, hope you get better soon!

:-( Having the flu sucks. ...

:-( Having the flu sucks. I hope you start to feel better soon! *hugs*

My better half says to use ...

My better half says to use a towel as sort of a liner, you could even heat it up with a hair dryer first!

feel better....:)

feel better....:)