I have decided to fly home for X-mas after all. I did some thinking, and kinda weighed things out. If I don't go home, then my holiday is ruined, as well as my mothers, my fathers, and all my friends. If I do go home, the only holiday being ruined is my brothers wife. So I decided SCREW HER she can buck up and do her part of "joining my family". I didn't marry anyone, she did. I talked to my parents, and they both agree. Apparently my brother, without knowing I was going to cancel, flipped out on her last night about how she wasn't going to get her way this holiday. 

I just think it's really sad and pathetic on her part to try to make plans when she knows I'm coming in. I guess my brother told her flat out "my sister is flying in from Alaska for X-mas, she is the priority". And I don't see why that needed to be said. I'm not married, but if I was I wouldn't expect to do anything but go to see the person traveling in from that far away. So after talking to my parents it seems that *I* am the cause of my brother "putting her in her place" in terms of these things. It's about damn time too!!!!

I could see if they wanted to have their own thing at their house for the babies first x-mas, but that's not the case. She just wants to go to her moms house and do their "traditional" things. I told my parents and they agreed - she married my brother and now they have a kid, it's time for them to make their OWN traditions and "break the chains" from how things were. They ARE their own family now, not her family or his family, THEIR family. I hope she gets this through her head and I don't have to knock it in there for her!

This will be the FIRST holiday since they got married that she will not get her way and be with her family. *slams foot down* Screw her, that evil succubus b*tch. 


Succubus, I haven't heard ...

Succubus, I haven't heard that name since high school. Lol.

Glad things worked out for you. I hope you have a great time there visiting with your family. *hugs*

Snow, I am so glad you ...

Snow, I am so glad you decided to stick with your original plans. I don't know how old you are, but take it from this 41 year old, parents eventually pass away and you no longer have them. I'm glad you are going to see yours this Christmas!

Conana - that word hit my ...

Conana - that word hit my head last night, she reminds me of that south park episode where the succubus takes Chef away from the boys. I just need to figure out her song!!

I just wish they would have told me that I NEEDED to cause a problem in the first place. It would have made things MUCH easier on my part!

WA - that will never happen. They "tried" that already, and her parents won every time because she does what her mother wants them to do. There are strings that need to be clipped there, and I think my coming home and causing a problem is the cutting of those strings. Nobody informed me of this though!

nestle - that's why I was so pissed off before. I know my brother knows this will be my last time home for X-mas, and I couldn't see why he wouldn't want to be there. Just to give my parents their one last holiday with us kids together. I'll go home again, but not for the holidays. I wanted to give my mom and dad one last x-mas with us, and apparently he does too. It's just his wife that doesn't give a rats ass about my parents.

Believe me, this trip home is not my idea, or something I wanted to do. This trip home was a lot of sacrifices on my part, and yeah it sucks I missed out on so many other things, I know it'll make my mom happy for years to come. That's what makes it worth it.

I was actually told to email my brother and "tug his heart" and bring up the "lets give mom one last holiday with us there" part. I know he already knows it and is fighting with his wife about it, but an email from me will help his cause. Sucks his wife is like this, but she's not mine!!

well, hopefully it will ...

well, hopefully it will all work out well and hopefully be a nice trip.