A question for everyone


I've been thinking of ways to help family and friends with computer problems (including everyone here). I'm looking to set up a website to solve the most common problems that I'm asked about. 

I've posted some help on this site before and would like to know if you've thought my posts have been helpful or not. Do I provide enough details or too few? Are my instructions enough or are you left scratching your heads? Any other comments?

Heres my plan for the page:

Linking to sites that I think will be easy to understand.

Creating my own content using text based support, audio, and later on some video content.

Informing readers of news articles related to tech and how these articles apply to their everyday lives.

Non-partison political talk related to tech. I'll discuss things like The Digital Mellenium Act, net neutrality, and other bills.

I'll also post links to software I think are useful to users (DVD Profiler, Desktopia, AVG Antivirus, Switcher). I'll also post about software to avoid (Norton products, McAfee, etc).


I too have found you ...

I too have found you helpful! A website is a great idea, but you just gotta make sure that it's really really easy to understand. I understand a decent amount of computer stuff, but there's lots of "little" things I don't know. It would be a lot of work, but I know there would be people out there that you would help!!

One big thing I would stay away from is having a "forum" on the site. I have found that when searching for help these forums always say different things about the same thing. Like with that Win32/Heur Virus AVG and Ad-Aware found. There were some places saying it was a glitch, and other saying it wasn't. It really confused me, but luckily AVG handled the situation and it hasn't come up again.

Also it'd be cool if you linked to the free programs that are reliable and not "infected" - it's hard to find stuff now a days and know if there's something in there or not!!

I would DEF. be on your ...

I would DEF. be on your site!! whenever I have ques., I always think of you first!