Scary Movies


What are some of your favorites?

Mine are:

Nightmare on Elm St: Freddy was scary as hell. I honestly think this franchise is better that Friday the 13th, hack -n- slash movies were played out, this series IMO freshened the whole genre. Micheal and Jason were lumbering brutes with no personality, Freddy is far more interesting.

Silence of the Lambs: Hanibal Lecter could talk you into killing yourself, he didn't need to lift a finger.

Pyscho: How many women thought twice about showering in a motel after seeing this?

Frankenstein: No blood and guts here just lots of tension.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark: Cheesy horror/comedy that always makes me laugh.


Scariest movie I have ever ...

Scariest movie I have ever seen was "Last House on the Left". It's the only movie to give me nightmares.

I like the ...

I like the alien/predators/jason/freddy/mike myers BUT remember an old movie called "watcher in the woods"? from the early 80's? I remember it well cuz I was young when I saw it and it scared the CRAP outta me. another one, not so scary but I liked it was called "night breed" and a newer one is called "ghosts of mars" from around 7-8 yrs ago. with ice cube in it. I'll think of more later when I look in my dvd collection.

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