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it was sent to me in an email, and I didn't watch the whole thing cuz it's a little long but the first few minutes were enough for me.


Again..it's called ...

Again..it's called corporate greed.

So let's bleed all the American people dry in the process!!

We lose our homes just trying to put gas in our tanks in order to get to work, put food on the table, work next to some foreigner that doesn't pay a dime in taxes, lose our jobs to people overseas and TRY to make a go of it on unemployment.........


What DOES this government expect it's American people to do besides just shrug our shoulders after having dug in our heels so damned hard while the economy keeps dragging us further under.

I myself feel like I'm standing on quicksand!! Laid off from a major company and finding nothing out there but temporary work to keep my head above water. Trying to put food on the table..pay the continuously growing water and utility bills while these greedy corporations keep soaking us to no end!!

The government doesn't seem to care about the little people. They just bailed out big greedy corporations at the big dollar amount of over $700 billion dollars...just to save (one of the many things) all of our 401k's from taking a major hit!!

I say that all this greedy corporations should have to pay it back..but they won't.

As corporate greed thrives and us little guys turn to living in refrigerator boxes and crapping in coffee cans.

It's not so far fetched people!! Where do you go when you lose your home and can't even afford an apartment when your unemployment benefits run out??

you said better than I could!

you said better than I could!