Fellow Pet Peevers,

We really apologize for some of the kinks as we go to a far better site for all of you to enjoy. There are ALWAYS PROBLEMS. We love our community- just bear with us while we fix the SPAM and other issues.

As a matter of fact, IGGY has been tangled in wires and software code for the last few weeks fixing the problems to provide you best site on the web. He hasn't had sleep in the last couple of hours-but we are going to fix it.

If nothing else, we have uncovered another of Lifes Pet Peeves-- and that is our primary job- to give you a sacred place to let you tell us how to make your lives more enjoyable, funny and have a sense of community.

Keep peeving and add your friends please-- because in the tough, every annoying world we need some fresh peeves to analyze and share.



I appreciate the response ...

I appreciate the response Peevemeister. Just please don't let it take too terribly long. It's really become quite annoying and it can take so little effort, relatively speaking, to retain a regular, than to gain a new one. The site is at risk of losing too many of us (any is too many). So you can go back to the old site while working out the kinks. That's what I would do anyway.


Thanks Peevemeister, for ...

Thanks Peevemeister, for letting us know that you are aware of the technical problems and are working on them..Much appreciated!!

Peevemeister take all the ...

Peevemeister take all the time you need to get it the way you want it. I am a patient person and would rather have it right then shitty. So by all means take all the time you need.

Thank peevmeister. I ...

Thank peevmeister. I appreciate you taking care of that.

Now who's ready for a party!?

I missed all this, as well ...

I missed all this, as well as the last few months....

oh well, back to the rum!!! hahahah!

ahhh, good news!!!

ahhh, good news!!!