stupid thinking, selfish and careless, in my opinion

This woman who had 8 kids, did you know that she ALREADY HAD SIX OTHER CHILDREN when she took these fertility treatments? I'm sorry but that's just selfish. and then she says that she had no idea that she'd have that many?!! HELLO, YOU WERE ON FERTILITY DRUGS!!! she already had 6 kids and if she couldn't get pregnant again, SO WHAT?! to me, that's just selfish, cuz she's not only endangering her life but the lives of the 8 kids! that's just my opinion.


I also heard on the news ...

I also heard on the news that the other 6 were conceived thru the same process, so it wasn't a matter of not being able to get pregnant again. Her mother said she was obsessed with having kids since she was 14...WHAT??????????????????